Schneider Electric Back-UPS launch – MODEL : BX625CI-MS – SOHO back up unit

2 weeks ago I agreed to test out a back up UPS device.
Now why would I do that?

Schneider Electric Back-UPS Launch - back up power for SOHO-005

Simple, this device by Schneider cost a mere RM299 and it is a entry level device of its category.
What it does is in the event of the power outage it will give you 12 more minutes of work which is often enough for you to secure whatever incomplete work and reply those last few messages before moving on to perhaps another venue with electricity.
TTDI is a middle – high density residential area and my office block in particular is susceptible to power trips whenever it rains. Not much can be done though I had highlighted this issue to my landlord for years.
My constant worry that my modem and router are going to get fried each time the sky pours and leaving me with no internet connectivity for the next few days and having to deal with our “competent” TM Malaysia folks was a tormenting uneasiness.

Schneider Electric Back-UPS Launch - back up power for SOHO-008

Now I think I have finally found my solution!
My Schneider Electric Back-UPS (model BX625CI-MS) is currently connected to my WD LiveBook Duo (cloud based storage), my modem and router – the 3 most important gadgets in the office.

Schneider Electric Back-UPS Launch - back up power for SOHO - Rebecca Saw

Setting up is simple enough.
Just plug it in into a main power outlet, switch it on, leave it to charge for 16 hours (1st time charge) and connect your chosen devices to the available points; which in this case is 3.

Schneider Electric Back-UPS Launch - back up power for SOHO-006

What else can it do?
At the recent launch, Alex, the technical personnel from Schneider Electric explained about the technicalities of the unit while I joined him later for a quick sharing session with the attending media.

Schneider Electric Back-UPS Launch - back up power for SOHO-003

Schneider Electric Back-UPS Launch - back up power for SOHO-007

I basically assured everyone that this UPS device is as simple as it gets; and worth the investment for the peace of mind it brings.

I would like to quote John Atherton, Malaysia IT Business Vice President of Schneider Electric on this; “Anyone who values their electronic devices can significantly benefit from our Back-UPS, but in SOHO environments where network connection, peripherals and building wiring are more sensitive to surge damage and where smart and networking devices often share a circuit, they are a necessity.
Power surges damage equipment by entering through the power cord and stressing an internal component within the device. Moreover, in small and home offices it’s quite common to have multiple devices connected to single socket or a power cable extension, which magnifies the damage

Schneider Electric Back-UPS Launch - back up power for SOHO-001

So if you are like me and have been seeking a reliable surge protector device for some time, this entry level BX625CI-MS SOHO Back-UPS is just what you need.
You do not have to worry any more about power fluctuations which can happen any time and potentially damage your expensive electronic gears because with this UPS you are protected from that.
Furthermore, this device is considered low-cost in terms of power usage as it gives higher application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery and this feature is not available on all models.
The typical charging time is 6 hours after any power outage. The 12 minutes estimated “power back-up time” stated here is generally accurate for small devices such as modem, routers and mobile phones.

Other key features of the Back-UPS™ BX625CI-MS include:

●          Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) which corrects incoming voltage
●          Compatibility with lower power loads, for example WiFi routers and DSL modems
●          3 battery backup and surge protected with Asia universal outlets
●          Push button circuit breaker
●          Automatic diagnostic testing
●          2-Year warranty including battery

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  1. Janet

    Only 12 minutes? Why not an hour?

  2. Kris

    Oh, I need this for my house since most of my work is done there. It’s always good to have a backup when sudden power cuts.

  3. Marie Ann

    Well 12 mins is better then sudden lost of power. Recently my area has some works done & it cost sudden shut downs pretty frequently.

  4. Andy

    Last year my modem had to be changed all cos of too many power cuts. The hassle to get TM to come get it fix was not pleasant. This is something I have been searching for. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Veron

    Hmm.. sounds like a nifty gadget. Will let my man know.

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