Rebecca Saw’s Mooncake – Lotus Paste, Bak Kwa (pork jerky), almonds, melon seeds

Gifts of mooncakes are treasured favors we bestow on friends, families and business associates every year.

For 2016, if you are game to try something different, and if you wish to present your loved ones and clients something to remember, these mooncakes are just perfect!

rebecca saw mooncake - pork and nuts mooncake-002

Each handmade (yes, they are handmade!) mooncakes packs a compact filling of lotus paste (not overly sweet, don’t worry), squares of handmade pork jerky (bak kwa), crunchy almonds and ample wintermelon seeds in a non-greasy baked shell.

This creation is my very own as it is made to my specifications so I’m the only seller in the whole world offering this mooncake.

rebecca saw mooncake - pork and nuts mooncake

They are RM25 each and you have the choice of either a box of 2 OR a box of 4.
You can contact me via FB or email ([email protected]) to order these!

The first batch will be ready this week and we are only producing 200 pieces this year. That’s merely 50 boxes of 4 pieces so confirm your orders ASAP ya!

In case you’re wondering, the last day for the mooncake festival for 2016 is 15th September 2016.

To order:
1. Go to
2. On the left side bar, look for “Mooncakes
3. Click on “Mooncakes” and then click “Add
4. Select your quantity, Pick Up (TTDI) or Delivery

Otherwise you can email us ([email protected]) or fb message us on

These handmade mooncakes has no preservatives or coloring and are made fresh to order. Each weights about 180g.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to hear from YOU! 😀

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  1. Sean EDKL

    wow! i’m not a bakkwa fan, but i know a lot of bakkwa fans … the mooncake looks really good! it makes me wish the mooncake reviews i had gone for this year had offered such interesting and creative recipes. am sure all 200 pieces will be snapped up by satisfied customers! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hehehe! Thks Sean!
      Yes I’m pretty confident it will be sold out.
      I thought the exact same way too. In SG the mooncake varieties are amazing while we are still stuck with a lot of lotus paste, or maybe some with teh tarik and some fruit paste. Nothing “wow”!

      I can’t make snowskin ones as that’s more challenging, but baked ones are easier to handle for this year. Maybe next year I’ll be more daring and create snowskin varieties as well! 😀

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