Rock & Roll like the Good Ol Happy Days!

Taipan. Subang.

An area alien to me really. Too far & nothing intriguing there.
Other than La Cucina which I have been trying to visit for months, Taipan remains an area pretty much as humdrum as it can get.

And then I got an invite from Marian, about a new swanky diner opening in here, with a concept to boot.

Good ol Happy Days, she said, is an American diner, and serves cuisine like Chilli’s.

Do you know Happy Days? she asked.
I gaped; “Err…”
“It’s from the 70s”, she went on to explain..& I immediately grinned & chirped, “Oh.. that era.. then Unka would know. I can ask him”. ;p

So the night of the launch came, & I went, expecting another sit-down session, where we would be served with a myriad of dishes, where we would take the customary pics, followed by some chit-chat with the chef about the food; yadayada.. and perhaps an interview with the proprietor, for some insights on the concept.

Yup, I thought that’s all to it.

So when our chauffeured car dropped us off right front of this, my jaw literally dropped.

gd ole happy days (1)

Wah.. so happening one ahhh????

gd ole happy days

A 3 level bistro, with red & silver vinyl chairs, checkered floors, pool tables and a long bar serving almost every drinks imaginable, stepping into the outlet was an assault on the senses.
Even more so on the eyes. Everything’s so bright & cheery!
Happy” came to mind, and that’s exactly the state of being that’s advocated by this outlet.

gd ole happy days (2)

Not much to be reviewed on the food, as the free-flow dishes that night was pretty mass produced, and hence probably not a good indication of the quality.
However, most dishes was most palatable, & the group of us must have polished off 30 lamb chops among ourselves!

It was one happy Friday, with entertaining performances by the Beansproutz Dancers, complete with colourful cheeky costumes and sassy dance moves, almost making me feel like breaking into a hip gyrating & booty shaking dance as well.

ps: Do check out the video by cumi & ciki & even more pictures here by the Qwazymonkey.

As if the night wasn’t hot enough with lively dances & Elvis in the house, there was a daring fiery performance by The King Of Limbo ROck…

gd ole happy days (3)

Not enough with just fire, our King of Limbo Rock decided to go blind-folded!

gd ole happy days (4)

I think Good Ol Happy Days Diner may just be the reason for me to venture more into this area called Taipan. More so when I spied ribs, BURGERS, pizzas and MILKSHAKES on the menu.

Live band will be playing after dinners on Thursday, Friday and Sat. Music from the 60-70s (what else?) will be played throughout the day.
So, with this coming Fri, 28th Nov being a public holiday, anyone for some dose of Good Ol Happy Days??

note: This would be not the only outlet, for its founder Mr Fariz Abdullah , MD of SKN Leisure Entertainment and Grp Chairman Datuk Seri Shamir Kumar Nandy has set sights on opening another in KL, followed by one in Penang.

Good Ol Happy Days Diner & Bistro
55-A, grd Floor
Jalan USJ10/F
Taipan, Subang Jaya
03 – 8023 7229
W-days: 11am – 1am
W-ends: 11am – 2am

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  1. My Taste Heaven

    looks like a fun place. bet you had a great time!!! but the dishes look so-so only…
    the limbo guy was amazing man~~~

  2. Sean

    hey, i'm old enough to (vaguely) recall the "happy days" tv series, so this might help rekindle some nostalgic feelings for me … except that it looks way too modern! ūüėÄ

  3. J

    Woah. O_o
    I think that limbo rock guy has rubbery bones – so flexible!

  4. UnkaLeong

    Mondays, Tuesdays, happy days….lalala…*sheesh* 3 floors ar?

  5. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    bring on the burgers!

  6. burpandslurp

    30 lamb chops?! How many of you were there again? Whoa!

  7. thenomadGourmand

    my taste heaven: Yup, food that nite was we must go again to have a proper sit dwn meal ya!

    sean: Its too modern?? I wont knw, nvr watch Happy days be4!

    J: Yeash..amazing really!

    UnkaLeong: yup 3! So when are we goin for milkshakes??

    Joe: Come come!

    burpandslurp: err..i think 5? ;p
    But those wallopin the chops were only 2! Ciki & Qwazymonkey!

  8. thule a.k.a leo

    this place shouldn't be that hard to find I guess… judging from its brightly lit sighboard ūüôā

    time to re-visit Taipan once again.. an area which I have almost abandoned given the distance from my house.

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