Buka puasa at Old Town White Coffee – MyDulang set for Ramadan

Jom buka puasa for RM16.90; or less, for if you share the scrumptious MyDulang Set at Old Town White Coffee, you can split the cost too!

rebecca saw - ramadan buka puasa at old town while coffee

MyDulang is Old Town White Coffee’s newest launched item. Based on the traditional concept of Malay “dulang” where a wooden platter or tray is used to serve a meal, Old Town White Coffee has bought back the sense of ” muhibbah-ness” (sharing) in dining for the month of Ramadan.
That said, sharing is encouraged! 🙂

An individual MyDulang set – RM16.90 comes with a generous serving of fragrant turmeric (kunyit) rice, 2 meaty skewers of chicken satay, shredded egg omelette, fresh cucumber and boiled long beans (ulam), kangkung and really tasty lekor (fish cakes from Terengganu).
A drink -red syrup with basil seeds and nata de coco, condiments of sambal and chilli for the lekor as well as a dessert of ais kacang with rose syrup or gula melaka (coconut palm sugar) completes the meal.

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Further customization includes switching your Rose Nata Selasih with a Old Town White Coffee or Teh Tarik. And for the meat option, pick either the chicken or beef rendang.

ramadan buka puasa at old town while coffee - mydulang-001

With such flexibility and value-for-money set, I really can’t complain. Add that to the fact that Old Town White Coffee is conveniently located in almost all shopping malls, as well as many standalone locations around the Klang Valley, equipped with high speed internet access with air conditioned and comfortable dining environment, I think RM16.90 inclusive of drink and dessert is a deal worth considering!

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Your not-so-smart smartphone running low on juice? No worries, charging stations are available.

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The MyDulang promotion starts from 8th July 2013 and will be available throughout the whole month of Ramadan. It will be served from 11am daily at ALL Old Town outlets. So for the rest of us who are not fasting, let’s not crowd the outlets at buka puasa hours and have MyDulang for lunch!
I certainly won’t mind to schedule my meetings with colleagues and clients at Old Town considering that the complimentary WIFI and ample electrical points available.

ramadan buka puasa at old town while coffee - mydulang-003

Old Town outlets throughout Malaysia are undergoing a facelift so you may notice a cleaner, brighter and spacious dining environment. The charging stations and long benches with individual power outlets are some of the much appreciated amenities for diners.

ramadan buka puasa at old town while coffee - mydulang

But of course, all that aside, how was the taste of the MyDulang @Old Town?

ramadan buka puasa at old town while coffee - mydulang-010

Well I sampled both the chicken and beef rendang and polished a whole MyDulang set by myself during the food sampling session earlier this week with some other bloggers and Old Town team. Suffice to say if I did finish my set, it is good enough to recommend! 🙂

ramadan buka puasa at old town while coffee - mydulang-011

The Family Dulang Set is priced at RM39.90. This is shareable up to 4 pax (though recommended for 3) unless you have 2 very heavy eaters of course.

ramadan buka puasa at old town while coffee - mydulang-008

The desserts were on the sweet side but at least these weren’t too diluted or lacking in ingredients. I like the fresh chendol strips used and enjoyed scooping out the jelly, red bean, corn and nata de coco.

ramadan buka puasa at old town while coffee - mydulang-009

OLDTOWN White Coffee will be giving away complimentary RM5 voucher with each MyDulang set and an exclusive OLDTWON Duit Sampul (Green Pack) for every customer who spends RM20 and above on a single receipt from 1st July 2013 to 31st July 2013.

For those of you who are seeking an alternative to crowded pasar ramadan and pricey ramadan buffets, a MyDulang set fits the bill perfectly. 🙂

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  1. wah, looks like quite a hearty and satisfying platter. didn’t expect to see keropok lekor in there, but it sounds like a nice bonus! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Same here Sean! I didn’t expect the lekor either but it is on their ala-carte menu so it made sense to add it in 🙂
      It’s very local, and it does add “bulk” to the meal without adding on much cost 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, what an original concept from Old Town White Coffee 🙂

  2. cleffairy

    When I was a kid… when I attend those Malay kenduri… you know… weddings or cukur jambul…the host will serve a few dishes on dulang, just like this. 😀 Ahhh… feeling nostalgic. 😀

  3. Greg

    LOL. Finally something less than RM80++ for ramadan buka puasa! I was wondering what else you can recommend other than just the buffets!

  4. Belle

    Oh that’s a good value for money meal!

  5. Grace

    Catching up on all your recent Ramadan postings. Oh dear I can’t decide on the buffet, but fr a RM16.90 meal, I guess it can be anytime! 🙂

  6. Cikgu Wan Beetle

    Thanks for the review, want to try today 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      HEllo hello 😀
      No problm! I hope you enjoy your buka puasa today at Old Town! Do let me know if it taste and look the same as pictured

  7. afiq

    Thank you for shared d information.. i just plan to bring my family break fasting on this coming teusday ,luckily got read an information from you bout this Old town offer..

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