ROYCE’ Chocolate & Wine Pairing @ Royce, Publika

An evening of fine chocolates and wines.
Why not? 🙂

royce chocolate malaysia - wine pairing and chocolate

This particular experience was initiated by premium Japanese chocolatier ROYCE’, one of my favourite chocolate brands with Nam Lee Cheong Wine Shop ( Needless to say, all chocolates sampled that evening were carefully chosen to match with suitable wines, most of which are sweet.

When pairing wine with chocolate, you will need to keep the wine sweeter than the chocolate or a lighter chocolate with light-bodied wine to give you a smooth and full experience in each pairing.” said Mr Leong Keng Mun, Managing Director of Nam Lee Cheong.

royce chocolate malaysia - wine pairing and chocolate-002

We all listened attentively and obediently savored the Royce’ chocolate and swirled the wine in our mouth.
The 1st that I sampled that evening was NAMA Chocolate (Mild Cacao) with Montes Late Harvest. The late harvest was such a pleasant sweet wine and being a sucker for sweet wines I can’t find anything to complain about this pairing.
The mild cacao was actually a bit sweet for me since I’m a dark chocolate fan. Since this was the first, I waited for the next few chocolates so I could have a comparison of both taste and opinions of my fellow friends around my table.

royce chocolate malaysia - wine pairing and chocolate-001

I was late but luckily for me there previous wines from the first few chocolates that I missed was still available. Unfortunately the chocolates were finished so I just sampled the current chocolates with the earlier wines.
Out of the 3 wines offered that evening, my preference was the Pink Moscato, Late Harvest followed by the Sweet Lips.
Really, I have never heard of these wines! Such cheeky names! 😀

royce chocolate malaysia - wine pairing and chocolate-003

2nd pairing (for me) –>  Bar Chocolate (Black) – Montes Late Harvest.

royce chocolate malaysia - wine pairing and chocolate-006

Think of rich, bitter-ish delicious chocolateyness of dark chocolate. In that same mouthful, sip a nectar-ish wine and swallow. I washed down the velvety seductive smoothness of fine quality cocoa with the sweet wines; the moscato imparting a more refreshing aftertaste while the Late Harvest was pure dreamy sweetness with a long, honeyed and lingering finish.

royce chocolate malaysia - wine pairing and chocolate-005

We ended the evening with Royce’ Pure Chocolate (Extra Bitter). Superb with the wines.

royce chocolate malaysia - wine pairing and chocolate-007

The list of chocolates and wines featured during the pairing are as below (the earlier ones were the ones I missed):
R Chocolat (Milk Cocoa) – Gossips Sweet Lips Moscato
Bar Chocolate (Creamy Milk) – Warburn Estate Rumours Pink Moscato
Nama Chocolate (Mild Cacao) – Montes Late Harvest
Bar Chocolate (Black) – Montes Late Harvest
Pure Chocolate (Mild Bitter) – Montes Late Harvest
Pure Chocolate (Extra Bitter) – Montes Late Harvest

ROYCE’ outlets in Malaysia are located in Isetan KLCC, Bangsar Village, Tropicana City Mall, The Gardens Mall, Ben’s Independent Grocer at Publika, Empire Shopping Gallery and Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. ROYCE’ Malaysia also has an online e- store ( which allows customers within the Klang Valley, as well as those located in Penang, Kedah and Johor, to enjoy their chocolates delivered chilled right to their doorstep.
Location of the wine + chocolate pairing session: ROYCE’ outlet at B.I.G. Supermarket, Publika.

Nam Lee Cheong
Nam Lee Cheong Wine Shop ventured into the wine trade and began importing international wines in the mid-nineties, with 12 agencies around the world from countries such as Australia, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Korea, and France.
For online purchases and browsing, surf over to

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    looks like a match made in heaven for fans of chocolate & fans of wine (i’m certainly a fan of both, especially when it comes to the wonderful, wonderful royce chocs!) 😀

  2. Heng

    Chocolate and wines sounds like a good idea for a party!

  3. Veron

    Chocolate and wines = match made in heaven. I prefer mine with over 70% cocoa, which could be overly bitter for some of my friends.
    Anyhow I only eat Belgium, French etc (basically European chocs), not even Swiss ones

  4. Kelvin Tan

    Bought some Royce chocolate and gave it as a Christmas gift. I hope the person likes it.

  5. daniel

    My standard gifts for the familia whenever I get back from a Japan trip.
    So much more to choose from in Japan itself (well, that’s given of course)

  6. Ronald Lee

    My favourite chocolates. My GF is crazy about it as well.

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