Restoran Tuck Cheong @ Pudu, KL – Cheap & delicious Dim Sum!

This my favourite dim sum joint!  🙂

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-011

Yes, it was challenging for a foodie to pinpoint one joint, but this is it.
The reasons are apparent. It’s cheap, it’s tasty and it’s delicious old school dim sum. Everything is made in-house in accordance with generations old recipes.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-024

I reckon the people running the place the place are the owners themselves, or perhaps descendants of the founders. Thus you’re spared the pain of dealing with blur foreign workers and as an additional plus point, the selection of dim sum here adhere to a certain level of consistency as the owners takes pride in their products.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-023

Fret not though, it’s not so old fashioned til there’s only boring siew mai and har kau. Slight innovative twists to the selection of dim sum are present, starting with the fish paste beancurd wrapped broccoli. It’s a nice spin from the traditional yes? 🙂

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-001

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-005

This place was recommended by a fussier foodie than myself; Leon and if he had no problems with the food, it should please just about everyone else in KL. LOL.
Anyhow when you see a crowd like this, with majority of them old citizens who obviously knows their food, you’ll be convinced of Tuck Cheong’s quality of dim sum too!

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-025

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-006

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, Tuck Cheong serves a special pork ribs and steamed chicken rice. Come by 8am or risk being disappointed by the reply “sold out!“.

I lost the receipts, but each bowl is about +- RM5 . Overall, the dim sum here is pretty cheap, with each portion at about RM2 – RM5.

Left: Pork Ribs Rice. Right: Steamed Chicken Rice.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum.28

The tender braised pork ribs and its accompaning piquant gravy was good enough to be a one-dish meal.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum.14

I pushed away the ribs on top to dig into the rice, moisten with the aromatic gravy of Chinese tau cheong (salted bean paste), chillies and other secret blend of ingredients.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum.08

The Chicken Rice was better in my books. Tenderised with corn flour, this was alike a mini Claypot Chicken Rice.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum.43

The little bowl was not mini with ingredients for sure; as each bowl came with a whole drumstick plus Chinese mushrooms and waxed sausages. Such a steal for the price paid! This would have set you back at least RM15+ in an upmarket Chinese restaurant.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum.10
On another visit, we ordered the pork ribs and chicken rice again. As you can see below, the portions were pretty consistent. I’ll confidently vouch for the taste too.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-012

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-010<

No dim sum meal is complete without my perennial favourite; the Char Siew Pau.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-016

I’m always wary of such traditional dim sum joints as they tend to overdo the fatty bits. To the old folks, the fattier the better! Thankfully the char siew pau here had a balanced ratio of lean meat to fat, and the gravy wasn’t overly oily or sweet too. Nice!

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-004

The  Big Pau (Tai Pau) was chock-full of ingredients, taking the record for the best Tai Pau I had so far. Lean pork, mushrooms, waxed sausages, chicken, turnips and egg were spilling out from the bun.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-020

But being a typical traditional joint, the skin of the buns can be a bit on the compact side. Most of us prefer our paos fluffy; a trait more commonly found in posher restaurants and hotels.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-017

A typical meal for 2 as below would set you back for less than RM15.
restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-007

In my experience, if the dim sum is cheap, then it’s likely that the quality suffers. For example; more fatty bits in compensation for lean pork, more dough than fillings for the paus, etc.
That wasn’t the case here though. The dim sum here are meaty, delicious and fresh.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum.37-001

Same goes for the pork ribs.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum

The fish paste was smooth and springy.

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-015

restoran tuck cheong, pudu kl - dim sum-018

The only problem? You have to be early as business is very brisk. For me, I can visit only one in a while, as Pudu is considered far for me. Unless someone picks me up & drive me there and back!  😉

Restoran Tuck Cheong @ Pudu, KL
End of Jalan Kancil, Pudu, KL, facing a very rundown, old Kompleks Ruby. Behind Maybank.

Hours: 5.30 a.m. Mostly packed by 7.15 a.m. Almost everything is self service.
UPDATE: I was here again on 23rd Dec 2012. We reached at 6am and the shop was open but nothing was ready as yet.
Food was finally and served by 6.45am.

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  1. minchow

    Love the look of this place – old school is gold school! I’m going to make sure to make it over by 7am just for the chicken rice!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes you should! Before you know, development takes over & the owners etc gives up the biz.. It’s a dying trade..

  2. Nikel

    Wah.. 7am.. too early la plus is far from me..

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL! Not too early for me, but definitely too far!

  3. Sean

    ooo, this could be a lunch or teatime place for me someday, i hope! looks like they take their food seriously & work hard to keep their customers satisfied. i’ve actually NEVER tasted any char siew pau that i loved; maybe the one here could be the one for me at last! 😀

    1. Leon De Silva

      They’re open only 0600 till 1000 … By 0900 most of the good stuff will be sold out, especially on weekdays with the office crowd.

      1. rebeccasaw

        Roger that!!
        I can’t communicate my happiness and gratitude enough.. thanks for showing me this place! 😀

    2. rebeccasaw

      Hhmm… I doubt it! Haha..maybe the char siew pau that you’ll finally love is the one I make. heheh.. can’t wait to start pottering round in my new kitchen!

  4. The Yum List

    Cheap and delicious – two words I love to see in the same sentence 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Don’t we all! Hehe.. but only at such old school place can you get such value nowadays.. unfortunately, most new resto/joints now are very profit oriented..

  5. Simple Person

    Nice dim sum….
    Thanx 4 d recommendation…. I been looking 4 dim sum like dis in kl…..
    Jin Xuan dim sum seems lost its touch n too many ppl..

    1. rebeccasaw

      Trust me, Hong Kee and Jin Xuan has really declined now.

  6. Michelle chin

    I usually do dim sum at 12pm. 7am is time for milo. 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      HAha.. at least you’re up! I know people who wakes up just in time for lunch!

  7. Caroline

    uwaaa so far! but definitely gonna give it a try! 😀

  8. HCS

    This is a good heads up. I’ll definitely go there yum cha

  9. ulric

    Ooo…traditional n old-fashioned grub is always tummy-warming 😀

    Ermmm…I volunteer as a chauffeur as long as I get to grub here once 🙂

  10. June Tan

    Pork Ribs Rice and Steamed Chicken Rice really yummy… mouth watering.. .. delicious.. saliva dropping.. must try one day =D

    1. rebeccasaw

      It’s good enough to wake up early for~! HEhe..Or at least it is for you!

  11. tristupe

    i ate here once or twice… back when i was still studying as i am there to get some electronics part for projects. 🙂

    Miss Pudu or Pun San Pah.

  12. cathj

    Mmmm… yummy!!! want to try.. 🙂

  13. Daniel

    old school dim sum…definitely must try this weekend.

    1. rebeccasaw

      This weekend? Oh do tell me ÿour opinion yea!

  14. henrytan

    perhaps in KL area, it is counted as cheap! but if compare to penang…… =p
    anyhow, eating dim sum really… nice to eat, but easy pokkai too! haha

    1. rebeccasaw

      All of us could do with some dim-suming now and then!
      Guess why that’s why “dim sum” =”touch the heart” 😀

  15. FiSh

    im interested in the ever healthy broccoli fu chuk roll! indeed creativity lies in there 🙂

    Latest: Happy Dim Sum Garden

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hhehe..yea, I was feeling guilty too! So had to order some veg ;p

  16. connie

    i love you rebecca! cos i love this place too!

    1. rebeccasaw

      HAha, it’s such a hidden gem isn’t it? 🙂

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