Ramadhan Buffet 2012 : The Mill, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

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Some people asked me, after eating almost 15 Ramadhan buffets in almost all the hotels in KL, which is the best?
It was a imminent question really, one that I foresee to be one of my blog’s FAQ of the year. After all, it’s understandable that most people would want to head over to the best of the best Ramadhan buffet in town.

While JW Marriot was close, it was The Mill, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur that impressed me the most. I won’t say it was 100% perfect (frankly, there are always hits and misses in buffets) but since almost all the sections managed to please my rather fussy palate; I rate this one higher than the rest.

Below: The rather juicy, tender lamb. The best I had so far.

ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (112)

Another reason why I would recommend The Mill at Grand Millennium is for the variety as well. From the lamb to the curries, Japanese and even the desserts, this spread wasn’t only covering the traditional delicacies but boasts of a rather extensive medley of western and Asian cuisine as well.
I trust this is ideal as diners would have more options; and not to mention loads more food to enjoy for the price paid!

Below: I’m loving the scallops!

ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (50)

The Japanese section is one of my favourites for sure. Who says no to fresh sashimi anyways?

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-055

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium1

I liked the Indian section too. The curries was flavourful and the spices has permeated into the seafood/meat of each pot, ensuring a tasty mouthful for every bite.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-011

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-012

This was something unique and I couldn’t get enough of it that evening – but unfortunately couldn’t remember at all what is was! A safe bet is lamb balls.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-013

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-014

These lentils curries are best paired with the crispy crackers or warm Indian flatbreads (naan).

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-017

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-019

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-009

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-018

I do love my curries and once I start, I can’t stop! Here’s the Malay section, where more choices awaits me.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-091

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-092

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-093

Let’s not forget our fibres 🙂

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-094

These are lamb meatballs. I personally helped myself to about 10 🙂

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-095

Another must – the Sup Ekor.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-090

Roti and crackers again…

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-099

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-100

Though I shy away from deep-fried food, these were addictive, thanks to the marinate.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-101

The best were the bouncy, soft squids.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-102

Perfect to pair with the aromatic rice.

ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (28)

It’s a Ramadhan Buffet, so here’s the Malay appetisers and chilli pastes (sambals).

salads - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (122)

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-103

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-104

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-105

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-106

Should you have a Chinese stomach (I do know many friends who does), dim sum, kam heong stir-frys, ubiquitous sweet sour dishes and your typical “chap choy” – mixed vegetables should satisfy.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-026

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-036

ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (33)

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-027

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-028

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-029

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-031

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-034

I’m not very “Chinese”, but I do love a simple steamed fish!

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-035

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-058
Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium

A bit of Japanese influences added zest to the spread. Here’s the lightly battered katsu and there were the all time favourite tempura as well, though not pictured here.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-037

Sweet Japanese potatoes.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-038

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-041

Below: Pink seared beef from the teppanyaki station.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-039

Next, the Western station.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-006

ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (9)

Instead of big chafing dishes, everything here were prepared in small portions and refilled just before each plate is empty. This ensures freshly prepared hot dishes throughout the duration of the buffet.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-021

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-022

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-023

A touch of Italian is available as well. Pizzas are freshly baked on the spot and there’s a live station for the pasta too.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-003

ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (6)

ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (4)

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-126

Grilled items were popular throughout the night.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-040

grilled satay - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (10)

I won’t go into details for the appetisers and cold stations. Take a look yourself! 😀

beef - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (57)

appetisers - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (56)

a salad malay - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (54)

a salad - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (49)

a - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (55)

a - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (52)

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-050

Fancy making your own pie tees?

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-056

Now here’s my favourite part. DESSERTS!

cakes - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (122)-005

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-086

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-087

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-084

Chocolate fountain are a common sight at buffet nowadays. I remember how back then it was a rarity and considered a premium for buffets.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-060

Speaking of chocolate, here’s the chocolate souffle. It looked deceivingly like a chocolate molten/lava cake thus some of us were disappointed that there were no liquid chocolate oozing out. But hey, read the label, it’s a souffle!

choc - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (64)

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-064

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-067

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-068

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-080

Mango and cheesecakes.

cakes - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (122)-007

cakes - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (122)

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-083

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-119

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-078

cakes - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (122)-006

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium2

Other than ais kacang, chinese soupy desserts like this were freshly brewed.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-059

Let’s not forget the Malay/Nyonya favourites.

cakes - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (122)-004

Sometimes overlooked, but dates are an integral part of Ramadhan.

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-114

cakes - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (122)-002

cakes - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (122)-003

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-065

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-069

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-071

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-076

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-077

Simple fried bananas goes great with ice cream!

cakes - ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (122)-001

ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (123)


Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-063

So yes, head over to The Mill Cafe in Grand Millennium Hotel if you’re looking for a good spread of both kampung and international fare in ONE buffet!

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-120

Date:   17 July 2012 – 18 August 2012

Time:   Buffet Dinner (Monday – Sunday) 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Venue:The Mill Café, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur.
Price:   Buffet Dinner RM98.00++ per person

For reservations, please call +60 3 2117 4163/4164 or email [email protected].

Ramadhan Buffet Grand Millenium-122


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These are for last year Ramadan’s.
I’m running the Becky’s 30 Days 30 Giveaways and for coming days it will be mostly Ramadan buffets for 2 pax. So do visit my page RebeccaSawBlog FB here and stay tuned for the announcement. 🙂

Here’s the round-up for 2012 Ramadan Buffets. I’ll include the links once I published the posts this week. I’m trying to write as fast as I can! 🙂

1. Ramadhan Buffet at Melting Pot Cafe, Concorde Hotel, KL
2. Ramadhan Buffet at Soi 23, Pacific Regency, KL
3. Ramadhan Buffet at Fuzion, Sunway Spa and Resorts
4. Ramadhan Buffet at Checkers Cafe, Dorsett Regency, KL
5. Ramadhan Buffet at Flavors, Swiss Garden Hotel, Pudu KL
6. Ramadhan Buffet at Cinnamon Coffee House, One World Hotel
7. Ramadhan Buffet at Kitchen Art Brasserie, Empire Hotel Subang
8.  Ramadhan Buffet at The Mill, Grand Millenium Hotel, KL
9.  Ramadhan Buffet at JW Marriot, KL
10.Ramadhan Buffet at La Maison, Silka Maytower Hotel & Serviced Residences
11. Ramadhan Buffet at Paya Serai, Hilton PJ
12. Ramadhan Buffet at Utara Coffee House, Armada Hot

13. Ramadhan Buffet at Serena Brasseria, InterContinental Hotel, KL

14. there’s more for sure… let me eat first and I’ll update! 🙂


Leave me a comment if you have any enquiries on Ramadhan Buffets this year ok? 🙂

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  1. Sean

    OK, the first week of ramadan is almost over, and i haven’t had any ramadan buffets yet. i’m missing out on lots of lamb, lots of lemang 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh.. no Ramadhan bazaars near your place? Well, you’re not missing much, sicne there are about 18 days more to go! Hehehe..

  2. Cindy Tong

    wow that is a lot to choose from..i’ve never tried lamb ball mmpphh..

    1. rebeccasaw

      Aiyo, not hard to get lamb meatballs right? Heheheh…
      Or go try a lamb burger!

    1. rebeccasaw

      IT is 🙂 The lamb was the best here so far!

  3. Ken

    The best u had for this year? I’ll take your word for it!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah, drop me an email! I tried 2 more that’s quite good too 😛

  4. lin

    Definitely in my list. I wanted to try palace of golden horses but not sure how’s the spread

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes, I haven’t tried that one so I can’t recommend 🙂
      This one I have personally sampled and passed! 😀

      1. rebeccasaw

        30% off, that’s about 70RM.. Good deal 🙂

      1. rebeccasaw

        Ohh did I hear LAMB + BBQ is good? That’s my fav section! 😀

      2. EDMUND TEH

        Warung LAMB grilled & Warung Seafood BBQ…double thumbs up from me…

      3. rebeccasaw

        Hmm I’m an expert lamb eater .. wil have to taste to know. wahahha

  5. Kelly

    Everything looks so good!! RM98++ is a bit steep for me though since I don’t think I can eat that much! Hehe.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, buffets are meant for big eaters. Else go for the quality rather than quantity. Oysters, Jap section, lamb 😛


    Fuah…beautiful, seductive photos, has the ‘come-eat-me’ feel, just makes my stomach growl…
    and so many items…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah thanks Edmund! Maybe you should join me for a meal sometime 😛

      1. EDMUND TEH

        stil learning the ‘eat-me’ makes u drool photo…LOL

      2. rebeccasaw

        iphone is ok, S2 or S3 also ok, HTC One X also good 😛

  7. Veron

    Really Rebecca! You got to join me on the threadmill at the rate u eat! 🙂
    Hahha, you can afford it la. I’ll run this by my colleagues, thks for the recommendation hun!

  8. Alifehsan

    Hmmm the pics look so yummy esp lamb,indian food n jap.btw hv u been to seri pacific kl,near the mall for berbuka?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes I been to Seri Pacific but 2 YEARS ago! LOL.

  9. Alifehsan

    Oh ya,can u tell me more on the japanese dishes at the mill?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh.. there were tempura, sushi, sashimi, katsu, Jap appetisers like the seaweed and so forth 🙂

  10. lin

    You’re right.. I really enjoyed the spread.. I had braised oxtail which is to die for… I’m still salivating over it ..yum..

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