Ramadan & buka puasa buffet – Contango, Majestic Hotel KL

Much has been raved about Contango; a 250-seater contemporary space featuring 2 open kitchens that boasts of an impressive spread ranging from local culinary recipes to Japanese seafood and Italian pizzas.

The daily lunch and dinner buffet has been consistently popular and this Ramadan, Contango welcomes diners to its buka puasa spread; with a special focus on classical Malay cuisine where the likes of roasted leg of lamb, rendang, tempoyak and briyani takes centrestage.

Ramadan & buka puasa buffet - Contango, Majestic Hotel KL

Other than the general buffet, the Majestic Hotel has prepared a special menu for those looking into hosting an exclusive dinner party in one of the function rooms.
This special menu allows the guests to savour traditional signatures from various regions in Malaysia; namely Udang Galah Sambal from Perak, Negeri Sembilan’s famed Rendang Itik (it’s delicious!) and Terengganu’s Singgang Tulang.
This Festive Banquet Special is priced at RM120++ per person for a minimum booking of 30 persons & above.

BELOW: The offerings for the Festive Banquet Special:

Appetisers: Tauhu Bakar dengan Kuah Rojak, Teresek Jantung Pisang (Kelantan), Botok-Botok Johor, Kerabu Mangga Muda (Perlis), Kerabu Telur Dadar (Kelantan), Kerabu Ikan Pekasam Daun Selom (Perak).

RAMADAN - majestic hotel KL

The below is served on the table while the rest of the items are semi-buffet style.
Here we have the Udang Galah Sambal Tempoyak (Perak), Ayam Kerutuk (Kelantan), Opor Daging (Pahang), Rendang Itik (Negeri Sembilan), Singgang Tulang (Terengganu), Gulai Nangka (Kedah), Santan Durian (Negeri Sembilan).

RAMADAN - majestic hotel KL (4)

RAMADAN - majestic hotel KL (2)

RAMADAN - majestic hotel KL (3)

The roast leg of lamb and accompanying roasted vegetables was the highlight for me. Other than that, a dessert counter offers putu piring, buah melaka, seri muka, tepung pelita (Kelantan), puteri mandi (Terengganu), kuih peneram (Kedah), Asam gumpal (Terengganu), tapai ubi & pulut (Selangor), bubur cha cha (Nyonya Melaka).

Ramadan & buka puasa buffet - Contango, Majestic Hotel KL -001

RAMADAN - majestic hotel KL (1)

RAMADAN - majestic hotel KL1

RAMADAN - majestic hotel KL2

RAMADAN - majestic hotel KL (5)

I didn’t manage to sample the entire Ramadan spread at Contango but judging from the Festive Banquet Special food does seem promising. Besides, Contango offers both a traditional and international culinary experience so choices would be in abundance.
From what I have read online so far, I’m pretty convinced that the spread would be good! 🙂

Buffet spread at Contango: RM98++ per pax
Festive Banquet Special : RM120++ per pax for a minimum booking of 30 persons & above.

For information and for reservations: +603 – 2785 8000.

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  1. Veron

    OMG!! the roast leg of lamb!!! <3 <3

  2. Tanya

    Oh I’m curious as to how the spread would differ for the Ramadan since it is going to be at Contango. I had tried Contango lunch once. It’s not bad.

  3. Luy N Phao

    from what date to what date?


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