Satay at Bangkok Lane, Penang

I hope when I reach Penang on Saturday, I would be on time to catch Aun’s satay at Bangkok Lane.
This elusive fella, Uncle Aun only operates on Tues, Thurs and Saturdays. It is more of killing time & also as a request to his loyal clientele that kept him going. He does takes off as he please though, hence sometimes even on those aforementioned days he is nowhere to be seen!

aun uncle

Alternating layers of tender marinated lean pork & fat, grilled over charcoal, and eaten dipped in a special mix of potato and some secret spices sauce, this was worth the thrice weekly stalking I had to do back then when I was in Pg.

PG Aun Satay1

While grilling, these skewers of meat were constantly brushed with oil to enhance the flavor. The same ‘oil’ were dabbed on the bread as well.

PG Aun Satay

Both meat & bread goes really well with the special creamy sauce concocted out from potato, chili and sour plum.
Starchy from the blended potatoes, and sweetish sour with a very very slight chilli kick, I normally mop my plate clean with the bread.

sweet plum sauce

For RM0.50 a stick, just do yourself a favour & get 10.
The corner coffeeshop, Seng Lee Cafe (where the famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng is), is opposite his stall & allows the satay to be served inside. Just order a drink & enjoy your satay there. Or do what other foodies would, add an order of Mee Goreng or Hokkien mee, both of which is famous here.

Seng Lee Cafe,
Bangkok Lane,
Jalan Burma,

So far I have only found 2 stalls selling this type of satay in Penang, the other one is at Chulia Street, & operates daily except Sunday.
Sai Lam Coffee Shop
Junction of Chulia & Carnavon Street, Penang
Business Hour : 12pm – 9pm
GPS Coordinates : N 05′ 2506.2 E 100′ 2011.5

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  1. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    nice meh, thought the flavours were too mild for me (maybe it was excess of food b4 tat).. and the sauce was watery too..

  2. Sean

    ooh if only blogs like yours existed back when i was studying in penang for three entire years. am pretty sure i've never tried this kinda satay before…

  3. 550ml jar of faith @minchow

    Tell me about elusive! His operating days change as and when he pleases; I have tried numerous times to catch him on my too-short trips back and have not managed to try these babies. Where in Chulia St is the other stall you speak of? Sounds a bit more consistent, so might be an easier hunt!

  4. SimpleGirl

    ok, noted, hope I'll manage to try durinf my short trip next week……

  5. UnkaLeong

    Ok. I'm going to leave you the keys to my ride. You going to drive me round Penang!

  6. J2Kfm

    The sauce looks like kaya! I had to look closely. Different indeed, but like what Joe mentioned, looks kinda watery.

  7. J

    Oh my – looks soooo good! Wish I could try it! ūüôā
    (I wonder if it will taste nice if you ta pauw some from Penang?)

  8. Selba

    Looks interesting to try!!! ūüôā

  9. Nic (KHKL)

    the good thing about this location is that we get sate babi AND mee goreng at the same time! i totally lurved the mee goreng.

  10. vialentino

    aiyo…i never see a nice grilled satay before …. u must bring me there to makan ok!

  11. thenomadGourmand

    Joe: Oh yes, its not as flavourful as the normal ones we are accustomed to. But this is more for the "novelty", got to try once at least, since its not easily avail.

    sean: Well, I think the time you were a student in Pg, blogspot might not hv existed yet? ;p

    550ml: The chulia st one is Sai Lam Coffee Shop at the junc of Chulia & Carnavon Street, Penang

    simplegirl: Ah, too bad we are not on the island at the same time!

    Unka: Hurmph..

    J2kfm: Its fine for me, dont think its supposed to be thicker than that. But with only 2 stalls ard, one dont get much to compare with!

    J: Haha..if it is within a day its fine but we are only back on Mon so that will be 2 days old!

    selba: Yes, something different!

    Nic: Haha, u havent tried the CRC mee goreng yet have u?

    vialentino: Tell me la when u do go Pg!

  12. Allie

    Previously I tried to locate this satay stall but failed to find it. Upon reading your post, remind me to go hunt for this satay again!

  13. Sin Tai Lim

    i like the intestines satay … very good.

  14. thenomadGourmand

    allie: go go go! Or look for the alternative, the one at Chulia St

    sin tai lim: Yes it is! But this guy doesnt sell them tho..

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