REVIEW: Coolsculpting by Clique Clinic (PJ, Malaysia) – “Before and after” thigh results of Rebecca Saw

After the initial session where I got 4 parts of my thighs treated (blogpost –>HERE), I had to wait for 2.5 – 3 months for the results to show.
Now it has been 2.5 months, so in this follow up article, I’m going to show you the results of the procedure and explain a little bit more about Coolsculpting. 🙂

Coolsculpting in Kuala Lumpur - Clique Clinic, PJ - REVIEW-012

So, what happens in a Coolsculpting session?

Coolsculpting in Kuala Lumpur - Clique Clinic, PJ - REVIEW-027

In scientific terms the treated part underwent a process called “Cryolipolysis“.
Example of a Cryolipolysis part as can seen here (this is my outer thighs by the way). 

Coolsculpting in Kuala Lumpur - Clique Clinic, PJ - REVIEW-028

Coolsculpting in Kuala Lumpur - Clique Clinic, PJ - REVIEW-029

Developed by renowned Harvard medical scientists, Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD, CoolSculpting technology was born of the observation that some children got dimples due to eating popsicles.
The idea that cold can selectively affect fat cells was the insights behind Cryolipolysis, the proven science on which CoolSculpting was based.
Cyrolipolysis happens when the fat cells are being frozen and crystallized from 4°C to 7°C, causing it to go into cell programmed death (known as apoptosis), without hurting other tissues.
Since it is a natural process, CoolSculpting takes from 3 to 12 weeks to see results.
It is medically safe and will not cause any harm to the liver or kidneys, neither will it cause the cholesterol levels to go up.

BELOW: My measurements BEFORE and AFTER ONE Coolsculpting procedure.

Rebecca Saw 1


Rebecca Saw 2

As you can see, I experienced really positive results. I lost an average of 3cm on each thighs (inner) and 1cm on the lower thighs.

Rebecca Saw 3

Now that’s AFTER 2.5 months.
But what happens DURING the 2.5 months? Was there any pain? Bruising? Discomfort?

BELOW: Picture taken 5th of January 2014 (5 days after the treatment).
Right after the treatment the treated part was numb. But during the massage it was painful. Fortunately the pain went away after 15 minutes.
A few days later I noticed bruising and thus I took pictures to monitor my progress.


I got bruises on my leg and right leg. However in the first week (5th Jan 2014) it was only on the left inner and outer thighs. The right leg didn’t have any marks.

REVIEW Coolsculpting by Clique Clinic - Before and after pictures of Rebecca Saw-001

REVIEW Coolsculpting by Clique Clinic - Before and after pictures of Rebecca Saw-002

REVIEW Coolsculpting by Clique Clinic - Before and after pictures of Rebecca Saw

REVIEW Coolsculpting by Clique Clinic - Before and after pictures of Rebecca Saw-003

Then on 21st of January (3 weeks after the treatment), the bruise spread and the treated parts were actually painful. The pain was like a bruised kind of pain (still bearable), but fortunately not the type of pain from wounds/cuts/accident.

Left inner thigh:

REVIEW - Coolsculpting by Clique Clinic - Before and after results of Rebecca Saw

Right inner thigh (there wasn’t a bruise there before but now there is).

REVIEW - Coolsculpting by Clique Clinic - Before and after results of Rebecca Saw-001

Left outer thigh: (bruised faded from before – refer picture above )

REVIEW - Coolsculpting by Clique Clinic - Before and after results of Rebecca Saw-003

Right outer thigh : Bruise seen, which wasn’t there before.

REVIEW - Coolsculpting by Clique Clinic - Before and after results of Rebecca Saw-002

In conclusion, the results are DIFFERENT based on individuals. I was told there were some who didn’t have any bruising or pain at all while some are like me, delayed bruising and a bit of pain.
The pain in those parts lasted for about 1.5 months before it eventually faded away. Depending on your level of tolerance, the pain shouldn’t affect the appetite, your capability to walk or move about (dance, run, cycle, etc).
I went about my exercise routine as usual but I did stop running for a while as the inner thighs brushed against each other when I jog.

Last but not least, I’m going to talk about MANAGING EXPECTATIONS.

Now, I work out and I follow a fairly healthy diet so I was a very good candidate for this procedure. This procedure works better hand-in-hand with a disciplined workout regime and a balanced diet.
This is NOT for anyone who is looking for easy weight loss.
Typically you can reduce the area you treat by 30 percent, NOT the whole piece of flab. So grab your fat roll and picture it about a third smaller. Now, it really isn’t a big difference right?

Coolsculpting in Kuala Lumpur - Clique Clinic, PJ - REVIEW

Do note also that all of this is a slow gradual thing and it takes up to three (3) months to see the full results, so go home after a session thinking you see a difference the very next day.
As you can see from the BEFORE and AFTER chart, it’s not major but probably exactly what they say, about 30% percent.
If you are looking for dramatic change than this probably isn’t for you, unless you repeat Coolsculpting on the same part again and again.

Rebecca Saw 3
So yes, I just would just like to stress that the results are subtle.
Mine was overall pretty noticeable to some close friends and of course, myself. The way my tight pants fit better and appeared less “bulgy” was enough satisfaction for me.
Personally, though it was just a slight change I’m ABSOLUTELY ecstatic that there is finally a safe, low pain/no pain, guaranteed procedure in the market that could SPOT REDUCE certain parts of the body.

The whole procedure allows me to SCULPT my body to how I want it besides encouraging me to watch what I eat and it had made me scrutinise my workouts like never before.
Thanks to Coolsculpting, it has taken my body to a level that hasn’t been possible with just diet and working out.
For some it is a slight difference but that slight change really makes me happy!
So YES I am pleased I did it and I’m considering another procedure on the same parts to reduce it further.
I’m also going on a stricter diet (I have stopped many of my food reviews & started cooking) and re-examined my workouts. I decided to stop (BodyPump) and RPM (studio cycling); picking up Yoga, Dance and TRX instead. These new workouts are pushing me to work on parts of my body and mind that have since gone into sleep.
The best part about having a gym membership in Celebrity Fitness is that I didn’t have to change training venues or pay additional for classes. I just have to switch my timing to join the classes I want. 🙂



I hope I have helped someone make a decision about Coolsculpting and I would be happy to answer any questions if you post one. 🙂  CoolSculpting in Malaysia has received approval from fitness experts and has seen a rising curve in terms of popularity.
Get more information from the address provided below.

Clique Clinic
4, Jalan 19/36
46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Phone 03-7960 1211
Email [email protected]

Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

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  1. Caroline

    Im so tempted with this procedure now. But god lord, the priceeeeee

  2. Janet

    Wow the results are very positive. So when is your next session?

  3. Veron

    Good luck girl. I think you’re fit enough, but looks like you’re just getting hotter!

  4. Cammy Lim

    I want Coolsculpting on my flabby arms because I’m fed up of hiding my arms, I want to get my arms in shape and wear tank tops.

  5. lee wai yin

    I want Coolsculpting on my waist line because I want ‘pear’ shape body !!

  6. marmar

    Thanks for posting this. Great pictures and measurements are very helpful.

  7. Zafira

    I want Coolsculpting for my thighs and buttocks because i need the extra push to start practicing a healthier lifestyle, with sexier legs, I would mind jogging around the neighborhood.

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  9. Renee

    Very informative! How I wish I could coolsculpt my flabby arms and abdomen.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yes you can. Maybe you could visit for a demo? 🙂

  10. Nigel

    how much would it cost? could you please share an indicative price for treatment? packages etc?

  11. Stacey

    Did you ever end up doing it again in the same area? I know that they recommend doing it twice to get the best results. I am definitely considering it.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Once is enough if you managed to achieve the shape you desire but usually twice especially the thighs as that area could be stubborn 😀
      I hope to see you achieve great results too Stacey! Go go go get a consultation.
      It takes time to see results so do it this month and see a trimmer you in April! 😀
      Do take care of the diet and make sure you do a bit of exercise as well 🙂

  12. Jennifer Miller

    This was the best thing I ever tried! Coolsculpting allowed me to get my body back and trim my waist. I attended my consultation, got my schedule and within the first two treatments I noticed that my waistline looked slimmer! My friend begged me to tell what new diet I was on and they loved that this was a no-down time and approved way to get rid of the fat that I had struggled with. It was so amazing and definitely worth every cent!

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