Review: method Malaysia laundry detergent and method fabric softener

I think this image says a lot.
Yes, I’m a huge fan of method Malaysia’s products. Perhaps I’ve gone a bit overboard? ๐Ÿ˜€

method malaysia products - rebecca saw

I have shared a few reviews so far based on the group of products that I have used namely the kitchen cleaning set and the bathroom set. The laundry was the latest that I added to my collection. And I felt that I could do minus the fabric softener most of the time unless I’m washing thick fabrics such as blankets and comforters.

method laundry products - review - blog-002

The method fabric softener with plant-based Smartsoft Technologyยฎ leaves clothes cozy, cuddly and smelling lovely.
With just a few squirts, this ultra-concentrated formula uses naturally derived softening oils to infuse every load with softness & sublime scent, without leaving waxy residue on your fabrics.

method laundry products - review - blog-001

That’s what I love about method products – their environmental friendly policies.
method has been working to design the smartest, greenest and best-looking cleaning products on the market; using safe and sustainable materials, manufactured responsibly. and that also means no animal testing.


Somehow it makes me feel better, (though it meant paying a little bit extra) that I’m doing my part to care for Mother Earth.

method 3rd post1

And I discovered that truly a little goes a long way.
So essentially you use less, and pay less in the long run.

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-010

method laundry products - review - blog

Its gentle properties means it’s suitable for all my delicate silks, cashmeres as well as my thermal wear. I soak these in the detergent and proceed to handwash after a few minutes. It didn’t leave a film of residue on my hands which takes forever to wash off and neither did my hands felt dry and rough.

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-002

Below: Uniqlo Heat Tech.

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-006

Below: My RM200 thick thermal wear from Costa.

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-007

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-008

Yes, sports wear, soles, fabric bags and even my sport shoes!

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-004

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-012

There’s not much suds either, and that’s not a bad thing. Too many people thinks that having thick suds equals to cleaning power but really, it is not.

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-005

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-001

Whites, coloured, jeans, blacks, delicate fabrics, thick towels, heavy blankets and bedsheets. For this review, I washed all and after a full month, there’s still half a bottle left. I reckon a bottle of method laundry detergent (RM41.80) would last me 2.5 months.

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-011

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-009

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog-003

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog

Ahh… what a nice journey it has been with method! I have bought Christmas gifts for my friends this year. Guess what are they? ๐Ÿ™‚

method laundry products - review - rebecca blog 1

MORE on my method Malaysia product experience:
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  1. KathyOh

    You are right that a little goes a long way and pay less in the long run. Also with their environmental friendly policies. Such a great product!

  2. Benjamin

    I have been following ur reviews on Method & this X’mas will be getting some for my mother. Thanks Becky, have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. mabel lyn

    When my maid hand wash my delicate clothes, I feel that too much detergent has been used & it has one kind of smell like it has not been rinsed clean. I think it’s better for her to use method & need to teach her that not much suds does not mean not clean.

  4. andy

    Honestly, I used to think that having thick suds equals to good wash till my sister intro me to Method & showed me wonderful results with so little used. Now when I see my housemate’s laundry having thick suds I just shake my head. I need to educate him ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sean Eat Drink KL

    maybe next year i should try saving some money by washing my own clothes instead of sending stuff out. method malaysia will be on top of my list of brands to try! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yes you should Sean! Get a washing machine & method detergent and you’re good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Veron

    I’m using the ones you sent me and it’s been fab!
    Thanks babe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. daniel

    Seriously? Even for your Nikes??

  8. stephanie courlet

    Hi, where can I buy it?

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