SENSODYNE Mouthwash for sensitive teeth and my annual dental check up

Soon after I attended the launch of Sensodyne Mouthwash for sensitive teeth I had a dental appointment set up for me.

It was timely since my annual dental check was due, and as I have suspected I have some teething issues (pun intended).

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Like anyone else I have a packed schedule and I work too long hours, too hard.

My lifestyle could be considered healthy (compared to my peers) since I do incorporate a minimum of 2-3 intense workouts weekly.
Still, it is important to take care of the body as well as the mouth and teeth.

Besides, I’m a big fan of anything cold (I blame it on the weather) and everything spicy or sweet.

ais kacang

When I admitted to Dr Melvin that I’m a huge fan of iced stuff, he tsked-tsked and cautioned me to be careful.

My lower gums and some upper ones were exposed due to what he suspected to be overzealous brushing.
Sheepishly I admitted that I’m used to brushing hard, fueled by the ignorance that brushing hard = cleaner.

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He corrected me by requesting that I switch my toothbrush from hard to SOFT and to brush gently.

A quick rinse with Sensodyne mouthwash should follow, he went on to advise, since I’m showing signs of early tooth sensitivity condition.
Last but not least, I should floss too since I have a tendency of getting food stuck in between my teeth.

During the check up he showed my images of my puffy, exposed gums as well as a build-up of plaque (or tartar) on 2 of my upper tooth.

Sensodyne sensitivity mouthwash review - Rebecca saw-005



I panicked and asked if that could be reversed, and Dr Melvin had confidently replied yes; tooth sensitivity can be treated but with proper care and by being diligent with my dental habits.

For a start, I was advised to use the recently launched Sensodyne mouthwash that offers 24-hour protection against tooth sensitivity if gargled twice a day.


Meanwhile I wasted no time in requesting Dr Melvin to carry out both scaling and polishing for me there and then.
I got him to clean out the plaque and performed a filling on the affected tooth.


Before filling:


After filling:


Invariably prevention is better than cure, so I would urge YOU to adopt an advanced oral care regime that includes brushing, flossing and gargling using mouthwash to maintain good oral hygiene.

When I got home everything went into the trash bin; especially my hard toothbrush. In its place I have the Sensodyne SOFT toothbrush, mouthwash and floss.


I even packed a 200 ml bottle for my travels, since I’m usually away for 5 days or more.
Just like any good habits, consistency is key.

Most importantly I don’t rely on hotel dental kits anymore. I now pack along my soft toothbrush and toothpaste on my trips to ensure that I take good care of my oral hygiene.

sensodyne Ipoh

My scaling and polishing was RM80 and the filling of a tooth cost me another RM80.
I have a friend who works in the dental line and I was assured that the prices are very fair for the area of Uptown Damansara.

So here you go, if you are looking into getting your annual dental check up done, do check out M Dental at Damansara Uptown, right above Old Town Coffee.


Sensodyne sensitivity mouthwash review - Rebecca saw-002

Dr Melvin is knowledgable and easy to talk to. His nurses are helpful, the service efficient and the clinic clean, bright and equipped with WIFI.
Heck, you could even make yourself a cuppa while waiting.

Sensodyne sensitivity mouthwash review - Rebecca saw-008

Sensodyne sensitivity mouthwash review - Rebecca saw-007

If you would like to be certain or to check on your teeth condition, participate in the online Sensodyne Tooth Sensitivity Check tool and find out if you are having sensitive teeth –>

In a nutshell, do not let tooth sensitivity affect your lifestyle.
Take care of your teeth and enjoy your food!


For more information on Sensodyne, visit the official website at:

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  1. Sean EDKL

    ooo, i don’t have tooth issues for now, but it’s true that i haven’t been careful … i haven’t seen a dentist since 2004! 😉

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