Recommended! Weekend Brunch @ Breadfruits, Hartamas – Baked Spanish Eggs, Big Breakfast, Sandwiches

Becky’s 1 Minute Summary:
What: Non-Halal. Casual dining with meticulously prepared recipes based on the organic/ whole food/real food philosophy.
Menu consist of breakfast items, pasta, sandwiches.
What to order here: I didn’t like the pasta I had (just that particular one) but I would give thumbs up to almost everything else I’ve ordered.
Overall experience: 3-4 visits so far and I’m loving the food here! I dined here each time with different company and all of my friends loved it.
Price: Very reasonable. Do keep in mind that MOST ingredients used here are natural (no canned stuff) & sourced from organic farms. It has no additives, no chemicals, no flavourings. So you’re really paying for quality.
Best part of dining here?
Food taste good minus the grease! You can detect the freshness of the ingredients used; for example tangy, bleeding with flavour tomato paste, fluffy yet compact potato cakes, eggs done to the right consistency but not overly buttery/greasy. I could go on, but I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves. 😀


Brunches are the rage for the last one year or so. The packed cafes along Telawi, the long queue outside of Antipodean and the mushrooming cafes around Klang Valley that frying all-day -breakfast and brewing single origins bears no signs of waning.
For between RM15 – RM20 you can expect Eggs Ben, French Toast and Egg Atlantic. Stretch your budget a bit more and enjoy a platter of stir-fry (usually labelled Big Breakfast) with the usual suspects of eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, mushrooms and some beans. More generous outlets might throw in some greens (a tomato maybe?) and a hashbrown.

I have paid such prices at most outlets and came away disappointed. Most are borderline decent, some downright bad but none really satisfying.

As a foodie enquiries of “where’s the best place for XXXX” are common. For brunch, and if you’re not Muslim, then I would recommend Breadfruits.

good brunch breakfast place in KL PJ - breadfruits sri hartamas-002

For ‘all of everything’, the SatisFry Up (RM22.80) described as ” light and satisfying full nutrient breakfast” is pretty spot on.
I readily concurred that it is indeed “satisfry-ing” (satisfying – for those who didn’t get the pun!) for every ingredient was well prepared; from the pork sausage/bacon, eggs (scrambled egg or sunny side up), sauteed mushroom, roasted cherry tomatoes, mash potato, arugula and toast.
This comes with coffee/tea or juice of the day.
I opted for juice of the day and loved it as it was a marvellous blend of fruits, not just some plain OJ or worse, some sugar laden chilled juice. The drink was naturally sweet and thick yet smooth and easy enough to slurp up via the straw.

good brunch breakfast place in KL PJ - breadfruits sri hartamas-004

I requested for substitute of french toast since I couldn’t decide between the French Toast with Bananas and the Big Breakfast.
The french toast served was one slice of thick wholegrain bread lightly smeared with egg and topped with a square of butter. There should be some honey on it too, since I detected sweetness as I bite into the slice. However it wasn’t the ordinary fried french toast and I assumed that could be because they are keeping to the theme of health here.

A generous bunch of arugula and whole cherry tomatoes ensured that this is a indeed healthy, light and satisfying breakfast as promised.
And how would anyone say no to a FAT pork sausage?

good brunch breakfast place in KL PJ - breadfruits sri hartamas-003

My scrambled eggs were good, and so was the mash potato, shaped like our local Malay potato cakes called ‘Begedil’ though no doubt much healthier! I didn’t detect much grease, and it was nicely compact without being too dense. In fact my eggs weren’t heavy on the butter either.
After finishing a whole plate of this I was nicely satiated without any feeling of “heavy” fullness.

On my next visit I ordered a pasta instead since it was past lunchtime. The baked eggs was out and so was the Smoke Salmon Breakfast Platter. So Kevin opted for the SatisFry Up (RM22.80) while I ordered the Chardonnay Tuna Basil Pasta (RM16.80) (Under Luncheon Pasta on the menu).

good brunch breakfast place in KL PJ - breadfruits sri hartamas-007

My pasta dish sounded intriguing since it was described on the menu as “also known as Swiss-French pasta which was an interpretation of the owner’s experience of a similar dish when he was in Geneva, Switzerland“. I asked the man serving me if fresh tuna was used and he said yes.
When my dish was served I saw in dismay it was canned tuna flakes!

good brunch breakfast place in KL PJ - breadfruits sri hartamas-008

It wasn’t bad at all but it just that I had expected fresh tuna so I was a bit peeved. Chunky tuna, fresh basil, capers and Chardonnay wine with white mushrooms did make this dish rather palatable though.

This is Kevin’s SatisFry Up (RM22.80). It is consistent with mine 2 weeks earlier except for the sausage and the toast. His is normal toast while mine was French Toast. But you can’t really tell the difference right?

good brunch breakfast place in KL PJ - breadfruits sri hartamas-006

He had coffee plus we shared an order of Passion Fruit with Wild Honey (RM9.90). I usually steer clear from anything sour due to my gastric issues but this was just mildly sour,  and more sweetish with nice honey undertones.

good brunch breakfast place in KL PJ - breadfruits sri hartamas-005

On another visit I had their very well made Wholesome Spanish Bake Bean (RM16.80). 3 large pieces of back bacon, superb soft and (non-canned) cooked cannellini beans in zestful tomato sauce, a square of cheese and 2 eggs with fresh toast makes for a very pleasurable start to the day.

Breadfruits - good baked eggs in KL

Breadfruits - good baked eggs in KL-001

Other than the food Breadfruits retails top quality fresh fruit and vegetables, a variety of organic dried goods, free-range eggs and honey. This particular honey is pure, unprocessed Wild Malaysian nectar from Pahang.
So swing by for some food and don’t leave without checking out their wares here! 🙂

17, Jalan 26/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6201-0090

830am – 5pm for brunch and open til 9pm for luncheon menu and drinks.

good brunch breakfast place in KL PJ - breadfruits sri hartamas-001

The shop faces this carpark within the Hartamas Square where Aoyama (Japanese restaurant) is.

good brunch breakfast place in KL PJ - breadfruits sri hartamas

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