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It was a very different sort of trip to Seoul with Korea Tourism Organisation this time.

The focus is on the medical, beauty & cosmetic industry. I had my body re-aligned with Korean oriental massage, a full body analysis done, acunpunture-d for relaxation & a total of 3 facials – (rice wine facial, anti-aging, hydration & moisturisation) plus a foot bath.
Then there was a dolling up (make up) session as well as 3 massages on both face & body over 3 days!

Korea - KTO seoul april 2014 collage
Today as I sat with my aching feet and a neckache I wish I’m in Korea again. ūüėÄ

On the very first day we landed at Incheon airport at 630am. An efficient checkout (Koreans are always efficient) and with our luggages safely in our hands 30 minutes later we were whisked to Skin Anniversary Beauty Town, a mere 30 minutes drive from Incheon Aiport (or 20 minutes from Gimpo Airport).

Rebecca saw SkinAnniversary (100)-001 skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-001

Skinanniversary is Korea’s largest beauty experience hall and offers an integrated beauty experience.

Within the building there are various beauty services including skin care and makeup as well as attractions such as Trick Art Gallery, Hallyu (teddy bear) Gallery, restaurant and café.
This venue can accommodate up to 2,000 people at one time.

We began our Skinanniversary experience with a skin diagnosis.
This basis analysis and scientific diagnosis is vital to help determine the ideal skincare regime/products for each of their customer.
I was impressed with the state-of-the-art skin measurement equipment used to perform diverse diagnosis tests on my face. In merely 30 seconds the diagnosis results was determined and the results listed out the sebum secretion state, pore state, skin dryness and pigment distribution of my face.

Based on that the appropriate treatment type is decided.

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-005

Mine was A-3 which is 65% whitening, anti-wrinkle 15% and Moisturizing 20% (check out the chart below).
Once again I was impressed.

Other than the general A (Whitening) РE (Sebum control) types, there are breakdowns of detailed treatment composition so you will receive the best possible treatment for your skin.

Below: A customized skin care program on the basis of the diagnosis result falls into one of these categories.

Rebecca saw SkinAnniversary (100)-002

With our result brochure in hand, we proceeded to the skin care rooms. The vast aesthetic space which can accommodate as many as 300 people at the same time are divided into 10 skin care rooms.

Our whole group were clustered comfortably in one and we were each assigned a personal therapist.

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-007 Rebecca saw SkinAnniversary (100)-003

Our package that day is¬†the C Course which includes “Skin Diagnosis, Facial Skin Care, Relax Massage of the Whole Body” and it cost 150,000 KRW.
More information about the A – D Courses can be found¬†here¬†–>¬†

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-006

Our 110 minute treatment started with removal of make up followed by a thorough cleansing ritual to prepare the skin for the full procedure.
The therapist worked gently but surely, while I slowly eased into a light slumber.

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-008 skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-009

For blood circulation and nutrient supply, steam towels are used to open pores before the sheet mask pack are applied. Leaving the mask on to work its magic, the therapist busied herself massaging my body and limbs to reduce tiredness and body-aches.

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-010

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-011

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-012 skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-013

The massage was great as it helped to loosen up my stiff neck, shoulders muscles and arms. These Korean women may look sweet and gentle but they do massage well! ūüôā

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-014

Done with the first mask, another massage cream is applied to the face before she worked her nimble fingers over my temples, cheeks and chin. This massage aims to improve facial skin elasticity and blood circulation.

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-015 skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-016

After wiping off the cream another cold mask was applied. I was really enjoying this.

On a warm bed, being fussed over and finally able to let my mind relax, I drifted off to a short nap.

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-017

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-018 skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-019 skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-020

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-021

Once the allocated time is up the mask is removed and more cleansing took place before a moisturizer and sunblock was finally applied signalling the end of the pampering session. Easing my body off the comfortable bed, I felt renewed and ready for Seoul! ūüôā

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-022

I certainly didn’t look like I just got off a¬†7 hours KL-Seoul flight right? ūüėÄ

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-023

The items used are from the brand “Nuganic” which are available for sale here. Like most Korean brands, Nuganic preaches natural and pure organic ingredients for their products.

Rebecca saw SkinAnniversary (100)-005

Before we bid farewell we were told to help ourselves at the Skin Anniversary self makeup space. It is a rather thoughtful service as Skinanniversary are aware that its clients would require to re-apply their make-up after a facial session so this space allows them to do so without having to lean over a wet toilet sink.

The make-up booths are comfortably spaced and the cosmetic provided are from¬†Aniplace, a local¬†cosmetic brand which is developed best for Asians’ skin and it has excellent colour formation and texture.
This make up and nail care service is free but it’s DIY.

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-002 skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-030

I happily helped myself to the eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. ūüôā

rebecca saw - skin anniversary korea

If you happen to like what you see/use, you can buy it too!

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-034

We went past the Trick Art Photo Zone (this is so popular in Korea!) which is similar to the one I visited in Jeju Island.

It is basically optical illusions that appears 3D in photos.

Rebecca saw SkinAnniversary (100)

Another popular attraction in Korea is Hallyu – teddy bear galleries. Again I have visited one in Jeju so this one is rather small in comparison.
Such galleries usually have costumed bears displayed for photography purposes.

Rebecca saw SkinAnniversary (100)-006 skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-032 skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-031 skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-033

Last but not least we went to see the Bibido BOB semi buffet restaurant. The spread here provides more than 20 types of food but the signature is their Bibimbap.

skin anniversary beauty town - Seoul Korea-028 Rebecca saw SkinAnniversary (100)-010

For coffee and snacks, Story of Africa Cafe & Gallery is a cheery and bright spot for a cuppa.

Rebecca saw SkinAnniversary (100)-004

I’m really glad we stopped here for the facial and massage. It successfully¬†refreshed everyone and we were all in high spirits for the rest of our day, all forms of lethargic-ness forgotten. I would highly encourage anyone who lands in Seoul on an early morning flight to swing by and pamper yourself before starting your day in the busy capital.

See our happy faces? ūüôā

Rebecca saw SkinAnniversary (100)-007

The facilities and services could easily keep you here for 2-3 hours. Below is a rough GUIDE of the inner facilites (this is over 3 different floors):

1. Information Desk.
2. Audio – visual room.
3. Desk for skin diagnosis
4. Skincare Room
5. Self make-up Booth
6. Art Photo Zone
7. Gallery
8. Gallery & Cafe
9. Buffet Restaurant

Credit: Some images in this post are taken by our dear photographer Dev here! ūüôā

Rebecca saw SkinAnniversary (100)-009

**This wonderful experience was part of our itinerary during our Korea Wondrous K-Beauty media familiarization trip organized by Korea Tourism Organisation.
Thank you KTO! ūüėÄ

Skin Anniversary Beauty Town
[email protected]
Tel. +82-31-955-1688
Chinese : +82-10-3838-2211
Japanese : +82-10-6300-2211 219,
Munbal-ro (508-1, Munbal-dong), Paju, Gyeonggido
Time: Daily 9.30am – 6pm

1. Public transportation
Bus line form Seoul : Bus No.2200
Bus route : Subway line. 2 Hapjeong station (exit 2) > Eche Shopping Mall
Operation : Every 10 minutes
Travel time : Approximately 25 minutes

2. Driving direction
Jayu-ro > Jangwol IC > towards the Publishing Comples > Skinanniversary
Travel time : Approximately 45 minutes, From Myeong-dong, Seoul
Approximately 20 minutes, From Gimpo Int’l airport
Approximately 30 minutes, From Incheon Int’l airport

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