Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant – Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ

UPDATE: 30th Nov 2015.

Complaints as can be seen on their FB page are as below. I’ll like to advise that you plan your timing if you would like to queue for these croissants.

FB salted egg croissant 2

FB salted egg croissant 3

FB salted egg croissant 5

FB salted egg croissant 6

FB salted egg croissant



The below is the previous post before the update above:

UPDATE as of 25th November 2015:
Limited to 5 croissants/per customer per purchase. More info on the timing for each batch of croissants  –>

I’ve personally queued for some this morning and it was sold out almost immediately. I went to queue again at 2.30pm for the 3.30pm batch and came away empty-handed. All sold out for there were people waiting in the cafe from lunch time!

Last but not least, thank you everyone for sharing my post. My site hits 50,000 visits/day now and 18,000 people are talking about it on Facebook (data as of morning of 26th Nov).



Just opposite from Clique Clinic (my default clinic for Coolsculpting and Q-Switch facial, with stem cells procedure in the works) is this small cafe Le Bread Days.

The one thing that catapulted the cafe to worthy fame is their salted egg yolk (molten) croissant (RM6.90).
For this price it is one hell of a good croissant. Rich, thick and decently potent in salted egg flavour, the molten salted egg yolk filling is enough to send anyone who is a fan of lau sar bao swooning.

Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant - Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ-002

Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant - Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ-003

As you can see from the pictures, the filling is generous for the price. The plus point? The croissant itself is pretty good, not Parisian/French standards but certainly more than acceptable for a croissant.
The staff will toast it up for you if you are dining in so you can expect hot, crispy, buttery layers mingling with warm molten custard in the mouth with each bite.

Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant - Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ-009

Other croissant options are plain, peanut butter, cheese and almond ones.
This is my 2nd visit and my top pick is still for the salted egg croissant. And ONLY the salted egg croissant.

Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant - Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ-005

Why? Well, I’ve had lunch here twice.
Since we usually meet in a group, the bunch of us would order different items to try.
Their sandwiches (panini style or croissant) are so-so. I rate the fillings decent but nothing outstanding that I would personally recommend.
On a positive note, the sandwiches are freshly assembled upon order so the panini or croissant are toasty and warm while the greens remained crunchy to bite.

First visit: 15th Sept 2015. 
Teriyaki Chicken Panini and BBQ Chicken Croissant.

I had my hopes on thick slices of chicken breast/chicken thigh meat in teriyaki sauce but the teriyaki chicken turned out to be smoked chicken slices which was overly salty for me.
The tuna version is basically canned tuna plus slices of tomatoes and a few leaves of lettuce. The Black Pepper Chicken is alike the filling for one of their buns and it reminded us of standard chicken pie filling minus the cream.
Prices are from RM12 for each sandwich. Coffee is standard cafe prices – RM11 for latte and so forth.
The juices are better. We had mango juice during one of our lunch meetings and it was sweet and smooth without added sugar.

Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant - Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ-001

BELOW: German Egg Cheese Tart (RM3.50) and another danish. I didn’t like both as they were overly saccharine.

Iphone - Melaka ipoh - sept 20151

Second visit: 19th Nov 2015.
We gave the German Egg Tart another try. Texture wise it is as good as pictured below; wobbly, soft but just a tad too sweet for us to recommend.

le bread days ss2

Other than breads and pastries, there are a small selection of cakes in chiller which tempted us. This Apple Pie was served with Gelatimo vanilla ice cream and frankly, we won’t recommend it either.
The filling was generous in sugar but not in apples.

Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant - Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ-001

The savouries we shared this round was a savoury bun, a Black Pepper Chicken Panini, a Tuna Panini and another sandwich which I didn’t manage to snap a shot before it was well, snapped up by a hungry lady.
The images below should suffice for you to form your own opinion of the taste of our lunch.


Le Bread Days practises self-service so you would have to move around a bit to grab your utensils, drinks and food so be mindful of that. If it is of any consolation, service is helpful and the staff ever smiling.

If you need to have a better idea of the drinks prices, do check out the blackboard below.

Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant - Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ-001

Salted egg yolk (molten) croissant - Le Bread Days Cafe, SS2 PJ-002

What they serve: Affordable simple sandwiches, baked items and cakes.
Prices: Affordable. RM3 – RM25.
Coffee beans: TBA.
Food: Yes.
Cakes: Yes.
Pork-free/Halal: Pork-free. No alcohol served.
OOTD/Instagram friendly: No.
WIFI: Yes but not reliable.
Tax: TBA. A friend picked up the bill from both visits & I forgot to check the bill.
Service: Self-service. The staff are generally helpful.
Ambience: Comfortable. Casual.
Aircon: Yes.
Outdoor seating: No.
Powerpoints for charging: No.
Parking : Roadside.
Payment: Pay upon order.

Waze:  “Le Bread Days”
Same road with SS2 mall and right beside New Paris Restaurant.

Address: No. 68 Jalan SS2/72, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Contact: +60 3-7932 0868
Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8am to 9 pm.

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