Royal Selangor Visitor Centre – The Foundry – make your own pewter accessories!

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I love to experience as many things as possible in life; as long as it’s legal and it’s something that caught my interest, why not right? I’ll do it! 🙂

When I got an invite for a day at the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre, I was baffled. Ermm, go and see pewter exhibits? Hhmmm…

Royal Selangor Visitor-139

BELOW: Though I admit this rather huge exhibit is interesting! 😀

Further reading revealed that we are scheduled to check out the new highlight of Royal Selangor Visitor Centre – an experiential workshop called The Foundry.

Royal Selangor Visitor-046

The Foundry allows visitors to make their own pewter accessory with methods that are actually used today at The Royal Selangor factory. And amazingly, this Royal Selangor Visitor Centre here in KL is the ONLY factory that makes every single piece of pewter sold under its name.

Royal Selangor Visitor-144

Royal Selangor Visitor-145

The welcoming lobby:

Royal Selangor Visitor-151

Moving inside towards the factory:

Royal Selangor Visitor-041

The spacious and open space for the factory workers:

Royal Selangor Visitor-040

Making pewter is a painstaking task. I watched in both amazement and perplexity by the precision and skill exhibited by the workers as they work to make some of the simplest pewter design. Take this pewter mug for instance. Part mould and part handmade, the engraving are solely by hand; by hammering at the PRECISE millimeter and with the same amount of pressure each time – for literally hundreds of time to its finish.

Step by step: Plain mug on the left, polished mug on the right.

Royal Selangor Visitor-051

Making the handles: A scoop of liquid pewter goes into the handles’ mould.

Royal Selangor Visitor centre - pewter factory

Liquid pewter hardens pretty fast. The moment it hardens, the worker extracts it from the mould.

Royal Selangor Visitor-047

Liquid pewter melts fast too. Any excess of parts from the intended design are “melted off” easily by just leaving it the hot liquid. It will just liquefies and breaks off.

Royal Selangor Visitor-049

Here are the handles; ready to be fitted onto the mugs!

Royal Selangor Visitor-050

Now, back to the engraving. Each mug has uniformed rows of indentation. How did they do it remains a mystery. I guess long hours of practice plays a huge part!

Royal Selangor Visitor-057

We were given a chance to try to do so ourselves.

This is the tool.

Royal Selangor Visitor-060

Here I go!

Don’t think anyone will buy this huh? 🙁

Royal Selangor Visitor-065

Here’s Wilson trying his skill. Much better than mine I must say! 🙂

Royal Selangor Visitor-066

Example of Royal Selangor engraving on the pewter.

Royal Selangor Visitor-055

BELOW: More of the unfinished items on the factory’s workdesk.

Royal Selangor Visitor-067

Then it’s our turn!

Step 1:  CASTING.

Royal Selangor Visitor-071

Step 2: Scotching and Buffing.

Royal Selangor Visitor-074

Step 3: Staining.

Royal Selangor Visitor-073

Step 4: Filling and Cutting.

Royal Selangor Visitor-075

Optional – Engraving and painting.

Royal Selangor Visitor-078

Royal Selangor Visitor-070

Here’s a few finish that you can choose from: Satin/Brilliant/Antique/Tumbled.  Scotching and Buffing are the steps that will give you this finish.

Royal Selangor Visitor-076

The difference between the final product from the 4 types of finishing.

Royal Selangor Visitor-089

Alright, time to get the aprons and gloves on and get our hands dirty!

Royal Selangor Visitor-079

Royal Selangor Visitor-090

Our work tools.

Royal Selangor Visitor-081

Molten pewter at around 250°C; which was rather fun to play with! :DD

Royal Selangor Visitor-083

There are 2 options for pewter designs – either freehand; some sort like drawing with liquid pewter or the easier method of just using the moulds.

Royal Selangor Visitor-085

Royal Selangor Visitor-086

Nice isn’t it? Unfortunately, it was impractical.

Royal Selangor Visitor-092

Shaping the molten pewter was really difficult. A very steady control of the handle used to pour the liquid pewter is required. I challenged myself not to use the mould and tried to create a free hand design. I started out with lofty ideas such as sushi and burger. After 15 minutes at the design station, I gave up and just toyed around til I got a design.

Royal Selangor Visitor centre - factory-004

I somehow ended up with a design of a “fork“. I thought it was rather clever since I’m a foodie and I happily stuck on to the idea, improving it as I try to make it to look as much as a fork as possible. I also had to ensure that each tines is strong enough on it’s own and the handle is not a weak link, sturdy enough to hold everything up.

Royal Selangor Visitor-131

Once satisfied, I moved on to filing and cutting.

Royal Selangor Visitor centre - factory-005

Shirley helped me to file. “Ok, here’s how you do it.

Royal Selangor Visitor-096

Hhmm.. I can do this…

Royal Selangor Visitor-097

QC check…smooth or not?

Royal Selangor Visitor-098

File more!

Royal Selangor Visitor-099

Ok la, about there….

Royal Selangor Visitor-100 FORK!

Royal Selangor Visitor-102

Royal Selangor Visitor-103

Royal Selangor Visitor centre - factory-007

Scotching and buffing; both are done by running the piece against a scotching and buffing wheel

Royal Selangor Visitor-107

Then staining for an antique finish, if that’s your choice.

Royal Selangor Visitor-112

Ohhh…time to make “my mark”! Guess what were the “R” & “S” for?? :DD

Royal Selangor Visitor-113

Test test…can the FORK fit into my mouth??

Royal Selangor Visitor-114

Total fail! I placed one of the engraving sticks wrongly and my initials came out crooked! 🙁

Royal Selangor Visitor-116

Nothing can be done once you made a mistake, short of re-doing the whole thing again, which I wasn’t about to attempt, since the workshop was very cold (I hate cold!) and I was famished!!

Anyhow, I decided to toy with the paints for a while. I thought a funky looking fork would be nice….

Royal Selangor Visitor-117

Oh noes.. too much paint!

Royal Selangor Visitor-121

Blue, pink and yellow! One for each tine of the fork!

Royal Selangor Visitor-122

Hmmm.. starting now…

Royal Selangor Visitor-123

Oh god, I was suddenly in Pendidikan Seni (Art) class back in school again!

Royal Selangor Visitor-124

Without a doubt, years in the corporate world had not improved my artistic side at all.

Royal Selangor Visitor-126

Royal Selangor Visitor-127

Next I attempted 3 colours on each tine of the fork instead of one colour each. Yeah, weird I know. Don’t ask.

Royal Selangor Visitor-129

Royal Selangor Visitor-130

In the end I gave up. It looked terrible! Hahaha!
So it’s back to the old “stained” finishing that I chose, with the last step having to spray lacquer on the piece to seal in the “finish”. At least the poor fork looks dignified now! :DD

Royal Selangor Visitor-131

Here’s Vivian’s piece – so nice isn’t it? A free-form pendant!

Royal Selangor Visitor-147

The 90-minute workshop costs RM150, and you come away with a personalised piece of jewellery.
For more information, write to [email protected], log on to or call 03 4145 6122. The Royal Selangor Visitor Centre, located at Setapak Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, is open daily from 9am to 5pm.

Next post: A tour of the factory. 🙂

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  1. Cindy Tong

    wow so nice we can create our own pendant here…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah it wasnt intended to be a pendant i think – Vivian was just trying to create a “shape” and it came out rather uniquely like jewellery 😛
      so i asked Shirley if we could have a black necklace string and she said yes. Voila – it’s a pendant! 🙂

      1. Cindy Tong

        she is very creative….nice pendant…

      2. rebeccasaw

        She’s really into design and fashion! 🙂

      3. Cindy Tong

        yeah can see it from the nice pendant design..

  2. Sean

    a group of my friends once gave me a pewter gift, and i liked it very much. nice to see part of the process of how it might have been produced! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Educational indeed 🙂
      I enjoyed myself, though it was a rather busy week and I thought I wouldn’t have been able to make it. Had to rush off after, sadly, else could hang around and see more..

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL! Damn fail .. heheh.. so hard to get the right shape 😛

  3. Kash

    Looking gorgeous in the Carlsberg mug pic! 😀 *thumbs up*
    And yea, quite an artistic fork there! 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Heheh thanks! I loved how taht shot turned out too 😛
      Ahh artistic isnt’ it..esp when I can’t quite figure out what it was supposed to be!

  4. Chia Lee

    Thanks becky. I think I shall bring my friend here for her birthday! She’ll love this!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh perfect girlfriend bonding time! Hope you gals enjoy your time here! 🙂

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