Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant – Le Bread Days Cafe – what time available and LIMITED to 5 per customer

UPDATE: 30th Nov 2015.

Complaints as can be seen on their FB page are as below. I’ll like to advise that you plan your timing if you would like to queue for these croissants.

FB salted egg croissant 2

FB salted egg croissant 3

FB salted egg croissant 5

FB salted egg croissant 6

FB salted egg croissant



The below is the previous post before the update above:

This morning I had to queue for the (now) famous molten salted egg yolk croissant.
Like everyone else, I got there early at 9:15 am to buy the first batch out for the day.


There has been a furor for these croissants recently and I’ve received messages from disappointed friends who traveled the distance to buy them but left disappointed.

So here’s a follow up post.
Please find below the timing of when these salted egg yolk (molten) croissants are available on a DAILY basis. Once you know the timings, you can now time your visit accordingly.
NOTE: UPDATE on 28th Nov: The timing is now only known or announced at the cafe daily.

Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant – Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ

And to answer everyone’s question about booking, ordering in advance, making reservations – NO, you can’t.
You would have to visit the shop and buy it off the shelves like everyone else.

And AFTER I left this morning, I was updated by another friend that now it is LIMITED to 5 molten salted egg croissant per purchase, per customer.
UPDATE (28th Nov) : Apparently the limit changes on a daily basis too. Last update by friends in the QUEUE is 4/person. 

Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant – Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ-004


salted egg croissant le bread days

So should luck run out on you and after queuing the croissants are all sold out, here are a few of Le Bread Days’ croissants that you might want to console yourself with.

BELOW: Plain croissant RM3.90.
Great for those who enjoy a good crispy croissant.


Peanut Butter croissant RM5.90.
Normal commercial peanut butter piped into a plain croissant, with a flurry of crushed peanuts on top.

salted egg croissant le bread days-001

Cheesy cheese croissant RM5.60.
Plain croissant with melted cheese over and top. Salty, savoury and rich, this one is nice!

salted egg croissant le bread days-002

salted egg croissant le bread days-003

Almond Custard Croissant RM4.90.
Vanilla custard within and plenty of sliced almonds on top.

salted egg croissant le bread days-004

And well, other danishes, sandwiches, buns and tarts.
But like I’ve said before in my previous posting, the molten salted egg croissant is the one worth trying.

Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant – Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ-001

I’m not a proficient baker but based on my experience in food writing, eating, interviewing chefs and a bit of hobby home-baking, everything about these croissants begin with the croissant itself.

I believe the salted egg custard (and the vanilla custard as well as the PB) are piped (somehow inserted) into the plain croissants after the croissants are baked. Once piped in, the croissants are sprinkled with toppings and it goes back into the oven for a while more before it is displayed for sale.

It wouldn’t have retained its inner walls (the honeycomb structure) if it was baked together at the very beginning.
What do you think?


Last but not least, as with anything in current hype, long queues are expected.
We have seen it during J.Co donut days, and we have seen the Tim Ho Wan queues.

What happens in consequence of this is everyone will begin to have “higher expectations than normal” and begin to question, “the salted egg croissant really that good meh?“.
Half the time, due to the hype and elevated expectations, disgruntled comments and feedback like “hype only”, “not good also”, “my mum/grandma/uncle can make better”, and our all time favourite word now –> “overrated” are expected.

Frankly, the salted egg croissant is not bad.
Undeniably a clever product by fusing the element of locality (salted egg yolk) with the decadent pastry of croissant.

One of the key reason why it is delicious is due to the texture of the croissant. As you can see above, it has an acceptable level of honeycomb structure and thin inner layers (which results in lighter mouth feel) within.

Golden and flaky on the outside with crisp layers and honeycomb-like crumb inside coupled with a buttery rich taste, it is an enjoyable croissant for sure.
Not many bakeries (within Klang Valley) are able to achieve this. If I have to recommend, I could name one more bakery with good croissants which is at Kenny Hills Baker, albeit missing the salted egg yolk part.

salted egg croissant

It isn’t something that you absolutely have to eat NOW, and if it isn’t your last living day on earth, you can always try it another time.

So ask yourself. Do you :
1. enjoy a good croissant? 2. love salted egg yolk ?

If yes, you will enjoy this. Must you queue for it?
Not necessarily.


Last but not least, thank you everyone for sharing my post. My site hits 50,000 visits/day now and 17,000 people are talking about it on Facebook (data as of morning of 25th Nov).

le bread days

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  1. karenkhong

    that melting yolk makes people hungry and craving for it..haha

  2. thea ong

    why not queuing for a good quality croissant, haiz…. make your own salted egg yolk at home lol :p

    1. Rebecca Saw

      LOL! Exactly! I’m gonna be experimenting once I have time! 😀
      Did you try making them?

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