SENSODYNE Mouthwash for sensitive teeth launched!

Do you eat everything and anything like I do?
Do you enjoy cold ice cream, ais kacang and chendol?

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Does eating frozen food or consuming cold beverages make you say “ouch”or do you find yourself wincing when you brush or floss?

Yes? Yes? Yes?
Then you could have what’s known as tooth sensitivity.

Temperature changes and certain foods (acidic or sweet) can cause the tooth or teeth to be sensitive. The sensation usually subsides after a short period of time.

However this isn’t a permanent condition as there are ways to improve the condition. Tooth sensitivity can be relieved!

Not many people would admit it and many are ignorant of the ways tooth sensitivity can be reduced but the solution can be as easy as taking control of your tooth health by adopting an advanced oral care regime that includes brushing, flossing mouthwash.

And the best news is, Sensodyne recently launched a new Sensodyne mouthwash that offers 24-hour protection against tooth sensitivity when used twice a day.

BELOW: Stacy Wallace, General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare Malaysia & Brunei and Dr. Army Empol, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry officially launched Sensodyne Mouthwash at Le Meridien.

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Yes, a mouthwash that specifically target sensitive teeth conditions.


More about Sensodyne Mouthwash:

1. Provides 24-hour ongoing protection for sensitive teeth when used twice daily*.

2. Its active ingredient works inside the tooth to build soothing, long- lasting protection around the nerve.

3. Its fluoride formula also strengthens teeth and the mint flavours leave your breath feeling truly fresh and clean.

4. It has a non-alcoholic formula.

5. Halal certified.

So yes, you can now have your ice cream and eat it too!
Just remember to brush, floss and gargle Sensodyne Mouthwash twice a day to protect your molars.


If you would like to be certain or to check on your teeth condition, participate in the online Sensodyne Tooth Sensitivity Check tool and find out if you are having sensitive teeth –>

Are you aware that the Oral Care Usage and Attitude study by Ipsos ** reported that 40% young adults suffer from tooth sensitivity and are not taking control of their oral health conditions?

Well, do not be a statistic.
Start today – brush, floss and gargle!

Sensodyne Mouthwash is available in major pharmacies such as Watson, Guardian and Caring. It is sold in 2 variants & sizes – Cool Mint (blue) & Extra Fresh (green), 250ml and 500ml.

I was at a pharmacy earlier and I saw that the Sensodyne Mouthwash was almost out of stock!
Apparently it is rather popular since its launch because teeth sensitivity is actually a very common condition.
Besides, the current introductory price is a good deal,” the retail supervisor added.


I for one, will be using my Sensodyne products diligently from now on. In fact my dental check up is due.
Let’s see what he has to say when I visit him.


** Quote: Information as given by GSK
* Ipsos, Oral Care Usage & Attitudes, April 2014
* Ipsos, YTD, August 2013

Official website:


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