RM50++/pax Chinese New Year Feast @ The Ritz-Carlton, KL

A thoroughly brilliant concept was launched at the Ritz Carlton KL for Chinese New Year this 2012.

cny at ritz carlton, kl-004

And deservingly, it was launched with much aplomb, featuring a full lion dance performance followed by an imperial spread by Ritz’s accomplished banquent team.

cny at ritz carlton, kl-003

As usual, preceding the festive seasons, I have commenced my rounds of Chinese New Year menu reviews as early as last month. I’m certain I have much prosperity coming in, since I have “lou sang” god knows how many times. Hahah.. 🙂

cny at ritz carlton, kl-007

While other F & B outlets attempts to arouse enthusiasm and wow discerning diners with culinary masterpieces, The Ritz Carlton surprises this year with their cool spin of the traditional dinner concept where they focuses instead on service and convenience; offering diners the benefit of dining on a scrumptious spread of the usual 8 courses Chinese dinners, but starting from a minumum number of 4 dining pax.

Now that’s a deal that’s hard to beat. And yes, you read right.
You’ll get the full works; the yee sang, soup, meat, fish, vegetables, carbs and dessert minus the hassle of cracking your head on how to fill up the table to the usual prerequisite numbers of 8 to 10 diners.

What makes this “deal” even more ingenious was the amazing price of RM50++/pax; while still assuring the usual spread of a full 8 course meal will be served.

I admit I’m personally in favour of this concept, since I’m all too familiar with the torment of organising CNY dinners for clients and friends annually.  The agonizing task of putting together the right amount of people while simultaneously ensuring that the group invited are of the correct clique can be vexing.

The 8-course Chinese New Year Feasts are available between January 23 – 27, 2012 for two sittings. – 11.00am – 3.30pm and 7.00pm – 10.30pm – in The Banquet Hall, Level Three of The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur. Each course is priced at RM50++ per person with a minimum of 4 persons per reservation.

Set Menu A

风生水起 (捞鱼生)
Prosperity Yee Sang

cny at ritz carlton, kl-008

锦上添花 (干贝菜胆炖鸡汤)
Double-boiled chicken soup with
dried scallop and Chinese cabbage
鱼如水运 (蒙古烤汁鱼片)
Deep-fried fish fillets with Mongolian sauce
龙运如意 (沙奇脆明虾)
Deep-fried prawns with wasabi dressing
金钱满载 (时菜扒冬菇)
Braised seasonal vegetables
topped with mushrooms
家肥屋润 (瑶柱芋头荷叶饭)
Fried rice with dried scallop and
yam wrapped in lotus leaf

cny at ritz carlton, kl-016

步步高升 (芋头炸年糕)
Deep-fried Nian Gao with yam

鸿运年年 (莲子红豆沙)
Sweetened red bean cream with lotus seeds

cny at ritz carlton, kl-020


Set Menu B

风生水起 (捞鱼生)
Prosperity Yee Sang
金盆满载 (金粟海鲜更)
Braised assorted seafood with sweet corn

cny at ritz carlton, kl-009

金砖玉叠 (烧焗银鳕鱼)
Baked cod fish with honey glaze

cny at ritz carlton, kl-010

大地回春 (时菜虾子扒白灵菇)
Braised seasonal vegetables with dried shrimp
and Bai Ling Gu

cny at ritz carlton, kl-012

凤凰贺福 (脆鸡拼金香鸡)
Combinations of roasted chicken
and stir-fried chicken with Kam Heong style

cny at ritz carlton, kl-013

家肥屋润 (瑶柱芋头荷叶饭)
Fried rice with dried scallop and yam wrapped
in lotus leaf

cny at ritz carlton, kl-017

步步高升 (芋头炸年糕)
Deep-fried Nian Gao with yam

cny at ritz carlton, kl-018

鸿运年年 (莲子红豆沙)
Sweetened red bean cream with lotus seeds


Set Menu C

风生水起 (捞鱼生)
Prosperity Yee Sang
福寿长生 (菜胆冬菇绣球汤)
Double-boiled meat ball soup with
vegetables and mushrooms
一帆风顺 (古法红烧石斑件)
Braised grouper fillets with sliced meat
and mushrooms
龙凤呈祥 (脆鸡拼麦片虾)
Combinations of roasted chicken and
deep-fried prawns with oatmeal
如意吉祥 (时菜扒燻鸡片)
Smoked sliced chicken with seasonal
家肥屋润 (瑶柱芋头荷叶饭)
Fried rice with dried scallop and yam
wrapped in lotus leaf
步步高升 (芋头炸年糕)
Deep-fried Nian Gao with yam
鸿运年年 (莲子红豆沙)
Sweetened red bean cream with lotus seeds


As usual I’ll start with my favourite, though I must say that I pretty much enjoyed 7 out of the total of 8 dishes served.
I just felt that the yee sang and the broccoli mushroom dish was too ordinary but I understand that it’s all an essential part of the set menu.
The best dish was undisputedly the honey glazed cod fish. It was so beautifully flaky and moist. I just wished I could have more than just one portion!

cny at ritz carlton, kl-011

The corn and seafood soup was very well prepared, with morsels of prawns, scallops, fish in a moderately starchy soup base. The fowl dish was commendable. Call me biased but I love chicken with pine nuts or cashew nuts. It lents a wonderful nutty aroma to the savoury “kam heong” sauce chicken.

cny at ritz carlton, kl-014

While a fowl dish commonly comes in one preparation method, this set has a combo of sauce-based pan fried chicken and dry deep-fried chicken fillets. The deep-fried fillets were kept crispy as the plating cleverly separates the kam heong chicken from the fried fillets.

cny at ritz carlton, kl-015

Desserts (my favourite part of any meal, if you don’t already know) were simple and satisfying enough. The fried Yam and Nian Gao and red bean cream were as “chinese” as it can get. While I thought the red bean used could have been of a better variety, the yam & nian gao was decent, with a more “fragrant” imported Taiwan yam being used instead of our local tubers.

cny at ritz carlton, kl-019

cny at ritz carlton, kl-021

Below: The seating arrangement in the spacious banquent hall on the 3rd level of the Ritz Carlton KL.

cny at ritz carlton, kl-002

With a personal service team allocated for each table, attentive service is assured. No more frantic waving of arms to get the attention of wait staff!

cny at ritz carlton, kl-006

Does this sound like the solution to your yearly Chinese New Year dinners dilemma? If yes, contact The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur at (603) 2142 8000 for reservations or e-mail [email protected].
From what I heard over lunch, the 3rd day of CNY is already fully booked. But lunch reservations are apparently still open. So check out the Set A – Set C menus above, pick your poison and call Ritz Carlton to secure yourself a table!

While I can’t guarantee you a cute lion greeting like the one I had, I can assure you of a delicious meal, at wallet friendly prices and superb service. 🙂

cny at ritz carlton, kl-005

cny at ritz carlton, kl-001

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  1. Nikel

    great deal ya… nice price! :good:

  2. Glow

    Hunting for something like this is Penang mainland area ^^ omg it looks delish!~

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ohhh..cos I’m not in Pg much, I don’t really know… 🙁
      But do share with me if you come across anything interesting for CNY ok!

  3. ulric

    Wow…pretty good deal…something different from d usual 🙂

  4. Sean

    ooo, guess i should try set B for the cod fish! okies, maybe first or second day then… i really should start planning out each day and make bookings soon, yikes!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Cod for the win!
      And yes, you better RSVP fassstttt! 😀

  5. Daniel

    “pick your poison” – haha..i like this phrase :good:

    1. rebeccasaw

      hehehe.. Thanks Daniel 😛
      Gong Xi Gong Xi! And thks fr leaving a comment 😀

  6. FiSh

    seems like the yam and nian gao is a must-have for a decent chinese meal, yours look promising but the one i had at another restaurant tastes good too 🙂

    Latest: Lou Sang in Cantonese Style

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh you were there! Yes, I saw the tweets. Cool will chk it out!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahaha! Book yourself a table for your family or friends between Jan 23 – 27th yea!

  7. kianfai87

    huat ar! lol , sure lots of people attracted because it is RM 50 only :good:

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