Salted Egg Yolk Kaya toast, Ayam Keluak Burger @ Hotel Indigo Katong Singapore

Salted egg yolk + ‘anything‘ gets my attention.

And I had wondered for some time why no one has invented a kaya hybrid with it yet.

I mean, a salted egg yolk sauce possesses ALMOST the same consistency and texture. Both are made from eggs, though of a different nature but essentially, still eggs.

Kaya is inherently sweet, and blending it with the right ratio of savouriness from salted egg yolk does promises to work wonders.

It seemed that the higher powers heard my plea, for behold, Chef Alvin from Baba Chews at Hotel Indigo Katong Singapore has done it!

salted egg yolk kaya - baba chews Hotel indigo Katong-001

And it was exactly as I’ve expected – lowered sweetness with an unmistakably rich and delightful salted egg yolk aftertaste.

Likewise the salted egg yolk lend a savoury and ‘grainy’ consistency to the spread, and thus as you can see from my video the spread is not as runny.

In conclusion, the kaya retains its rich eggy, coconut essence. The salted egg yolk flavor is discernible but remained as a sidekick so it is still, first and foremost, kaya, not salted egg yolk sauce.

Too bad this is only served during brekkie at Hotel Indigo Katong Singapore. I bet it would be a bestseller if it was sold as a daily breakfast spread!

With a toast in hand, it doesn’t make sense if I don’t have a coffee in the other.
Baba Chews’ menu offers both coffee from Common Man Roasters as well as local blends. Since it is a peranakan restaurant, and we were having toast, I opted for the Iced local “cham” Coffee – SGD4.50.

The cold one came in a tall glass, but it was the hot one that got our attention. Not only it was smooth, robust and not overly sweet; just the way I like it, in was served in this cock pattern cup that is just nostalgic and cute!

FullSizeRender (1)

Baba Chews Bar and Eatery is an all day dining outlet which pays homage to the unique Peranakan culture. The team have put together a menu of traditional and modern cuisines from places that have influenced Peranakan cooking.

It is not within the Hotel Indigo Katong, but a standalone outlet on its own so thus one shouldn’t feel intimidated to step in, thinking that you would have to access it via the hotel.

salted egg yolk kaya - baba chews Hotel indigo Katong-002 salted egg yolk kaya - baba chews Hotel indigo Katong-003

Just step in as you would into any independent cafe.
You would notice that Baba Chews is refreshingly unique from the typical Peranakan dining outlets and SG cafes. Its interiors is charming, the cutleries irresistibly pretty and the outlet is bathed in a welcoming warmth. One would not have to fret about the heat though, as it was kept cool by the air con.

The whole outlet has a mellow vibe to it, the kind that encourages one to linger and just relax. Its menu offers light bites, substantial mains or just coffee and snacks, whatever you like, from 6:30am to 10:30 pm.
Breakfast for the hotel guests is served here as Hotel Indigo does not have a food outlet attached to its premises.

And yes, lucky guests get unlimited amount of salted egg kaya every morning!

baba chews katong

I spied the Keluak Burger (SGD18++) on the menu and couldn’t resist ordering one.

This hearty burger was good; thick, juicy patty coated with keluak paste on a bed of tangy achar sandwiched within fluffy multigrain bun.
The achar was a clever addition, replacing pickles to provide the zest and snap besides keeping to the Nyonya theme.

buah keluak burger - baba chews Hotel indigo Katong-004

Keluak lovers might prefer more keluak paste but this burger would please the palate of those not overly fond of keluak as well since the keluak flavour is discernible, but not overpowering.

buah keluak burger - baba chews Hotel indigo Katong-005

I can’t wait to be back for a short stay in Hotel Indigo Katong soon.
Chef Alvin has better be prepared to see me daily during my stay!

Baba Chews
6:30AM – 10:30PM
Contact: +65 6723 2025

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong
86 E Coast Rd,
Singapore 428788.
Tel: +65 6723 7001



Indigo Katong, housed in the former Joo Chiat police station, features design infused with the local Peranakan culture. This is a hotel of dreams for every photographer and Instagrammer.

Expect art murals in rooms depicting the laidback, communal lifestyle of the neighborhood and intricate Peranakan ornaments tastefully placed around the property.
This building proudly claims BCA Green Mark Platinum status which means it promotes energy savings, water savings, healthier indoor environments as well as the adoption of more extensive greenery within its space.

On-site dining is provided by Baba Chews Bar and Eatery which features locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients. The hotel’s rooftop infinity pool is amazing; 25 m long and right beside it is a 24-hour fitness center.
Thus, tuck into Nyonya delights at Baba Chews and sweat the calories off after!

Nearby: 112 Katong mall, Singapore Expo, Changi Business Park and Singapore Sports Hub.
15-minute drive from Changi Airport.
Nearest train station: CC8 Dakota MRT Station / EW8 Paya Lebar MRT Station. You would need to take a cab as it is about 2 km from Paya Lebar Square.

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