Savour 2013 Singapore – Gourmet Village – Jaan, Le Atelier Rubochon, Pollen, Forest, Gunthers & MORE!

Here are all the participating restaurants in Savour 2013 this year. I didn’t manage to try all dishes (I said this before and I’m saying it again – earning Malaysian Ringgit sucks!) but I was lucky that I had friends sharing with me during the first evening and last day on Saturday or else I would may have tasted even less of the dishes here!

So here goes:

Jaan by Chef Julien Royer. You can browse pictures of my lunch experience HERE.
Address: Level 70, Equinox Complex, Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore, 178882.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (38)

On the opening night (Thurs) I had the Appetiser: Langoustine Tartar – Tartare of Langoustine, Avocado Puree, Horseradish, Pickled Kohlrabi and Aquitaine Caviar – 14 Savour Dollars (SGD14).
For those who are unfamiliar with what langoustine is, please Google it.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (41)

Ok, I’m joking. I’ll tell you what is it, since I googled it myself! 😀
Langoustine is actually a small lobster. This cold dish was simple but enjoyable as it was so well prepared (as with all dishes at Jaan). Each different “roll” on the plate has a contrasting flavour; one with briny caviar, another with sharp horseradish. I must say I enjoyed the sharp horseradish one the best.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (40)

On Saturday Zeeko and I sampled his famous 55′ Smoked Organic Egg (10 Savour Dollars – SGD10). This wasn’t my first time though it was for Zeeko. And just like everyone else he loved it!

Savour 2013 Singapore-007

55′ Smoked Organic Egg – Slow-Cooked Organic Egg, Smoked Ratte Puree, Chorizo Iberico, Buckwheat, Cep oil – 10 Savour Dollars.

Savour 2013 Singapore-009

We couldn’t resist having desserts as well. In fact, Jaan and Bo’s Innovation was the only 2 restaurants in the Gourmet Village that I sampled all 3 dishes offered. 

 Choconuts – Textures of white, milk and dark chocolate, Carambar and Gianduja Ice Cream – 10 Savour Dollars. Perfect for the scorching weather.

Savour 2013 Singapore-014

Gunther’s: Though I had heard so much about Gunther’s, I didn’t manage to sample any dish from his restaurant during Savour as I had to stretch my Savour dollars. But I do plan to visit his restaurant with a few friends soon.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (31)

Bo Innovation by Alvin Leung:

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (35)

Alvin Leung is known for his X-treme Chinese cuisine (very molecular gastronomy) and this was my first time trying out his dishes. His Molecular “ Xiao Long Bao – 6 Savour Dollars has all the flavours of a xiao long bao encapsulated in this bubble. Amazing (I’m sure a lot of people has used this adjective to describe his food) but it was like digesting liquid xiao long bao.

Savour 2013 Singapore-018

Bo Chicken Rice – Yellow Chicken Stock, Abalone Jelly – 12 Savour Dollars. Yes, all the flavours are in the stock. I didn’t care much for the abalone jelly (though it added a luxurious touch) but it was an interesting interpretation of the chicken rice nonetheless.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (57)

Cha Chan Tang – Butter Toast Ice Cream, Condensed Foam, Peanut Butter & Apricot Ice, Kaya Marshmallow, ” Ying Yang” Hot Milk Tea & Cold Coffee – 8 Savour Dollars.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (60)

This dessert really scored high on the textures. My favourite components were the Peanut Butter & Apricot Ice (the crumbles you see on the plate) as these looked solid and crunchy but gave me a delightful surprise when I scooped it into my mouth. They turned out to be cold and melted easily in the mouth. I polished off every single crumb, enjoying the slow melting cold sensation on my tongue.
The Butter Toast Ice Cream was too sweet for me while the Condensed Foam were pretty much sweet foam. The kaya marshmallow wasn’t great (it’s shame as I had thought kaya marshmallows would work) but we enjoyed the Ying Yang hot milk tea and coffee. It was strong and washed everything down nicely.
Like I said, this platter was a rather interesting way of enjoying a dessert – an amalgamation of elements from HK (the tea), the English (ice cream & the apricot/peanut butter crumbs) and local – the kaya.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (58)

Hibicus: By Claude Bosi (2 Michelin stars, San Pellegrino World’s 94th Best Restaurant 2012).

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (61)

Chef Claude is a really friendly guy! 🙂

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (49)

Out of 3 items on his menu, I tried the Pork Belly dish and it was superb.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (53)

Not unlike our local “mantou” this little pocket came with the most tormentingly tender pork belly (fatty too), pickled pineapples and truffles.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (56)

Other items includes this rather intriguing foie gras ice cream (if I remembered correctly).

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (45)

L’Atelier de Joel Rubochon at Resort World Sentosa –  Chef Lorenz Hoja.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (37)

I enjoyed my meal at L’Atelierearlier in Dec 2012 (pictures HERE) and for Savour I chose the La Caille – Caramelisee avec une puree de pommes de terre. Free-range quail with mashed potatoes – 18 Savour Dollars.
It’s a contradictory dish for me as I never liked quail, but I always order it when I see it on the menu in the attempt to find a quail dish that I can stomach. Thankfully, the La Caille was good, not too gamey though still with a hint of game to assure the palate that it is indeed quail and marvelously tender texture.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (43)

Keystone Restaurant SINGAPORE – Chef Immanuel Tee. Chef Immanuel was hosting Guest Chef Bart de Pooter of Restaurant Pastorale in Belgium.

savour 2013 - singapore - gourmet market (192)

Always on the lookout for PORK, we zoomed in on this on the menu – Pork Belly, Mushroom Duxelle, Onsen Egg.

Savour 2013 Singapore-008

It was faultless; as any soft pork belly and a perfectly poached egg should be. On the side is a tiny portion of mashed potato/potato espuma. It was very light and went very well with the fatty pork and wobbly egg. All in all this was one of the best dish in the Gourmet Village (out of those I have sampled).

savour 2013 - singapore - gourmet market (199)

A photo of me with Chef Bart de Pooter; a guest chef from Restaurant Pastorale in Belgium; while waiting for my food.

savour 2013 - singapore - gourmet market (198)

Another dish from Keystone Restaurant is Wild Salmon, Mountain Vegetables, Ginger Mayonnaise – $10. The salmon looks marvelous doesn’t it?

savour 2013 - singapore - gourmet market (195)

Forest: After seeing him during the cooking demo in the Gourmet Auditorium, I was actually curious enough to sample Chef Sam Leong’s menu. Unfortunately we ran out of stomach space and Savour Dollars after we sampled the other restaurants’ offerings. 

sam leong - Forest - savour 2013 singapore (2)

We have heard so much about Osia but most of the items on the menu didn’t appeal to us other than the Chocolate Milk Tea, Banana Cafe Tart, Coffee Espuma – 8 Savour Dollars.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (32)

And it was a good call as it was a very lovely dessert!

chocolate tart - Osia

The chocolate milk tea and coffee espuma was in the glass, while the Banana Cafe Tart sits across the top regally. While the milk tea and coffee espuma was pleasant, the banana cafe tart was my favourite component of the dessert. I’m sure you can see why. 🙂

savour 2013 singapore - rebecca saw blog-005

We had this with the Iced Dulce de Leche Lollypops (Milk, Chocolate & Andean Grains Chupetes) which was part of the main course we ordered from Astrid y Gaston – by Chef Emilio Marcias from Peru.

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (33)

Our main course was Hot & Cold Combination: Jalea de Pescado (Traditional Fryede Fish with Milk) and the dessert you see below was part of the dish.

Savour 2013 Singapore-020

We thought it was weird, but the service staff did told us to eat the Jalea de Pescado (fish) first followed by the dessert so it didn’t seem so unusual then.

Savour 2013 Singapore-022

We failed to detect anything particularly astounding from the fish though admittedly it wasn’t entirely bad.

Savour 2013 Singapore-019

Savour 2013 Singapore-021

But the dessert Iced Dulce de Leche Lollypops (Milk, Chocolate & Andean Grains Chupetes) was decent at best. As expected the dulce le leche turned out too sweet for both of us.
It could also be because we were having both the Iced Dulce de Leche with Osia’s Banana Cafe Tart simultaneously so this paled in comparison to the Osia’s dessert.

savour 2013 singapore-024

Wild Honey: We were stuffed by then and started on a dessert spree. After Astrid and Osia the next dessert was from Wild Honey, UK. If you remembered, I first met Chef Anthony during his cooking demo on Thursday at the Gourmet Auditorium.

anthony demetre - Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (28)

I sampled his dessert – the Classic English Strawberry Trifle Scented with Rose Petal – SGD6.

savour 2013 singapore - rebecca saw blog-002

Well a trifle is a trifle, though I must say this was a very pleasant and light one.

savour 2013 singapore - rebecca saw blog-001

Pollen by Jason Atherton: I’m so in love with Chef Jason after witnessing his cooking session. He has such a wicked humour!

jason atherton - Savour 2013, Singapore

His dessert – (apologies as I didn’t jolt down the exactly name ) is essentially a panna cotta.

savour 2013 singapore - rebecca saw blog-004

The texture however, wasn’t anything like the usual panna cotta I had encountered before. Nevertheless I enjoyed it as the combination of the pistachios, fruit puree and the intriguing panna cotta. I plan to dine at Pollen when he’s back from opening his newest London outlet and I’ll ask him about then.

savour 2013 singapore - rebecca saw blog-003

So that’s it – all the items I savoured at Savour 2013! What do you think; is it worth the price paid for each of the items? 🙂

I have attached below the menus of the other restaurants that I have not managed to sample just for your information. At least it will give you an idea of the rest of the dishes available. Do plan ahead for Savour 2014! If you enjoy such events like I do, you won’t regret coming to Singapore for this! 🙂

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (44)

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (36)

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (30)

Savour 2013, Singapore - rebeccasawblog (29)

Savour Singapore 2013 - day 1 (12)

Savour Singapore 2013 - day 1 (11)

See YOU next year at Savour 2014! 🙂

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  1. ulric

    The Langoustine, 55′ Smoked Organic Egg, the La Caille and the Pork Belly, Mushroom Duxelle and Onsen Egg, looks fantastic…I noticed that u took 2 caviar against 1 horseradish…hehe =)

    Molecular cuisine is not for me…cose I like to see wat I m eating…not trying to figure out wat m I eating 😛

    Too bad about not getting to try the Truffle Kampachi, the Sakura Pork Belly Shio Gama Yaki, the Seared Scallop with Dill Vichysoisse, and the Kobe C Rib of Beef with Foie sauce…hahahahaha 😛

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    I’m loving everything I see on the menus here. And the pricing is actually bearable.

    1. rebeccasaw

      For tasting portions the pricing is alright. I mean unless you’re willing to fork out for the full portions at the restaurants 🙂

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    Oh my god… everything you had looks so good!

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