Review – Luna Bar : Blueberry Bliss

This Luna Bar is one of the tastiest snack bar I’ve had. Well, anything at this point would taste better than a Quest Bar.
I’m not saying I don’t like Quest Bars, but Quest Bars are SO nutritionally dense and so … CHEWY.

But the Luna Bar isn’t a bar I would call ‘healthy’ no matter what they claim. It even said “whole nutrition bar for women” and while I concurred on how tasty it is and that a vast majority of women would love it since it’s all fruity, sweet and coated with yogurt, I’m not that forgiving of the sweetness level.

Luna Bar Blueberry Bliss REVIEW

Name: Luna Bar – Blueberry Bliss
Price: SGD3.50
Taste & texture:

This is so much easier to swallow than Quest bars for sure.
The bottom layer is a coat of yogurt and we saw more of it drizzled over the top layer which has a fruity jelly, almost like jam consistency.
There are bits of actual blueberries within the bar which I appreciated as I work myself through the whole bar in less than 15 minutes. It can be addictive as it is so easy to eat!
But the jelly layer is sticky and can be a bit artificial tasting. Same goes to the vanilla yogurt coat. A sprinkling of oats on top seems more for decoration than anything else.

But I can’t say I dislike it.
I did really like the texture of the bar; straddling a nice balance of chewiness as a whole, but with a crunch to them too. The bar can easily be pulled apart and bend if you try, but it maintains its shape overall.
I certainly had no difficulty finishing it and I think it makes a fun feel-good bar, a great snack even, if you’re not too strict about your sugar intake. But hey, if you’re watching your sugar intake on everything else, a Luna Bar won’t hurt! 😀

Luna Bar – Blueberry Bliss:


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Ingredients & nutrition numbers:

Each bar comes with a 8g  of protein and 180 calories. 27 g of carbs and 13 g of sugars.
It claimed to have nothing artificial and 70% of the ingredients are organic.

Lana BAr Review - blueberry bliss

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  1. KY

    and I thought it’s the luna bar in KL. lol

    1. Rebecca Saw

      LOL! And you’re wondering what’s happening and what’s blueberry bliss at Luna Bar KL is about right? hahahah! Click bait!! 😛

  2. Sean EDKL

    ooo, i’m always keen on options with blueberry though, since my eyesight has always been not too good and blueberries are good for the vision! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      HAHAHAAH you have a problm with eyesight???
      I don’t believe u, you’re always so young! 😀
      But i think you would enjoy this too = so nice to eat and filling. Eermmm..maybe not for someone your appetite 😛

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