For me, the best chicken rice in SEREMBAN is @ Continental Hotel

While hordes of hungry diners wait imprudently for their Diamond Chicken Rice and tolerated poor service at Restoran Chai Hong, we tucked into cheap, gratifying chicken rice topped with succulent, smooth chicken at this unassuming chicken rice stall within the Continental Hotel building.

This no name stall is manned by a friendly, patient and efficient old couple.
If anyone deserves business, it would be them.

continental hotel - best chicken rice - seremban-001

Food is a class above even for hawker standards.
I’ve had really expensive chicken rice (think Mandarin Orchard Singapore – Chatterbox) and this beats a lot of famous, more expensive chicken rice hands down.

I had whined about how I wasn’t able to select the parts I prefer over at Diamond Chicken Rice but that wasn’t an issue here at Continental.

BELOW: RM7 for this portion and RM1.50 for a robust, cooling loh han guo drink.
Great value I’ll say!

continental hotel - best chicken rice - seremban-002

The punchy and thick chili sauce is excellent. We ordered breast and thigh meat as I had wanted to test the texture of both.
It arrived dressed with a fragrant mix of ginger and oil and crowned with a flurry of fresh spring onions.

continental hotel - best chicken rice - seremban-006

continental hotel - best chicken rice - seremban-004

continental hotel - best chicken rice - seremban-003

The chicken was admirably smoother and softer at Continental, while at Chan Hong’s (Diamond Chicken Rice), the meat possessed a firmer bite.
In the rice department this Continental Hotel stall ace again with its non-greasy yet flavorful, fragrant grains.

continental hotel - best chicken rice - seremban-005

continental hotel - best chicken rice - seremban

Besides the poached chicken you can opt for the braised or roasted version. If you can, make space for the marinated soy sauce eggs too!

So where else would YOU recommend for the best chicken rice in Seremban?
Do share!

Chicken Rice stall located in a building called Continental Hotel, just next to the Seremban State Library
AddressJalan Dato Sheikh Ahmad.
Hours: 10am – 2pm (or til sold out).

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  1. Sean EDKL

    i haven’t explored seremban much, even though it’s really accessible from my place, since i can reach the kl-seremban highway in less than five minutes. the chicken here should looks tasty — interesting to imagine what other treasures loom amid the city 🙂

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