Rebecca’s Table for Four – Part 1: Wine Actually, 100 wines 100 moments

Shaun Lee, of Wine Actually got me at ” I am a strong believer in marketing with a little bit of love, people and social media, & this campaign is probably just a direct manifestation of that” when I opened & read his email last month. A firm believer of the same principle, I was immediately supportive, & but I had to rack my brains for a way to “share ” this wine, since I generally avoid alcohol.

But I can stomach alcohol in food; as well as desserts so this provided the perfect opportunity to launch our monthly cookout idea that myself & cook-aholic friend Kevin has been discussing for months, but never got down to it.

I’ll let the video tell the story, it pretty sums up the whole evening.

White wine: sponsored by
Sometimes chef: Kevin Tan.

Lucky diners: Rebecca Saw, Tian Chad, Keith Chong.

Honestly the video is pretty bad. Well, we did the best we could. Do watch it in expanded form (click the bottom lower right icon). It helps a lot. 😉

Some pictures to save the day:

wine actually

Tofu steamed with white wine…

wine actually - tofu in wine

…which was the Amuse Bouche.

tofu double-boiled in white wine, with grape sauce

The Butternut Pumpkin Risotto with white wine.

WineActually Experience

Pork tenderloin slightly season on the outside with pepper & herbs.

Search results for Wine Actually1

Which turned out beautifully pink & moist inside.

pinkish tenderloin

It was porky-licious with the caramelized onions & sauteed Dutch baby button mushrooms.

pork tenderloin (2)

wine actually - mushrooms

Slicing the pork tenderloin..

wine actually - pork tenderloin 1

Dinner is served…

wine actually - Rebecca Saw

Nom noms!

Rebecca Saw

Table for Four.

Rebecca Saw - Table for Four

Sangria for dessert:

sangria fr dessert

Concept: (as provided by Kevin)
g-RAPE-d tofu: Something that can showcase the extensive use of grapes, while maintaining the balance of flavors. Tofu can absorb any flavor, which works well with the multiple grapes- based liquids of the dish.

Pumpkin risotto: Standard risotto recipes have white wine as one of the ingredients, which was perfect to incorporate the white wine into. The choice of pumpkin risotto also shows progression from more grape (amuse bouche which used grapes juice & wine) to less grape (only wine in this dish) while maintaining the profile of using a lot of produce in the dish. Furthermore, the chicken stock which is generally classified as white stock gives the dish a hearty flavour, but not to overpower the white wine.

Pan-roasted Pork Loin: A white meat protein dish with more earthy flavors achieved using the light herb crust, and the mushroom ragout as the sauce. Kept the seasoning light as not to clash with the white wine, but rather to pair with the dish.

It was a fun dinner 😉 . We hope to do this every month! Any suggestions for the next Table for Four? 😉


This is not a paid advertorial.
Objective is to help get the word out on WineActually & to humour a friend.
All expenses for the dinner is covered by Rebecca Saw except the bottle of white which was complimentary from WineActually.

PS: If you wish to join the next Rebecca’s Table for Four, drop me a comment & we may just choose you to join us. This little project is for fun & is based on both Kevin & my availability. 😉

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  1. Michelle Chin

    Wow tofu steamed in white wine! That is really creative!

    Haha, I don’t imbibe in alcohol too but alcohol is a must for desserts!

    1. rebeccasaw

      I know rite! When he told me he was doing that, I was like “huh?? can ar?”
      Turned out delicious!

    2. Thomas Chai

      Yeap…creative indeed…never thought of it that way

      1. rebeccasaw

        Hahah, Thanks! This is my original idea ;p
        You came to join us durin one of my Table For Four?

      2. Thomas Chai

        Nope I wasn’t there or else you would know 😛

  2. Sean

    Looks like a brilliant dinner, really. And i notice still got lots of wine left over to actually drink! 😀

  3. Kevin

    Guess the next table 4 four event should have more vid, and will be extended to a 5-course meal, hopefully.

    Also, I hope to be able to put up a step-by-step recipe on how to put together the dishes next time.

    1. Rebecca

      Well, ur the chef! You decide!
      And yes, mroe video but but..a lot of work laaa video..

  4. TummyRumble

    I thought pork had to be white inside.. haha.. its the only meat you cannot undercook.. unless you wanna risk contracting taenia solium..

    1. Rebecca

      No idea! it was nice and pink and moist and juicy so I was pretty happy! ;p
      Told ya i wasnt much of a cook! Hehehee

  5. sophia

    I’m not a big wine or alcohol in general person…but wine in food is GOOD! Plus, I don’t get too tipsy. ;-p

    1. Rebecca

      I wanna see you get creative with wine!
      I wonder what you will come up with! hehehe..sure some wacky recipe no? ;p

  6. TianChad

    Ah I still remember the nice dinner that we had =D
    Thanks for the invite and Kevin the cook!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks for the company! Alws nice to have you around!

  7. keith

    sorry about the video. should be more prepared and use better camera to shoot it. given a good amount time, the video can seriously be so much better. 😉
    let me shoot the next one!

    1. Rebecca

      No prob Will!!
      Glad to be of a support! See you soon!

  8. Shaun Lee

    The pork looks so pweeety! And there’s nothing wrong with the video! It looks great!

    1. Rebecca

      Hehe! Thks for the kind words 😉
      You guys should have joined us! Nx round ya!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Sounds like an idea! You know where to get??

  9. rainier

    Rebecca,its impractical to get the molecular kits&ingredients as they dont sell it in small quantity.
    As an example,the algin&calcic powders cost no less than rm400.
    thats without the kit.
    if u guys are keen on it,try pastry pro@classic company.

    Or else try buying some from cilantro,they have those two,but not applying it in the dishes.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Woots! Thanks for the heads up!
      Can’t wait to meet u & pick your brains on food/cooking/baking and all about the hospitality industry!!

  10. cariso

    That tofu dish- how to make? Mind sharing in step/detail?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Sure Cariso! Let me get Kevin to reply you on that ;p
      (I know but he would be able to expain in detail, hahhaha )

      1. Kevin

        it’s simple actually… basically it’s composed of 2 main components: tofu and grape sauce.

        1. For the grape sauce, it’s essentially reduced grape juice. I started with a bunch of grapes, bout half kg, which i made into juice. Can either put it through a juicer or blend then filter (my way), then reduce it over low heat until it gets a bit thick like syrup.

        2. For the tofu, best if you use soft and smooth tofu (can’t remember the brand i used, but it’s almost twice the normal price). What i did was just place in a bowl (glass/ceramic) with some of the white wine and cover with cling film. then i steamed it for bout 20 mins. best if you cut up the tofu a bit first as it’ll increase the surface area, which is important in flavour absorption.
        3. To serve, place a small cube of the tofu on a chinese spoon containing about a tablespoon of the grape sauce. May top with a drop of balsamic if you want. Gives it more acidity, and emphasize more on the “g-Raped” meaning

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