SAMANTHA BROWN’S ASIA on TLC (Astro Channel 707)

I actually got to meet the popular Samantha Brown in the flesh last week, all thanks to Azaria (hugs to you!) & of course the joint organizer AstroLife and TLC.

Oh, I couldn’t stop grinning happily the whole time, especially with her sitting right next beside me at our table for a good 15 minutes. She was ever patient with our questions & frenzied phototaking. Haha, now she knows what it is like to be in the company of bloggers!! icon wink CHEVROLET: TRANSFORMERS 3 SCREENING

samantha brown

And yes she’s as bubbly as her TV persona, and came across as a genuinely affable person both on & off-screen.

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 02

You know, just on a personal basis, I hate those perfectly sweat-free, made-up & couture attired TV hosts; perhaps not so much for talk shows, but especially so for travel & discovery shows.
I mean, be real, how does one walk around & really experience the place/country without breaking a sweat? And just standing by & yakking away without actually getting hands-on with the activities? I’m not sure if the hosts’ looks are more important to the viewers or the TV station’s ratings?

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 04

Anyhow, I think that’s why Sam’s shows hit a chord in most viewers’ hearts. Her shows were different & real. When I shared on twitter & on my FB that I was going to meet her, I was taken aback by the responses I got, so many fans!
All talking about her charisma, her jovial personality on screen & how they enjoyed THE CONTENT of her show. Nothing about how she looks (but of course, she does look mighty fine!) or the size of her *****.

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 07

The dinner + greet session was held for a relatively small group of media & close associates of Astro (I think) & each of the dinner tables enjoyed the opportunity to be upclose & personal with Samantha herself that night. She autographed travel journals, took pics & shared her stories with everyone.

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 08

And her new series – SAMANTHA BROWN’S ASIA premieres on July 25 – on TLC (Astro Channel 707).
ASIA!! Woohoo! Sam’s is in my region!!

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 06

Catch Samantha as she visits the following Asian countries: Vietnam, Hong Kong/Macau, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, (she went to my hometown PENANG!!!! :P ) Japan and Bali.

Vietnam (TLC – Astro Channel 707 : Monday, July 25, 10pm)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 12

Hong Kong/Macau (TLC – Astro Channel 707 – Monday, August 1, 10pm)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 10

 Singapore (TLC – Astro Channel 707 – Monday, August 8, 10pm)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 13

Cambodia (TLC – Astro Channel 707 – Monday, August 15, 10pm)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 09

Thailand (TLC – Astro Channel 707 – Monday, August 22, 10pm)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 14

Malaysia (Airs on Sunday, August 28, 10pm)!!
(*hops hops! jumps! throw confetti in the air! * She was here in Malaysia! I can’t wait to watch what she did /experienced here! :P)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 11

Just a little teaser – she did this in Malaysia! Drinking out from a shoe! Haha! Want to know more? Well, just like me, I have to catch the show to know! :P

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 05

More information about the Samantha Brown’s Asia: Episode Malaysia:
Special telecast on Sunday, August 28 at 1900 hrs (7:00 p.m.)
Encore on Monday, August 29 at 2200 hrs (10:00 p.m.)
“”Samantha heads to Malaysia, a country whose beauty is derived from a cultural landscape comprised of extreme contrasts. In Penang, Samantha finds a medley of traditional cultures and food, and in Kuala Lumpur, towering skyscrapers and larger-than-life characters. Samantha heads to the heart of the rainforest and along the way learns some fascinating lessons about Malaysia’s rich cultural traditions.””

Darn, I wished I had the opportunity to take her around like I did with Catherine Bell in Melaka & KL! (watch my Culinary Tour videos HERE – MELAKA & HERE – KL ).
Well, some day I will! :P

Last but not least, even our dinner that night was Asia – themed, featuring dishes from the countries Sam visited in her show.

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 01

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 0

Joey G was host for the night.

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 03

Other Samantha Brown’s shows includes:
Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown, Passport to Latin America with Samantha Brown or Girl Meets Hawaii.

Yup, that girl has the most envied job in the world! 🙂

All pictures are:
Samsung NX11

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  1. Ciki

    Hot shots! LOL.. she is lovely! Wanna be just like her, Samantha Brown:D

  2. Sean

    ahh, now i should look for clips of her show on youtube! 😀

  3. Caroline

    she look so gorgeous in Sari la!! wow!! Love the picture of u and Samantha too! 😀 :heart:

    1. rebeccasaw

      She does carry the sari very well indeed! Hehe..yea, I luv this pic too. So happy tht i got the chance to take a pic with her!

  4. Wen Ching

    Wow, it’s nice that you get an opportunity to meet Samantha Brown up! I’m going to look for clips from youtube!

    By the way, I’m Wen Ching from Sugar Bean. I’ve moved my blog to Can you please add us to your blogroll? Thank you! =)

    1. Rebecca

      hi Wen Ching!
      Oh cool! New blog yea! Ok k will do 🙂

  5. Andrew

    So cool! u got to meet her in person. She looks so pretty on and off TV.

    Thx for sharing 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      No problem Andrew! You can watch her on ASTRO! mine here in my rented plc no ASTRO so I guess I hv to look for the youtube version online!

  6. Kalai

    Im jealous! I have been a huge fan of hers, have alwys wanted to meet her in person :). Lucky you! I did not know she was here till she came and gone.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes she came & left real quick! I think the next time she’s here, perhaps she should have a public meet & greet, wouldn’t that be great??

      1. Kalai

        Oh, absolutely! That would be wonderful for all her fans:D, by the way I love your blog! Use it lots to read when planning for trips. Keep up the good work:))

      2. rebeccasaw

        Hi Kalai! Wow!
        Thank you so much fr your kind comment! 🙂 I’ m glad my blog is useful !

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