Relaxed and well at Ambong-Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat – my holiday in Langkawi

You have watched the video, seen me kneaded like a dough and coddled like a princess at Ishan Spa and now let me continue the tale of my stay here at Ambong-Ambong, a holiday retreat tucked away in green and hilly terrain in Langkawi

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review

Ambong Ambong, an exclusive, boutique-sized retreat, with just 11 rooms, or rather ‘villas’ since each is a full sized suite complete with kitchen and balcony perched on the hill, is a nature’s haven.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-064

Fret not if you need the beach and the sea, I hear you, after all you’re on an island.
Walk down the hill and cross the road and discover a clean quiet stretch of sand and water just barely 5 minutes from your suite.

The sunsets are gorgeous, but a morning jog on the beach is reinvigorating too; soft sand, cool breeze and crisp air.

sunset at langkawi - ambong-ambong resort-008

sunset at langkawi - ambong-ambong resort-003

For my short stay I managed to squeeze in an evening and a morning jog, which worked wonders for my stress levels.

sunset at langkawi - ambong-ambong resort-009

sunset at langkawi - ambong-ambong resort-005

sunset at langkawi - ambong-ambong resort-006

The rest of the time, I relaxed in my suite. At Ambong-Ambong, you can do what you want, whenever you wish.
Breakfast, a continental set of homemade breads, fruits, butter/jam/honey, yogurt, milk, muesli, some local kuih, fresh juice (really, it’s too much for even 2 pax!) is sent to your room each evening and you can have it at your leisure the next day.
The pool is open during daytime (no lifeguard) and WIFI is complimentary and accessible throughout the whole resort.

ambong ambong langkawi - REview (2)

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-054

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-056

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-055

The suite comes with a nice big fridge, which was where the breakfast is kept til the next day. I was already helping myself to the bread, yogurt, kuih and juice as soon as the basket was sent to my suite but I did remember to save some for breakfast! 🙂
The canned drinks you see below are also for guests’ consumption at no additional charge. If you need ice for your liquor party or beers, make your own as this fridge includes a freezer compartment.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-057

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-016

Toaster, microwave, French Press for coffee, electric jug, crockery set, coffee and tea sachets. Short of a full stove, this is almost a complete kitchen! Just as I had noted in my video, this is a home away from home.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-013

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-019

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-021

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-022

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-023

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-024

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-014

Worried about mozzies? That’s taken care of too.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-020

The unit I was hosted in is The Studio.
The Studios are 46m2 in size, en-suite with bathrooms and shower, the kitchen as you have seen above, fully air-conditioned plus a ceiling fan, balcony, TV, DVD player.
There are 6 units of these studios, which can come with 1 king bed or 2 super singles and are suitable for 2 guests.

rebecca saw - ambong ambong langkawi

The Suite is warmly welcoming from the moment you walk inside; the simplicity of its design and the calming nature of its space and furnishing portray a rustic charm.

The size of the one-bedroom suite is impressive with cool hill breezes making their way inside each room if you keep the balcony doors or kitchen windows open. However, I was warned of moneys so I kept them shut. Still, the whole suite was airy and bright; just the way I like my dwellings.
In fact it was breezy most of the time, and a fan on low speed chilled the room just nicely.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-027

Like the rest of the resort, the décor errs on the simple side with warm lighting casting a mellow character.  The number of windows throughout allowed the sunlight to light the suite, filling it with warmth and introducing me to the beautiful weather I’d experienced during my stay.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-029

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-030

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-031

The separate living area along with kitchen and mini-fridge provided ample space, making it feel more homey than a conventional hotel room. The wardrobe could probably fit Paris Hilton’s summer wardrobe, large as it is.
In the bathroom, 1 separated shower room , 1 toilet and a big vanity area makes for a comfortable personal grooming space.
Outdoors, the balcony featured a table and chair; great for reading, writing, or just viewing out onto the hillside and further to that the sea.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-039

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-041

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-042

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-046

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-047

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-049

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-006

Power sockets even outside at the balcony.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-007

rebecca saw - review - ambong ambong langkawi

The view.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-063

Other little touches that makes your stay complete – umbrellas, safe, iron, slippers, full bathroom amenities except toothbrush/toothpaste, face, hand, body and pool towels, power sockets near the TV, beside the bed, table and chairs in the suite plus a lounge chair and reading lights at a corner; it just reinforced Ambong-Ambong’s desire to create a stay that is filled with conveniences for its visitors.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-043

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-051

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-052

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-038

I love a good hike up the small incline of the hill for glutes and legs workout but should you be so “chilled” that you want to be using as little energy as possible, the buggy or a van is at your disposal via calling a saved number on your Nokia phone, a unit that would be passed to you upon check-in.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-065

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-070

The Philosophy:
For 2 brothers who spent their childhood holidays in Langkawi and practically grew up here, Ambong-Ambong is their brainchild of sharing “their” Langkawi with visitors. To minimize the impact of the retreat on the forest and environment, the cottages are built around existing trees and the steep terrain. Hence, each very in design and layout. Materials used for the accommodation units are lightweight, robust and advanced materials with insulating properties to keep the indoor temperature stable and reduces reliance on air-conditioning.
The resort is currently working towards zero waste water discharge and had so far achieved 80% reusable water within the retreat.

ambong ambong langkawi - REview (1)

My stay was too short, but I’m glad I had a good break in a retreat where the owners are environmentalists and cared more for the habitat that their pockets. No doubt the rates aren’t budget level but hey this isn’t a budget hostel.

For the harried, hassled and stressed, they will love the serenity of Ambong-Ambong, a retreat secluded but not isolated, a mere 10 minutes drive from the happening Cenang area where pubs, restaurants and other tourist attractions.
With such a pristine environment around it, Ambong Ambong has all the natural advantages of a wellness retreat, which it is.

Ambong - ambong Langkawi - Resort Review-071

There are 3 categories of accommodation here at Ambong-Ambong – The Cottages, The Studios and The Suites, priced at RM1195, RM685 and RM980 respectively.
Prices are valid until Dec 2014.
Do get in contact to check on availability and best rates.

Yoga, Spa and Nature Retreats:
There is a yoga deck at the poolside where classes are conducted and the Ishan Spa downhill from the resort offers body and foot massages, eye massage and mask and ayurvedic hair treatments.  
Ayurveda,  the Indian traditional healing using herbal therapies, is also available at Ishan. Video consultations with an Ayurvedic doctor from the reputable Jiva Ayurveda in India can be arranged here, a first in Langkawi.
Ambong Ambong has put together various packages for its guests. There is the Yoga & Nature Retreat (3D/2N Friday to Sunday) that includes massages, yoga and Mangrove Boat Tour.
The Nature Retreat (5D/4N Thursday to Monday) has a more comprehensive programme, but also includes the Mangrove Boat Tour. The Yoga & Ayurvedic Retreat (3D/2N) offers a video consultation with the ayurvedic doctor in India, treatment, yoga and an ayurvedic cooking class.

Here’s the video again if you haven’t watched it. Please do. Video depicts the space, layout and vibe of a place much better than pictures will ever do. 🙂

Ambong Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat
Jalan Pantai Tengah, 0700 Langkawi, Kedah.

Tel: +60 (0) 4955 8428, Fax: +60 (0) 4955 5585.
Email: [email protected],

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  1. Veron

    Ohhh this is definitely something unique in Langkawi!

  2. great pics of the seaside, especially the ravishing sunsets/sunrises that you’ve captured so beautifully 😀

  3. Christian

    A real nice romantic getaway! Wonderful to have breakfast delivered too 😉

  4. Mabel

    It’s been 5 years since my last visit, definitely it’s high time for my next trip over. May just check in to Ambong-ambong. Hehe!

  5. Jeen

    So this was the lovely Langkawi retreat you told me about.
    It does looks as lovely as you had said. Thanks for the tip Becky. Time to give Danai a rest and shift our getaway nest here instead. Take care while driving back KL today!

  6. Greg

    Relaxed and well indeed. This retreat is on the top of my list for Langkawi now. I have actually stayed at most.
    Thanks for the video, I know exactly what I’m getting.

  7. daniel

    Langkawi. A suite. A big fridge. Fill it with beers. It’s a rocking weekend!

  8. cheng cheng

    Wonderful writeup, great details. Always enjoyed reading your blog. And I plan to check out their FB for the yoga packages.

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