Ramadan Buffet 2013 – GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

The last Ramadan buffet I had at GTower was back in 2011. I was glad to be able to preview it again this year as I have not been back since then.

This year, their media preview of the buffet spread was overall better in variety and taste. There were many things that I liked; such as the curries (all creamy, rich and tasty), the sup ekor (oxtail soup) and the Bubur Lambuk; nicely spiced and flavourful.

1 buka puasa at gtower

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-010

ramadan buka puasa buffet - gtower-006

ramadan buka puasa buffet - gtower-001

ramadan buka puasa buffet - gtower

ramadan buka puasa buffet - gtower-007

ramadan buka puasa buffet - gtower-002

ramadan buka puasa buffet - gtower-005

A fan of satay, the skewers here certainly didn’t disappoint as they were substantially meaty. I hate skinny skewers.

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-012

Roast lamb leg or roast whole lamb is always the highlight for me at Ramadan Buffets and it does make it seems more worth the price paid doesn’t it? 🙂

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-008

Most buffets would have a fresh/grill seafood station but that night we had a whole baked fish instead. The first one was overcooked but that minor oversight was fixed when they serve the second fish.

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-009

The cold salads, raw Malay salads (kerabu) as well as all condiments of sambals as expected of a buka puasa buffet are reassuringly present.

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-003

buka puasa buffet GTOWER hotel-005

buka puasa buffet GTOWER hotel-004

buka puasa buffet GTOWER hotel-003

buka puasa buffet GTOWER hotel-002

buka puasa buffet GTOWER hotel-001

buka puasa buffet GTOWER hotel

The soups with house baked bread rolls, buns, loaves and breadsticks are worth the calories while the lemang and Mee Rebus are good options for carbohydrates. I did had a bowl of the Mee Rebus (the first picture in this post) and I found it decent enough to satisfy my mee rebus cravings.

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-006

I remember enjoying the Malay kuih during the 2011 ramadan buffet and it was just as good this year.

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-001

Other desserts such as cakes, puddings, tarts and mousses ensures a sweet ending to the feast. Frankly this being a preview means the spread you see here are probably about 50% of the actual offerings during the Ramadan month itself. From what I have sampled, the ramadan buffet at GTower is worth serious consideration if you’re in the KL city area.

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-002

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-014

Drinks include coffee, tea, cold sweet beverages but the one thing that I never failed to indulge in during any ramadan feast is the ice kacang!

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-004

The ice kacang station is normally DIY. And with DIY means I can add whatever and everything I wish!

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-015

Mine is usually laden with corn, jelly and nuts with ample gula melaka and evaporated milk.

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-016

And if there is ice-cream, I’ll top it up with a few scoops! However no ice-cream was in sight that night so I added fruits instead! 🙂

Ramadan Buffet 2014 - GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-017

The Ramadan Buffet @GTower Hotel is priced at RM 90++ per adult and RM 45++ per child (ages 7 to 12 ) while kids under 6 years old will eat for free.

Reservations can be made by calling GTower, Kuala Lumpur: tel 03 2168 1919 ext 7040 or e-mail : [email protected]
Rajang Hall
Mezzanine Floor
199 Jalan Tun Razak

And here’s the 7 rotating menus on a daily basis:








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  1. Christopher

    Looks good and the price is reasonable too. Could I know if there are waiver for parking?

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    wow, am quite impressed by how the food looks. i can imagine returning to the buffet counter over and over again to scoop up hearty portions of flavorful rice, thick stews and tender meat and seafood. and yep, endless helpings of the lamb might already justify most of the buffet price 😀

  3. Holly

    Now I can’t decide! Grand Hyatt or here?

  4. Jared

    I enjoyed my dinner at Upper Deck. Read your post on it and I do agree with you, food there is worth the price. However, I have not tried the hotel food ie the coffee house food.

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