Rebecca’s Table for Four Part IV – Lamb Wellington, Lamb Stew, Chic Cordon Bleu, Banoffee Pie & Salted Caramel Slush!

Here it is! All the yummy food served at my Fourth Installment of Rebecca’s Table for Four.

Amuse Bouche:G-Raped Tofufrom the first Rebecca’s Table for Four.

tofu double-boiled in white wine, with grape sauce

Appetiser: Boxing chicken.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-23

Salad: Especially for me cos I need my fibres! 🙂

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-18

The carbs: Yin Yang Risotto. (so creative no? 1 side is risotto cooked with red wine and the other is dashi stock based ).

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-13

The MAINS: Chicken Cordon Bleu ham & cheese wrapped in chicken thigh!

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-8

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-7

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-9

MAIN: Lamb 2-ways (Wellington / Stew).

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-6

I love both the lamb wellington & lamb stew. The lamb wellington has a layer of bacon & herbs mixture in between the pastry crust and the lamb.
We maintained the lamb at almost rare inside. I love it! Nice and bloody! 😉

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-19

Another cut that’s medium done.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-1

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-5

DESSERTS: Banoffee Tart with Mocha Ganache & Homemade Salted Caramel Slush!! 

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL

I certainly had a wonderful lunch with good food and AWESOME company last Sunday! Thanks Kevin, Eigen, Edwin, Vivian, Kelvin and Pamela for spending Sunday with me at Micasa. It was great fun! 😉

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-2

Our conversation that day varied from the topics of bra designs and sizes…….

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-10

…….to shoes and it’s make……

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-11

..and of course there were a lot of food porn!

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-21

Below: More pictures of cooking action in progress………..

Kevin preparing his amuse bouche..

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-28

Edwin …goofing around with his chicken drumettes..

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-34

Boxing chicken is basically a marinated chicken wing with the meat pushed off the bone and up the end to form a “boxing glove” effect. Edwin marinated his with herbs and orange juice + vodka (yes vodka!) and had it lightly battered prior to deep frying them.


Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-43

The Yin-Yang risotto was cooked separately as both were of different stock -based.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-16

Cooking risotto is hard work; stir, stir, stir and stir…..and let it simmer til al dente.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-17

Setting the yin yang pattern..

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-14

Topping it off with seared scallops.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-26

Chicken Cordon Bleu.


Season lightly with salt & pepper and roll the cheese & ham inside the chicken thigh.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-39

Dip into egg mixture and batter prior to deep frying.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-12

Lamb wellington. See that huge chunk of lamb there??

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-31

Cutting it all up…

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-35

…into sizeable chunks for the wellington. Season simply with some pepper.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-36

Pan fry the bacon with some herbs and seasoning.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-44

Lay the fried bacon mixture on a sheet of pastry….

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-40

…….followed by chunks of lamb.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-41

Roll, wrap it up & brush with butter on top.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-25

Then in it goes into the oven!

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-24

We waited impatiently as the pastry begin to brown and the oven started to emanate the most delicious smell. Ooohhh! 😉

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-22

Take it out and cut into serving sizes. Now you see it……….

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-20

…………now you DON’T!! 😉

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-15

Yummy lamb wellington…

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-4

While all that cooking was going on, this lamb stew was stewing for 3 hours. I would have preferred the lamb stew (or any stews for that matter) to be kept overnight for the flavours to develop. Anyhow, the stew was still pretty good, though I thought that it could do with a little bit more robustness in flavour.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-38

Desserts. Introducing pastry/desserts chef Eigen!

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL-27

Caramelized bananas topped with mocha dark chocolate ganache.


Lovely, creamy and rich. Perfect close to the scrumptious meal.

Table fr four at Micasa Hotel KL

Rebecca’s Table for Four is getting to be a misnomer really, for it is never four pax! I just thought it sounded nice. Maybe I should renamed it to Table for 8 instead. 8 is a nice number of people to host over a cosy intimate lunch no?

Well that’s it for this time! We are getting more and more adventurous with our menus now and taking on more complicated mode of preparations for our dishes. I can’t wait to see what we may came up with next!!

Hhmmm… so what dishes do you think we should attempt next for the 5th Rebecca’s Table for Four/Eight? 😉

Venue was kindly sponsored by Micasa All Suite Hotel. Click for the –VIDEO. I got a superb 2 room deluxe suite with a kitchen!

For more cooking projects:
Check out previous episodes of Rebecca’s Table for Four :
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All pictures are:


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  1. Sean

    Ooh maybe make some sushi in future! 😀
    But ya the lamb Wellington looks very appetizing indeed!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Nope! I have a lot of friends and I actually prefer hosting non-bloggers 🙂

  2. DannyAHM

    Daymn! That was some dinner! 😉 Now I feel hungry! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. wait, when you’re back we go makan!

  3. Kevin

    Gotta apologize first for the hiccup during service cos i can’t start the risotto dish without the red wine. Should’ve brought the wine opener myself… damn…

    1. Wasn’t too pleased with the wellington results, kind of hoped for a better result. Maybe i’ll re-visit this dish in the future. Learned a lot from this attempt.

    2. The lamb stew was watered down a bit as i did not have much lamb stock left, plus i underestimated the amount of vege and meat for the stock. Normally i don’t dilute the liquid used for stew, provided i have enough stock.

    3. How’s the seasoning for the cordon bleu? I’m a bit worried about salty spots. Had to seal the chicken using toothpicks as i don’t have metal skewers like at my dad’s.

    Anyway, doubt i could have pull this off without Edwin (best help i can get) and Eigen (pastry genius).

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh wine openers. Luckily we managed to get one. It’s a hotel after all. But yes, mz be better prep nx time!
      Yup, lamb stew was a tad flat. But Pam liked it !
      Wellington can do with a bit more marinate perhaps? The inner parts were well, juicy yes but (perhaps a less chunkier cut?) …Also, me thinks the pastry needs work .
      Cordon bleu was fine for everyone. Even myself bein low – sodium thought it was yummy!

      Yuppers, you 3 must be together to pull off a meal like this. Next Table For Four you ready? 🙂

      1. Kevin

        For me I’m ok, though gotta see if the others are in…

        Did suggest going eastern next round, but jap is still far ahead at this time… can’t bring myself to just plate some sashimi and teriyaki meat…

      2. Rebecca

        Yup,let’s go eastern. Think you can pull off Korean/Jap? Ur good at meats – do Korean marination of pork+beef+lamb & cook fillets of each & serve in a plate. Jap salads. Kim chi pasta.Hope Eigen can attempt Jap desserts.

      3. Kevin

        Korean / Jap is still quite far at the moment… personally not a big fan of korean food, can’t really understand the flavor profiles. Only thing i’m ok with korean stuff is their instant noodles, so far…

        If jap, i sort of grasp the flavor profiles, just that a lot of practice / r&d is required to make it good and presentable…

        If jap influenced, then might be worth trying at my present level, think might be easier for the rest of us as well…

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