For sale: Salted Egg Yolk KAYA in Malaysia!

Why salted egg yolk kaya?

Well, as you may know I’m the person responsible for the craze for the salted egg yolk croissant saga last year.
I was featured in many papers and sites from Malaysia to Singapore!

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My blogpost and FB posting went viral and reached almost 20,000 people in one week.
My site crashed with almost 50,000 visitors in ONE day.

salted egg yolk

And Singapore jumped on the bandwagon too AFTER I wrote about it.

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Thus, following my obsession with salted egg yolk products, I was inspired to make my own especially after trying the salted egg yolk kaya I tried in Singapore.
I must admit, it isn’t an original product on my part, but an “inspiration“. You can call it a copycat if you wish, I’m a direct person and I call a spade, well, a spade.

After 2 months of perfecting the recipe, it’s finally ready!

Bear in mind that I have a picky pallet so for anything to be sold by me, it must attain a certain standard of taste. Ever since the salted egg yolk craze started, many establishment have launched their version of the popular sauce. Either it’s too eggy (meaning after two bites, it’s too jilak) or too mild, as though there’s insufficient egg mixed within.


Watch the video!
It is shiny, slightly grainy, not too sweet and absolutely lip-smacking.

The salted egg yolk taste is present but instead of being excessively strong, it doesn’t overpower the flavor of the kaya.
Getting both the salted egg yolk and kaya to compliment, instead of competing against one another is the key. At the end, yet it remained essentially, your beloved kaya, wrapped in salted egg flavoring like the warmth of love.

SALTED EGG YOLK KAYA: RM18/200 ml bottle

Offered at RM18 for a 200ml bottle, you can opt to pick up at TTDI (it will be available at more outlets/cafes soon) or via delivery which can be arranged via Zoom or GoGet.

For outstation orders, we deliver to Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Terengganu, Singapore, Johor and soon, Sabah and Sarawak.

To order:
Message me on or Whatsapp +6011 – 3938 5350.

Try our Thai Milk Tea (RM18), Thai Green Tea (RM20), Notella (not-nutella, geddit?) (RM18) and Earl Grey (RM20) spreads too.


Can’t decided which to order?
Get the Happy Spreads Sampler Set – 5 bottles of 100ml each for RM50.

set-of-happy-spreads-rebecca-saw set-of-happy-spreads-by-rebecca-saw

Try them now! To order : Whatsapp +6011 – 393 85 350 or PM
Thank you in advance! 🙂


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