Round 2– Carrot cake, Charcoal cake & Tiramisu! @ Hummingbirds Coffee Bar @ Beatrice Looi Boutique, Telawi Bangsar

After the initial euphoria of discovering a new dessert outlet last week (WASABI macaron, Red Velvet & Durian Cake HERE!) , I couldn’t wait to make my way back for more; especially since I was informed that their Tiramisu kick-ass & they have some new variaties such as the carrot cake which was just launched this week.

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar, bangsar-16

The opportunity to swing by again presented itself soon enough; after a particularly long harried day & the need for some comforting sweets just couldn’t be ignored any longer.

Unlike most cafes on this street which are bustling with human traffic & conversation; The Hummingbirds Coffee Bar is laid-back with very comfortable & pretty chairs (I love those chairs! :P ) & most importantly; quiet.
Stepping in, I relaxed immediately, proceeded to drop my heavy bags at my favourite corner & strutted my way to the cakes display counter for my sugar fix.

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar, bangsar-04

The Tiramisu in a glass (RM15.50) wasn’t quite what I expected.
What I like about it? The aromatic & slightly bitter coffee that soaked the sponges fingers. It was certainly good quality coffee though I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint exactly which blend. (Not a coffee connoisseur sorry!).

What didn’t I like about it? The cheese layers. It wasn’t the light mousse ( texture) that I was accustomed to, as this version is richer & heavy, almost like cream cheese spread; I kid you not.
I was rather taken back at first but after sampling the carrot cake (review further at the bottom) I realized that that’s the style of  this particular baker. Her cheese frosting for her Red Velvet were on the heavier side as well; as with her carrot cake. At this point, it’s probably a matter of preferance of the diner, whether you prefer your cheese frosting on the lighter side or thicker.
Note: This is an alcoholic tiramisu.

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar, bangsar-17

The Oatmeal Carrot Walnut cake. (RM9.50). Portions here are generally small for the price you pay. It could be cos it’s home-baked & better quality ingredients are used, as what is normally advertised for these baked-from-home enterprises.

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar, bangsar-13

I’ve got no issues with prices but do serve me a good cake for the price I pay.

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar, bangsar-12

I will not go into details of the cheese layers ( I have pretty much described it above); as it was thick & paste-y. Not of my preference for sure, not sure about yours.
The cake itself has a faint cinnamon scent & it’s pretty dense texture-wise. Not much carrots in here; a scattering of walnuts inside (which was fine but the walnuts on top of the cake were rancid *shakes head*) & overall it bordered on bland.

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar @ Beatrice Looi Boutique, Telawi Bangsar-1

Well, to be fair, it’s at the testing stage now so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for improvement. But hey, I’m sure there are others who like their carrot cakes this way so try it out for yourself.

Next I bought this Charcoal Cake (RM8.50) as well. Yup, I told you I was in need of a sugar fix right? 3 cakes in one night. To be frank with you, I’m still feeling pretty miserable.

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar @ Beatrice Looi Boutique, Telawi Bangsar

Back to the cake.

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar, bangsar-14

Seriously, you can taste the faint charcoal (ashy) flavour & it does have a distinct aroma to it. I will say this is “interesting“, especially for the flavour but do keep in mind that it’s essentially sponge cake with charcoal cream.

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar, bangsar-15

So what’s next?
I’m still waiting to try the peanut butter cupcake & there are still 3 other cakes that I haven’t sampled – Toblerone Cheese, Dark Chocolate & Green Tea so I’ll definitely be back!

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar,
Beatrice Looi Boutique,
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar.
Tel: 03-2201-5889 (Do call ahead, like I did to book your cakes in case it’s sold out! Or call in advance to ask which cakes are available prior to your visit so you won’t be disappointed!)

Note: Prices are subjected to 10% service charge.

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  1. Isaac Tan

    woot. That’s round#2 for you. you really love the cakes there don’t you 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yups, but here cosier. Zang toi the clothes all around. here the clothes are at the back so it doesnt “clash” with the cafe look. the cafe looks nice & neat!

  2. Baby Sumo

    I think the baker used mascarpone cheese and cream for the tiramisu, thats why it tastes so rich. It looks like the one that I make.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ermm so does that mean yours is like that too? Thick & pastey & strong tasting?

      1. Baby Sumo

        Rich, yes, strong tasting (can adjust the coffee strongness), yes. But not pastey la.. I have to go and try and see if its the same! lol.

      2. rebeccasaw

        Yeah, sticky & paste-y. Such a errmmm.. weird texture..

    2. Jun

      Probably not! Mascarpone Cheese with Cream will get smooth and light mousse while Cream Cheese and cream will get paste-ty like, dense, thick and sticky frosting.

      1. rebeccasaw

        Ahhhh I see. Thanks for the heads up Jun! You must a baker too?

  3. Pureglutton

    Rancid nuts?? That’s unforgiveable – and at those prices too!

  4. Rachel Tang

    I think the Tiramisu And the Charcoal Cake Is AWESOME *thumbs up* :good:

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Rachel! Thanks for dropping by! Glad to hear you like the cakes here 😉

  5. peteformation

    Wah, round 2… boxing match…lol, but this is Dessert Match…..the tiramisu looks really good!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes looks good, just the texture of the cheese that I found to be a bit weird! 😉

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