ROYCE’ Chocolate for Christmas!

Look at the early Christmas surprises I have received from ROYCE’ Chocolate Malaysia! 🙂

ROYCE Chocolate-034

It’s only 21 days till Christmas and the malls are decked out in the most ethereal Christmas decorations, shops are offering Christmas gift packs and F & B outlets are advertising their Christmas menus.
Have you caught the holiday bug yet? Started shopping for gifts and treats for your loved ones? Been cracking your head for gifts ideas?

Well, you can’t go wrong with food. And chocolates, if I may add.
At Kansai airport in Osaka, I saw many varieties of Royce’ chocolates and it was extremely popular with the tourists as everyone was buying dozens of boxes home.

Royce chocolates in Japan-004

Royce chocolates in Japan-003

Royce - Nama chocolates in Japan

Even I got caught up with the buying frenzy and bought a box of Pote Goma Cookies which is not available in Malaysia (yay!) and a Royce’ mild bitter potato chip chocolate. The Pote Goma Cookies are crunchy cookie mixed with potato chips and black sesame, and coated with chocolate on one side. Sounds fabulous doesn’t it? 🙂

Royce' chocolate malaysia - pote goma cookies

But frankly, the selections at our local Malaysia’s Royce’ shops weren’t too bad. In fact, we have almost all of the varieties available in Japan.

ROYCE Chocolate-001

ROYCE Chocolate-002

ROYCE Chocolate-003

ROYCE Chocolate-004

Royce’ chocolate-dipped potato chips are definitely something unique. It would be my personal recommendation to those seeking a slight variation from the usual chocolate bars. In fact, the chips are light enough to munch on as snacks and here’s a tip; crush some over cold ice cream/gelato for the ultimate feel-good dessert! 🙂

ROYCE Chocolate-005

If your intended recipient doesn’t fancy chocolates that much, then opt for Royce’ cookies. Royce’ Christmas cookies comes with these cute Christmas-sy designs which are sure to elicit some delighted smiles. 🙂

ROYCE Chocolate-003

ROYCE Chocolate-006

For something more elaborate, the Royce’ Christmas Selection – RM148 won’t fail to impress.

ROYCE Chocolate

The set comes with nutty bars, assorted R chocolates, chocolate wafers, christmas cookies and so much more for the price!

ROYCE Chocolate-007

There’s also a Christmas Kids Special, a set for RM75 that includes both the Kid Pure Chocolate and Kids Chocobolo. For individual pricing; the Kid Pure Chocolate is RM 45 while the Kids Chocobolo is RM38.

ROYCE Chocolate-008

With its colorful and vibrant wrappings, the pure chocolate discs will definitely be a hit with the kids. The flavours are creamy milk, cacao and pure white chocolate; all sweet and finger licking milky goodness!

ROYCE Chocolate-009

The Kids Chocobolo, on the other hand is crunchy and has two layers of strawberry and milk.

ROYCE Chocolate-011

ROYCE Chocolate-010

ROYCE Chocolate-012

And here’s mine; The Winter Wonderland Gift Box (RM200)! 😀

ROYCE Chocolate-013

I love it! There’s enough goodies in the box to keep my sweet tooth happy for a month! :DD

ROYCE Chocolate-001

Let me show you my little treasure box.
To start off, there’s 40 x Assorted Pure Chocolate (Caramel Milk, Creamy White, Venezuela Bitter, Ghana Sweet). Naturally, I prefer the dark chocolate over the caramel and white chocolate ones but I can assure you that all of Royce’ chocolates are not too sweet.

ROYCE Chocolate-014

ROYCE Chocolate-015

9 x Nutty Bars. These were not over-cloying due to the absence of caramel/thick nougat and has a lovely crunch thanks to the generous mix of puffs and nuts. I ate a whole bar at one go and didn’t feel stuffed, which was a good thing! 🙂

ROYCE Chocolate-016

ROYCE Chocolate-017

20 x Assorted Prafeuille Chocola (Honey & Berry Cube).

ROYCE Chocolate-018

ROYCE Chocolate-019

It was fun biting into this and savouring the sweet syrup inside. The dark chocolate one encased honey while the lighter chocolate one has berry syrup.

ROYCE Chocolate-020

ROYCE Chocolate-037

6 x Chocolate Wafers Hazel Cream.

ROYCE Chocolate-038

ROYCE Chocolate-021

These beats Loacker’s anytime! I reckon it’s because there were no cream and just pure chocolate in between layers of thin crispy wafers.

ROYCE Chocolate-022

16 x Assorted Baton Cookies.
These make for lovely tea time snacks with coffee.

ROYCE Chocolate-023

The yellow packs are golden-baked coconut cookies coated with chocolate on one side. My preference goes to the brown packs; finely crushed cacao nibs blended into a cocoa crust and coated with chocolate on one side. Trust me, you can’t stop at one!

ROYCE Chocolate-024

4 x Potechi Crunch Chocolate.

ROYCE Chocolate-025

ROYCE Chocolate-026

I thought this was rice crisps at first but it was actually crumbled potato chips with a bit of salty hint, perfect to accentuate the sweetness of the milk chocolate coating.

ROYCE Chocolate-027

So that’s my wonderful The Winter Wonderland Gift BoxWouldn’t you agree that it would make a wonderful gift? 🙂

Now last but not least, I would like to share with you some Christmas cheer! I have bought 5 bars of ROYCE’s best selling chocolates from the Christmas range to give away this coming week!
How to get them? Remember to keep a look out at my Facebook page –> :DD

ROYCE Chocolate-033

ROYCE’ Chocolate outlet at Tropicana Mall:

ROYCE Chocolate-036

ROYCE Chocolate

For more outlets please check out their site:

So remember, stalk my FB Page  for the coming giveaway of Royce’ Chocolates! Are you feeling the Christmas mood yet? 🙂

Bar Chocolate Bundle - Xmas

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  1. ALAN

    Save some nutty bars in the fridge for me please Becks! 🙂

  2. ulric

    I want them ALL!…ahahahaha 😀

  3. Sean

    i’ve been eyeing the nutty bar chocolates and have been tempted to try them! am a fan of chocolate candy bars 😀

  4. Johan

    I WANT ROYCE!! The chocolates are really good, not too sweet

  5. Rusty Iijima

    I want to order but Royce wont ship to Hawaii, Do you ship to Hawaii? I am interested in the Maccha Chocolate bars. and the Nutty chocolate bars. The Maccha bars I wanted 5 boxes and Nutty Bars 2 boxes. Please let me know if can be shipped.
    Thank you
    Rusty Iijima

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