Rekindle Cafe, SS2 – coffee and cakes and a great place to chill

This cafe runs on Love & Coffee and some tea“.
That’s the tagline across its FB page banner for Rekindle Cafe.

Rekindle Cafe, SS2 - coffee and cakes

I was there over the weekend for a cuppa with friends and I can certainly attest to that. Upon entering I noticed the lovely quaint decor and the beanie corner. My feet rested on the old sewing machine pedal under the table where we sat. I pressed on it and it actually moved! Then I notice that all the tables are similarly designed.
Looking out I noticed the hanging bicycle, the exposed brick which lends the place a cottage feel and with the Christmas season approaching, colourful Christmas decorative pieces hung everywhere.

Rekindle Cafe, SS2 - coffee and cakes-001

Rekindle Cafe, SS2 - coffee and cakes 1 2

Rekindle Cafe, SS2 - coffee and cakes-004

Rekindle Cafe, SS2 - coffee and cakes-003

Rekindle Cafe, SS2 - coffee and cakes-008

A cheerful barista at the counter greeted me and asked if I’m ready to order. I was surprised at her chirpiness and warm smile. Wow, someone is actually happy at work! I felt welcomed instantly and had a feeling that this cuppa session would be different from my usual.
As I walked over I eyed the selection of cakes and thought they are looked quite promising. After deliberation , I settled for a carrot cake over the peanut butter chocolate.
I was convinced enough to order a hot chocolate after speaking to Jason, which at that point I wasn’t aware that he’s the owner. He was friendly, and gave me a good impression from our short conversation of the type of chocolate blend he uses for his hot chocolate here. Van Houten cocoa and Coatina may not be what I would usually prefer, but the hot chocolate turned out satisfactorily pleasant.

Rekindle Cafe, SS2 - coffee and cakes-002

Rekindle Cafe, SS2 - coffee and cakes-005

SL loved her soy latte and was happy enough to declare that she’ll be a regular customer soon. Josh took a sip of his piccolo latte and immediately said he’s going to order a second cuppa. I sipped my hot chocolate contentedly and enjoyed my carrot cake which was very wholesome, nicely moist and non-greasy.

Rekindle Cafe, SS2 - coffee and cakes 11

Since the service, place and most importantly the coffee left such an impression on us, I decided to call upon Jason again. At the early hours on a Sunday there wasn’t many customers as yet so he could sit and chit-chat with us.
Being foodies and coffee enthusiasts we had a good conversation and as suspected, Jason is truly passionate about coffee (and basically everything concerning the cafe) and not another slick entrepreneur looking into cashing in on the recent coffee culture boom.
The prices are kept in line with market price and each cuppa (coffee based) are double ristretto shots, not one. Currently he is using a 4 beans blend and he hopes to be able to roast and grind his own beans soon.
He has invested in 2 grinders instead of one just so that he is able to offer more options to his customers; the ones that are coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts and the other who still prefers coffee the old way.

Rekindle Cafe, SS2 - coffee and cakes 1

I left Rekindle Cafe with newfound respect for Jason and eager to spread the word about his cafe. I have met many F & B entrepreneurs, chefs, baristas, etc in recent years and on the few occasions that I’m lucky to get to speak to one that is truly passionate, friendly and genuine, I felt the need to share with my fellow friends and readers.
Jason is one of them.

Rekindle Cafe, SS2 - coffee and cakes-007

Food will be served soon as this cafe is barely 2 weeks old. I’ll certainly be back with my gang for more coffee and cakes. Meanwhile if you know of any baristas looking for a job, Rekindle Cafe is hiring. Help Jason hire fast so he can start serving breakfast and brunch! 🙂

Rekindle Cafe (same row as SaveMart, Free Mori)
Jalan SS2/64, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tue – Thu: 10:30 am – 11:30 pm
Fri – Sat: 10:30 am – 12:30 am
Sun: 10:30 am – 11:30 pm

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  1. Choi Yen

    Glad to hear that the hot chocolate is good as I don’t drink coffee 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      High five! I got gastric so I can drink only in small sips.
      Yeps, other than here, Artisan Roast (if they still use the choc overtures), Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual & MAgenta (if they use the shaved chocolate frm their big choc block – yes they do that last time!) offers good hot choc too! 😀

  2. Marcus

    thats a cool bike
    but puns aside. nice decor.
    the funny tables are.. novelty but i would prefer to be in the Bethlehem-ish area with the wooden pillars. even better reinforced by the beanbags that would be perfect to be totally spineless in
    why is there no one there tough?

  3. marcus

    ok 2 weeks on. i will retell the joke i said cool bike cos its under the aircon and cold air goes downward. thus cool bike,

  4. Liang

    Is the hiring still available even now?:)) I mean they just particularly hire for barista only?

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