Salted egg yolk ice cream – would you try?

While we are on the same “egg-citing” subject of salted egg yolks, I came up with some ideas of possibly tasty creations that made use of salted egg yolks.
Someone I know is competent on the art of making ice cream so I asked if he/she would be keen to take up the challenge of making a salted egg yolk version and test the market.


Predictably, he/she was game.
I was a willing tester, and so was my colleague.

Our verdict?

GoGetter Cafe - salted egg yolk waffles-003

We were worried that it might be “overly savoury” but he/she had achieved a good balance of creaminess with pronounced salted egg yolk flavour. He/she had even added bits of salted egg yolk into the ice cream. We recommended that he/she add 20% more and perhaps pump up the salted egg yolk flavour while he’s/she’s at it.


Could you finish a tub of this (as pictured – maybe 200 g) at one go and not feel that it is “jelak“/cloying?
Yes, you can.
Like I’ve said earlier, the taste is a creamy, salted egg yolk ice cream, NOT a frozen version of the usual salted egg yolk custard that comes in your lau sar pao.
So it is definitely not as pungent.

Set your expectation correctly and you won’t be disappointed.

Now, would you be interested to order 500ml tubs (RM25 each) of these salted egg yolk ice cream? 🙂

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  1. Gwen

    yes! how can I order????

  2. Iza

    I would be interested to order for sure!

  3. Mac Wong

    I would like to order too.

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