“Sand, Sea, Sun!” for Rebecca Saw – The Promise

Watch the video, then read on.

The video was made in response to the sand sculpting exhibition blog post (here) I did when I went to Australia.

Who are these boys?

Eugene, Nicholas, Erik and Josh make up THE PROMISE, a four piece boy band that is the best thing since sliced kaya toast. THE PROMISE seeks to use music to champion the greater cause of keeping promises.

The internet isn’t always the safest of places these days. Promises are broken everyday from a transaction gone awry or vendor you thought you could trust, but who just did not deliver. THE PROMISE is here to rally all online shoppers towards safer, brighter shopping online.

* Taken from their website (here)

We Promise You is an online campaign by PayPal to promote its Buyer Protection policy on transaction.

What they’re doing is go through some bloggers’ blog, pick a post to do a response video to, and whoalah! From the video, I bet you didn’t expect it to be by PayPal eh? ūüėČ

Check out more videos by The Promise in response to other bloggers’ blog posts (here)!

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