REVIEW : What keeps me going – Ephyra collagen drink and my other supplements

As I have said in my previous post (The beginning of my Ephyra journey) , here’s Part 1 of my review of Ephyra, a collagen drink that I have been consuming since 16th November 2013.
As of now, I have drank my way through 2 boxes (each box is for a month’s supply).

Below: Empty box on the right, new box on the left.

ephyra 2nd box

These Ephyra sachets are light & easy to pack. All I had to do was to add water and shake it to blend. The flavour is alike light orange cordial but much, much more natural in taste. It is pleasant to drink for sure.
This is my morning supplement for the last 2 months and I looked forward to it every morning! I’ll pop a capsule of my probiotics and drink this down to my last sip.

ephyra month 1

The sachets also made it easy for travel. I pack the shaker ( you don’t have to if you don’t want to since using a glass will do as well) and a few packs and I’ll drink it every morning without fail.

ephyra - collagen drink in malaysia review

Too bad I couldn’t bring my Pharmanex probiotics with me during my travels. My probiotics has to be kept in the fridge all the time so I got this instead.
I just started this today (13th January 2014) so I’m not too sure of its effectiveness.
However I can vouch for the Pharmanex ProBio; it is really good as my gastric issues has subsided tremendously since I begun consuming them on a daily basis.


Moving on I would like to share on other supplements besides Ephyra & Pharmanex’s ProBio.
The one in the capsule pack is Berocca which is for my unexplainable fatigue. Verdict: Seems to be fine and doesn’t trigger my gastric.
Fat Burner Advanced – it does work and I got leaner. HOWEVER, I got really sick after the 3rd week. I was experiencing dizziness & was having the worst headaches. I had stopped taking this ever since.
Nutrilite Daily Multi Vitamin – I had taken this for MONTHS and it does absolutely nothing for me. I don’t feel any fresher, healthier or stronger.
Because of that I switched over to NuSkin Pharmanex R2 AgeLoc. Now this shit isn’t the slightest bit cheap but I was desperately looking for a supplement that would enhance my well-being and improve my health.
I consumed this diligently for 4 months (out of the RM2400 I spent for 6 months supply) and didn’t felt much (or any) improvement. Perhaps I need to consume this longer?

REVIEW - health supplements - berocca, ageloc nu skin, ephyra, nutrilite

I did say I was desperate right? I spent RM380 (or was it RM350) for this one month supply of some health ‘drink’ by Jeunesse.
I’ll continue this soon since I stopped after a week.

REVIEW - health supplements - berocca, ageloc nu skin, ephyra, nutrilite (1)

My Pharmanex ProBio cost me RM113 for a month supply (1 bottle = 30 capsules). And the 6 months supply of R2 AgeLoc is RM2400.
Supplements are not cheap and when they don’t produce the results they promised, you feel frustrated don’t you?

REVIEW - health supplements - berocca, ageloc nu skin, ephyra, nutrilite (5)

REVIEW - health supplements - berocca, ageloc nu skin, ephyra, nutrilite (4)

Well I can attest that Ephyra did help me achieve what it promised – flawless, more radiant, smoother & younger skin. I had pretty good skin to begin with, but I was also using and experimenting with a whole lot of skincare products for my aging and tired looking complexion.
The Nu Skin ageLoc range cost me almost RM1200 ( can’t recall the exact price now) and it did showed promise within the first 3 months. After that I noticed my complexion stayed the same, and no improvement since.

REVIEW - health supplements - berocca, ageloc nu skin, ephyra, nutrilite (2)

I switched again, this time to some popular Korean brands like Tony Moly and its popular snail cream and essence.

REVIEW - health supplements - berocca, ageloc nu skin, ephyra, nutrilite (3)

Since starting my Ephyra “diet” I stopped all the above skincare and only consume Ephyra since mid November. I’m glad to say that my complexion and overall skin condition hasn’t regressed to its tired, dull state few months before.
My pores are noticeably reduced, I certainly looked more radiant and even without daily application of body lotion my skin remained smooth.

ephyra - collagen drink in malaysia review-003

ephyra - collagen drink in malaysia review-002

ephyra - collagen drink in malaysia review-001

If you need to know more of what Ephyra contains, do check out the list below.

ingredients of ephyra

My guess is that my body was able to absorb the nutrients from Ephyra better than the others that I’ve been consuming. I’m sure the other supplements I’ve tried has their merits but my body wasn’t able to absorb it.

absorption of ephyra
Maybe yes? Maybe no?
Well, I know I have to keep on looking. For now I’ll definitely continue with my Ephyra daily intake and I’ll be taking Berocca Performance next since I find Berocca pretty good.

So what is the benefits by using EPHYRA?

1. Improves skin elasticity, making it soft and glowing
2. Improves skin condition from freckles and blemishes
3. Prevent wrinkles and smoothen fine lines
4. Improves hair quality for more healthy, soft and shiny
5. Improve digestive system in the body
6. Help to reduce cholesterol level
7. Boosts your energy and concentration
8. Boosts your immune system
9. Aids in weight control and help in increasing your metabolism
10. Relieves arthritis and joint pains

So there you go; my experience, struggles and money wasted on supplements so far. I hope my friends and readers who read this post find it helpful and could give me some recommendations on the supplements that they have tried and think it might work for me.
I  would appreciate it! 🙂
Lastly, do keep in mind that what works for me might or might not work for everyone else but the above review is merely my personal experience. For more testimonials do google for “Ephyra” on (yes the Malaysian site) and you’ll be able to read the reviews by other bloggers as well.

Here are the reference sites for those who are interested to know more about Ephyra: and LIKE their Facebook page for current offers and updates.
Instagram users can also follow their instagram account at:

Interested to make a purchase? Here are the details:
Email: [email protected]
Contact: +603 41417889 OR sms 019 3999 238
Price: RM197 per box of 30 sachets – 15 gram each for a month supply .

Meanwhile I’ll be starting my skincare again since I have stopped for a while since I begun my Ephyra intake. For my next post I hope to report on even better improvements on my current self, be it skin, energy levels, immune system or digestive system.

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  1. Neva

    Thanks for the comprehensive recommendation!
    I have many people who told me of R2 ageloc but I was put off by the price too. It does promises a lot of things, too bad you didn’t experience such results.

  2. Heather

    Hmm.. perhaps I’ll give Ephyra a shot as well. First time seeing collagen supplement in powder to liquid form.

  3. Christian

    Usually take Berocca during those sleepy or late hours at work. It does boost me up. 🙂

  4. mabel lyn

    You do look fresher babe! I should give ephyra a try as I do not like to use much makeup so my freckles and blemishes are pretty visible which is not pretty.

  5. Ann Sue

    I too have tried a number of skincare products, nothing really works. Many have recommended to take collagen supplements. No harm to give Ephyra a try.

  6. Venna

    I’ll try Ephyra next. Currently using another brand

  7. Veron

    Hello babe! I’m back!
    Oh god, you’re really going all out for this supplement thing aren’t you!

  8. daniel

    Wow. What a transformation – going all out with the PT training at Celebrity Fitness & supplements.
    Well, I can see that you’re cutting down on burgers too, which I miss! When’s your next burger outing?

  9. Amber

    Seriously you have fabulous complexion.
    What was the facial that you did that i saw you posted on FB?

  10. Francis

    Collagen for men works as well right?

  11. Raoul

    Nu Skin? That’s so expensive. The Age loc technology seems promising,sadly you didn’t see any results.

  12. Matthew

    Berocca is a good choice.
    Basically I think you need more sleep becky. 😛

  13. izza

    Hi all!
    Berminat nak mencuba Ephyra?

    Beli Ephyra dengan HARGA PROMO (Muraaaahhh sangatt!!) dan dapatkan FREE Body Shop shower cream 250ml / body butter 50ml!

    Seriously, grab this GREAT deal! Sementara stock masih ada!

    Yours truly,
    Izza (Pengedar Sah Ephyra)
    [email protected]

  14. nurmisnan

    Hoho.. so wht happen to ur skincare products? Dustbin lorrr.. kih3

  15. Farah

    I love, love collagen effect! They do make skin look glowy and radiant. A very good investment.

  16. Thana

    Thank you for a very detailed explanation. It was very helpful.

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