Savour 2013 Singapore presented by Nespresso Coffee

Greetings from Singapore again! 🙂

I have just landed from Korea yesterday where the climate was at 8 celcius daily to now in Singapore with the heat at 32 celcius. I’m not sure if I prefer the chill or the heat at the moment! LOL.

I’m in town for the World Gourmet Summit 2013, and this is the last part of the event since it had kicked off last week. I hope to catch some great dinners and events and you’ll be sure to hear about it from me here! 🙂

As you know I was in Singapore just before Korea for Savour 2013. For those unfamiliar with what’s Savour Singapore is about, do run through my “guide” HERE. On the opening night for Savour 2013, Nespresso, the Presenting Partner and Official Coffee for Savour 2013 launched 2 latest limited edition coffees inspired by 2 unique Italian cities.

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Trieste and Naples are 2 cities equally passionate about coffee yet with distinct coffee cultures. From these cities Nespresso Trieste Limited Edition Grand Cru and Napoli Limited Edition coffee are crafted.

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Trieste is a city on the Adriatic coast in Northern Italy. The way which Trieste citizens appreciate their coffee is a representative of this multi-faceted port, a mix of German, Latin and Slavic cultures. Coffee in Trieste are enjoyed with milk, without, long or short.
If there are one sign that really shows the special place coffee has in this city, the inhabitants of Trieste have even created their own specific terms for their coffee; with “nero” being espresso, “capo” for an added dash of milk and coffee served in a glass rather than the usual china cup is “in b”.
Pretty much like our Malaysian “kopi oh, kopi oh peng, kopi si” eh? 🙂

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The Trieste Limited Edition is a blend of Arabica beans and is characterized by a rounded texture with notes of chocolate and fresh hazelnuts. Yet there was a subtle refreshing fruity notes detected as well. This blend has an intensity level of 9 and is recommended to be enjoyed as a ristretto (25ml). If you must add milk, it can be served as a cappuccino.

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The Napoli on the other hand was too strong for me. But that’s the way the Neapolitans take their coffee, short and dark, a sharp jolt to the senses, just like how the city of Naples is. Espresso is called “Caffe” here.
The Napoli Limited Edition is a blend of Arabica beans with hints of Robusta. Like I mentioned before, I find it rather bold and assertive with smoky and woody aromas. I wasn’t surprised to find out that it has an intensity level of 11!
We were recommended to enjoy Napoli as Ristretto as well (25ml) and the crema for Napoli was easily darker than the Trieste.
But for an even more authentic experience, Napoli can be enjoyed as an even shorter cup than a ristretto (15-20ml) or with added sugar. I think I’ll opt for added sugar anytime for this one!

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Throughout Savour 2013, Nespresso Maison and Nespresso stations in the Gourmet Market kept all Savour guests caffeinated with generous amount of coffee.

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Just tell the friendly baristas how you like it; espresso, cappuccino, latte, flat white and you have it. In unlimited cuppas too! 🙂

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At Nespresso Maison there were coffee appreciation, tasting and coffee recipes workshops as well. Just remember to check your timetable on the day that you’re at Savour.


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A bar inside Nepresso Maison shakes, mix and blend caffeinated cocktails for delighted guests. Well it’s hard to not be on high with both alcohol and caffeine right?

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Thank you Nespresso Singapore and Adrian ( for the opportunity to be part of the opening evening for Savour 2013!

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Savour Singapore 2013 - day 1 (17)

You can read more about the Nespresso brand below.

An autonomous, globally managed business of the Nestlé Group, Nestlé Nespresso is present in more than 50 countries worldwide and is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The Nespresso coffee experts at the state-of-the-art production centres in Switzerland orchestrate the subtle interplay of each coffee’s complex properties, including acidity and body, to compose a range of Grand Cru coffees with unique ïŹ‚avour and aroma proïŹles and a tantalising crema.


Do check out below the coffee range for Nespresso.
Separate ranges for home enjoyment as well as for businesses – which encompasses offices, restaurants and hotels are available.


I have not sampled all, but I now have a rough idea of the taste from the guide below.


I’m a single origin drinker and have always flavoured light roast, fruity notes and med- full bodied. I trust the Dulsao do Brasiland  Capriccio would be my poison.


I have not tried Lungos before though. Anyone?


Nespresso is not available in Malaysia as yet and I certainly hope they will make their presence in Malaysia soon. Though my first preference would be to have my shots pulled fresh on the spot, the Nepresso machines and the range of Nespresso coffees capsules does provide the caffeine satisfaction with convenience.
Anyhow for those who are really interested, let me know as I do visit Singapore every month. I’m already buying capsules for my friends in KL, so I’m sure I can pick up some for you as well. 🙂

For more of my coffee stimulants, surf over to:

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* A RAW COFFEE session with Michael 
* Coffea Coffee, Telawi Bangsar
* The Brew Culture, Plaza Damas
* Top Brew Coffee Bar, Plaza Damas
* Butter + Beans at Seventeen, Section 17 PJ
* Malaysia Barista Championship 2013 – Media coffee appreciation workshop
* Kaffa Espresso Bar, Damansara Uptown
* Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual, Damansara Uptown – great hot chocolate, mutton burgers and of course, fabulous coffee! 

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    wow, that’s a lot of coffee to sample! maybe just a small sip of each one, so you’ll get to try everything (especially the caffeinated cocktails!) 😀

  2. Nessie

    You can order nespresso capsules from their website in Malaysia price (rm). Delivered to your doorsteps in three days. However this new limited edition capsules aren’t found there.

  3. Melvin

    Superb post – I like the details – I didn’t know the full range til I saw the attached brochure you put here.

  4. Daniella

    Ohh I’ll email you my orders alright? When are you coming back?

  5. joann

    Hi… I am interested in purchasing nespresso machine and capsule.

    still in early stage of research. Its for home use.
    Found that CitiZ C110 and D290 of interest.

    whats your recommendation?



    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi dear! I think for Nespresso there isn’t a reseller here in KL as yet.

  6. Ashan

    now selling in Parkson

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