Renoma Cafe Gallery – Recommended : Hanger Steak, Wagyu Ribeye & Pannacotta!

UPDATE: Do not miss the Sunday Brunch at Renoma Cafe Gallery here! Pictures and reviews –> RM85++ Eat All You Can Ala-Carte Buffet

I have heard a lot about this place. Even at renovation stages my friend Alven was telling me about this fabulous dining outlet that’s due to open soon.

renoma cafe gallery - KL (35)

renoma cafe gallery - KL (32)

The grand launch came and gone. Then the flurry of blogposts online and the gorgeous FB pictures from the chef on my FB wall roused my curiosity further. Renoma Cafe Gallery remained at the back of my mind but there never seem to be time!

renoma cafe gallery - KL (10)

Finally about 2 weeks back I stepped in for a meal. And I wished I had visited much much earlier! Food was fabulous; both quality and flavours-wise, portion were generous and the menu extensive. I was impressed.

renoma cafe gallery - KL (26)

So much so that I’m heading there again this Sunday (yes, that’s tomorrow!) for their newly launched Brunch buffet.
The RM85++ Eat All You Can Sunday Brunch is almost similar to their current main menu. You will get sea urchin, foie gras, steaks, scallops, soft shelled crabs and more; all in tasting portions of course.
Food would be served ala-carte, prepared only upon order. I’m thrilled just looking at the menu and the variety!

RCG- Brunch Menu#1_1

The challenge? To sample every single dish! Llet’s see if I could ok? :DD

RCG- Brunch Menu#1_2

RCG- Brunch Menu#1_3

What do you think of the menu? All that for RM85++. Stay tuned for my review alright?

Backtracking to my first visit, we sampled the dinner menu and had a good idea of Chef Alven’s prowess in the kitchen.
Chef Alven fired order for a few of his signatures for my dinner. He had me warmed up with a piping hot chunky mushroom soup; just the way I like it, chunky, fragrant and non-cloyingly creamy. My dining partner of the night has this to add: If there is anything such as an ideal mushroom soup, this would be it. There is a balance in the texture of the soup, runny yet chunky enough to get bits of mushroom to bite on. The addition of a few drops of truffle oil rounds up the earthiness profile of this soup. Runny yet chunky? Think of the Nestum 3in1 drink, but with mushrooms instead of the boring oat inside.

renoma cafe gallery - KL (15)

Appetite awaken and stomach sufficient warmed up, the Cured Muscovy Duck Breast Salad greeted us with the colours of summer. Now, this is how a solid salad should be.

renoma cafe gallery - KL (16)

At first glance the only thing attractive was the smoked duck breast. Oh, blame our hardcore carnivorous appetites. Greens will always be secondary. 🙂

But once we got past the savoury Muscovy (Kevin likens it to duck bacon gum; pleasantly chewy and big on flavour), the salad was truly a masterpiece. Breaking the creamy yolk and dipping my beef steak and heirloom tomatoes into it as well as sweeping the bowl to coat my greens with the ginger torch vinaigrette dressing, I silently applauded Chef Alven for his ingenuity.
Ginger torch in vinaigrette. Who would have thought? Subtle but distinctive, the aromatic, floral, grassy fragrance with citrus notes did wonders to an otherwise ordinary salad.

renoma cafe gallery - KL (17)

renoma cafe gallery - KL (18)

But enough of foreplay.
I asked for my Foie Gras Burger; the very reason I was attracted to Renoma Cafe after seeing a picture of it online.

renoma cafe gallery - KL (21)

And it didn’t disappoint.
For starters, it was huge. And there is substantial foie gras in it to justify it’s price. First thought of burger with foie gras is that the foie gras would be stacked on top of the beef patty (remember my RM128++ Foie Gras burger at PRIME?), but placing the foie gras as the core of the patty is brilliant. While the beef patty is juicy enough, the foie gras adds creamy richness to the mouthfeel.
Be sure to request for the patty to be done medium rare please!

renoma cafe gallery - KL (23)

Knowing my affinity for meat, Chef made sure I sampled Renoma Cafe’s Wagyu Rib Eye. Cooked medium rare, this piece of Wagyu rib eye was stellar.
For a first choice cut of Wagyu beef, I’m of the opinion that the only seasoning required is just salt and pepper to let the meat speak for itself. Anything more would be defiling the meat, and wasting the effort all the way from the farm to the plate.
My rib eye was rich and bold in flavours from the first bite and lasting after the swallow.

The other components on the plate are not to be ignored as well, as there are vegetables that are in season and hard to find locally. The mashed potato may seem common, but prepared French style, it’s creamy and rich enough to stand on its own.

renoma cafe gallery - KL (19)

renoma cafe gallery - KL (20)

Seeing how we enjoyed the rib eye, Chef Alven served us another of his pride dish; the Hanger Steak aka Butcher’s Cut. Originally this piece of meat was usually reserved by butchers for themselves, hence the name and it being nearly unheard of for us common folk.
But this trade secret, if properly prepared, it has this texture which is chewy, but releases flavourful juices with every chew until the swallow.

renoma cafe gallery - KL (25)

renoma cafe gallery - KL (27)

Sated and all carnviourous cravings satisfied, we were served Panna Cotta and a Pavlova; some sweets to wash away the blood and gore in our mouth.

renoma cafe gallery - KL (29)

I’m not particularly fond of Panna Cotta nor Pavlova. But the Panna Cotta surprised me. While ordinary looking at first, the panna cotta was ambrosial from the first scoop.

The taste of vanilla was present, yet perfectly well balanced. However, I detected a slight tanginess to it, faint but distinct which made me curious. It did took us about half the serving to find out what contributed to that aftertaste. And for the record, even the Chef Alven himself tried to help us identify the taste; as this was made by his pastry chef.

*Spoiler Alert*: There was some yogurt in this, which gives that tanginess and the WOW factor.

renoma cafe gallery - KL (30)

The copious amount of fruits on this was great but that’s all there is to praise about it. The meringue was exposed to moisture which made it lose its crispiness, making it akin to eating dense cotton candy. The selection of the berries and some passion fruit puree drizzle worked well together giving it a nice balance to this dish.

renoma cafe gallery - KL (31)


Duck Muscovy Salad = RM26
Rib Eye 220GM = RM128
Hanger Steak = RM52 (Only available Lunch Bistro Menu)
Mushroom Soup =RM18
Panna Cotta =RM16
Pavlova =RM14
Renoma Classic Burger =RM58

With that, dinner was done. Right now, I’m less than 24 hours away from indulging in their Sunday Brunch and I can’t wait! Anyone wants to join me? 🙂

Renoma Cafe Gallery
Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-2143 9919

Renoma cafe gallery MAP

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    Too far at such short notice darling. Happy New Year 🙂

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    Amazing pics. I’m drooling over my screen now!

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      Ohhh it would have been fun to brunch with you Sean! Darn! Wished that had happened!

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    Could I join you next time?

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    Went with my other half, had a fabulous dinner. Thks for the review!

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