Savoury waffles with PORK at Andes BYO, Aman Suria

The waffle craze may be getting be getting a bit out of hand.
Waffle specialty shops are popping up too fast for me to even track, and I’ll be very fat if I were to just sample one from each shop.

However, combine waffles with pork and I’ll make an exception. A very exceptional exception, like coming out from my comfortable home on New Year’s day and stuffing my face with it.


If there’s one thing I have to credit Andes for it would be for their pork patty. It hasn’t disappointed me so far (in the visits that I’ve made over the past 2 years) for its size, taste, flavour had remained consistent.

In fact it is so good that it didn’t matter if the kitchen team sandwiched it with a burger bun or a disc of waffle or have an egg stuffed inside and pass it off as a scotch egg.
The core of it is a fat, juicy pork patty satisfying on the palate without breaking the bank.

andes pork waffles menu - review-003

So when I caught wind of Andes’ new waffle menu I just had to try.

andes waffles menu - review

Pork waffle – stuffed pork patty with cheese topped with sunny side up egg accompanied with fries (RM21.90).
This is Andes’ ace product and this time it resurfaced paired with soft waffles.
As I have mentioned before it wouldn’t have matter if they had it served with brown sauce and called it Hainanese Pork Balls. It would still taste good, misaligned as the branding can be.

andes waffles menu - review-001

If you are seeking an even more substantial meal, then go for the pork chops.
This can easily feed 2 (or one big eater). In case you might be of the impression that it seems similar to the pork patty, I assure you that it is not.
The pork chops are breaded actual meat with cheese within its folds. The accompanying spicy maple syrup sounds good but turned out to be diluted sweet tasting chilli sauce.
Perhaps a tweak to the ratio of chilli and syrup might help. I would have preferred the bacon bits to be sweeter too; something like candied bacon but like I said, it is a matter of personal preference.
If the spicy maple syrup had worked, then the bacon bits should remain non-sweet.

Porffle – deep fried stuffed pork chop with cheese and wrapped with bacon accompanied with spicy maple syrup & crispy bacon bits. (RM22.90).

andes pork waffles menu - review-001

There are already together 6 items on Andes’ new waffle menu and I’ve only sampled 2 so far. The Lamb on Waffle and Farm on Waffle are next on my to-try list!
Anyone care to join me? 🙂

andes pork waffles menu - review-004

Andes BYO – Aman Suria
K-G-11, Jalan PJU 1/43 Aman Suria Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7497 1875

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