Restaurant Jaipur Curry House – Banana Leaf Rice @ TTDI

What do you do on the eve (lunch hour) of Chinese New Year?
Well, eat banana leaf rice of course.

jaipur banana leaf 3

And it seems that most Chinese people had the same idea!
Below: Picture taken at 1130am.

jaipur banana leaf 1

Below: Situation at 1230pm.

jaipur curry house, ttdi-4

While designated members of the families are busy preparing for their reunion dinners, the others congregated at malls, mamaks and Indian shops for their sustenance.

Out of the lack of options, I joined the fray, as I do every year when the CNY festives looms near.

jaipur curry house, ttdi-3

My lunch cost me RM11.50. I asked the fella who calculated it what justified RM11.50.
His reply: Chicken 2 small pieces RM3, drumstick RM4.50 and small rice with 2 small portions of vegetables RM4.

jaipur curry house, ttdi-2

Ah well….
Truth to be told, food wasn’t too bad. I think Devi’s Corner at TTDI (just down the road at the corner from here btw) fares better though.

On another visit we had the banana leaf rice set. The basic (vegetarian set ) comes with rice, 3 types of vegetables and some papadoms.

jaipur banana leaf 3

Not bad for RM5.00/set.
Being typical gluttons we added on a fish (RM5.00) and a small plate of chicken (RM5.00).

jaipur banana leaf 2

jaipur banana leaf 4

The curries, the fish and the chicken were all fresh, moderate on the grease (anyhow Jaipur is south indian, where the culinary style can be a bit heavy on the oil) and the vegetables are not overcooked. Everything here bordered between good and decent.

jaipur banana leaf 5

jaipur curry house, ttdi-1

Last but not least, we washed it all down with some fresh, sour & appetizing rasam.

jaipur banana leaf 6

There was nothing particularly memorable here at Jaipur. I came here as I was trying to avoid the more popular BLR outlets on the eve of a public holiday. But my overall dining experience was above average in terms of quality, service, and pricing. Errmm, ok, maybe not the pricing.  😉

jaipur curry house, ttdi

Restaurant Jaipur Curry House
32, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000,
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.
Tel. No: 03-77282955

All pictures taken with:

Samsung NX11

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  1. Sean

    Gosh, it’s like all food is expensive these days. I guess the economical option really seems to be: buy food from tesco and cook sendiri, rite. ok, I need to learn how to cook, just in case! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahaa yes.. but your meals are pricier than my BLR anyways!
      Oh u cook? I think u’ll make a very good chef! 😛 Cos u know how exactly u wan your food to taste!

  2. June Tan

    Been to this shop also .. sometimes full with people.. need to wait as well. These days eat in curry house not cheap.. more like they earned more.. hhhmmm… food not bad i would say overed price.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yups, I guess this is better over Kanna’s right? LOL

  3. KLLite

    The food may be good but the service dished out by the plump Indian guy behind the cook is really horrendous ,bordering “reverse apartheid”. I am a resident of TTDI and a regular to the rest. Every time I will order to “ta pau” for my kids. I noticed each time when I order, other customers who turned up after me being served first despite my order came earlier. I choose to control my anger until last week on Thaipusam day.On that day I was the first to turn up to order at around 8.00am in the morning and ordered 4 roti telur and 2 roti canai. The cook prepared my order and put in in the tray. Subsequently there were 4 non-Chinese customers turned up to order. To my dismay, the 4 customers were served first by this plump Indian guy leaving me the last . I was really furious and gave him a piece of my mind. In all my 46 years living in Malaysia and I never felt so discriminated until this incident. The plump Indian guy is a racist p@#$*h and I promised myself I won’t patronise this restaurant again, no matter how good the food is.

    1. rebeccasaw

      OH my.. I’m so sorry to hear that though Í’m not surprised. Yea, I agree. If you do experience such cr*p, pls do tell them off! And if I were you, i wont patronise them again either!

  4. Satish

    The service is just getting worse everyday. The staffs are rude and the boss… hhmm 2 x 5 only. I’ve realized the food quality and specially the service has gone down the drain. Don’t waste your time going here, i’ll personally recommend the new Curry Leaf Restaurant in Uptown. Better than this shitty place any point of time.

  5. Sharon

    Hey there, just came across your review. Just a tiny little thing. Jaipur is technically the largest city and capital of Rajashtan which is in the Northern India. So, it’s basically Northern Indian not South as you mentioned. Btw, your food reviews are really good. Good day 😉

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Sharon thanks for the info!
      I’ve not explored india at all and there’s so much more for me to learn about its culture and cuisines.. but the Jaipur restaurant – have you been there?
      It’s very banana leaf based food – and didn’t seem Northern at all.
      But of cos I could be mistaken.
      Maybe I’ll drop in again and ask the staff 🙂

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