Malaysia (KL, PJ) : Salted egg yolk waffles – GoGetter Cafe Bukit Jalil

Last week, a friend asked if there are any “interesting” cafes or food to try as we were in the midst of arranging to meet.
It was a lucky thing that I happened to discover on Instagram just a week back about a cafe offering salted egg yolk waffles.

The serving method is similar to FatCat Cafe in Singapore (I’m using this as reference as FatCat appears to be the pioneer to serve this style) where a warm, thick salted egg yolk custard is paired with charcoal waffle.

While I’ve yet to try FatCat’s version (which had garnered high ratings from all Singaporean foodies that I know), this version at GoGetter was a bit of a letdown.

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles-005

For a start, the sauce was uncharacteristically lumpy. The salted egg yolk taste was weak as well; undeniably identifiable, but not strong.
If you love your salted egg yolks, you will certainly find this isn’t as strong as you would like it.
The texture of the waffle is passable, and the same can be said for the vanilla ice cream. Nothing particularly outstanding, but nothing to fault.
Of course I could add that I prefer the ice cream to be less sweet, the waffles to be (insert whatever words necessary to describe your preferred waffle texture/flavour) but if I have to eat this, I could.

Salted Egg Yolk Charcoal Waffle. RM12.

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles-006

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles-010

Avocado Lassi. RM15. 
My companion had tea, while myself and Karen shared an Avocado Lassi. Again, this was milder than expected, though at least it wasn’t overly sweetened.

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles-004

AngelaBaby – Red Velvet Waffle. RM18. 
A pretty creation with the usual suspects of cut fruits, ice cream and generous drizzling of cream cheese.
I took a bite and found it too not to my liking so Karen finished this. The texture of the waffle was denser, she said, and the cream cheese somehow not as cheesy as it should be.
A lover of cheese and a home baker herself, she concluded that this is probably isn’t Philadelphia cream cheese, and thus the “lighter” flavour of cheese.

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles-008

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles-011

BELOW: The waffles are standard sized. We shared both among the 3 of us of course.

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles-007

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles-009

Is a revisit likely for me?
Well I don’t see why not if I’m in Bukit Jalil area. Perhaps the salted egg yolk custard was a bit off today, better another day?
For RM12, a waffle with a scoop of ice cream plus salted egg yolk is a decent deal to me!

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles

Another good reason to visit is the ambience of the cafe. It is a nice place, with comfortable soft chairs, nicely spaced out tables and not much of a crowd so you could enjoy your beverage and meal and catch up with friends in relative peace.
Fans of these toys will find the decor interesting as well.

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles-002

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles-001

LOCATION: GoGetter Cafe is right beside The Owl Cafe. The Owl Cafe is another (might be the first?) cafe in Bukit Jalil and it is better known ( it is in operation longer) so I’m referring to it here so YOU guys/gals would have a better idea of GoGetter Cafe’s location.

What they serve: Savoury and sweet food such as sandwiches, rice, waffles as well as pasta.
Prices:  RM5 – RM30 and more.
Coffee beans: Didn’t manage to ask.
Food: Yes.
Cakes: Yes.
Pork-free/Halal: Pork-free. No alcohol served.
OOTD/Instagram friendly: So-so. There are a few spots for photography.
WIFI: Yes.
Tax: No.
Service: Friendly.
Your orders are served to you.
Ambience: Comfortable. Casual.
Aircon: Yes.
Outdoor seating: No.
Powerpoints for charging: Limited (indoors).
Parking : I went on a weekday and there were parking available at the car park right in front of the cafe.
Payment: Pay upon order.

GoGetter Cafe
12A-1, 1st Floor, Block 5,
Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, 57000 Bukit Jalil, KL.

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