Ramadan Buffet 2011: Dorsett Regency KL – RM75++ (RM60 nett now!)

I’m so looking forward to the next coming weeks. I had my 1st taste of mooncakes for 2011 ( HERE) & just a few days back, I gorged on a full spread of Ramadan buffet at Dorsett Regency Hotel KL, right besides the Ritz Carlton on Jalan Imbi.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-0

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-01

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-02

Oh yes, it’s that wonderful time of the year again!
30 days of holy fasting (for those who observe this practice), 30 days of raiding Ramadan bazaars all over town & 30 days of feasting on Ramadan buffets (if you can afford it!). Oh yea! *happy dance*  :P

ramdhan-flyer (2)

Here at Dorsett Regency KL, BOOK EARLY (like NOW!) for the spread you see below for only RM60 NETT.

Variety is always the key to buffets; and I’m as usual, thrilled to see Japanese fare on the buffet line. Not much, but good enough for me as there were salmon & unagi (eel)!

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-06

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-07

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-08

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-09

I always tend to skip the soups during buffets. Why waste precious stomach space on heavy soups & liquids right?
But not so this time. Both varieties I sampled that night (Cream of Mushroom & the Sup Ekor Berempah) was marvellous. Why? Because both soups were prepared from scratch & lovingly simmered for hours, in addition to using a very good recipe that produces the perfect flavour.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-50

*Chunks of oxtail in the pot, of which I dug out to chow on. The meat was falling off the bone!

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-71

* Thick & hearty Cream of Mushroom which wasn’t too cloyingly creamy. *thumbs up!*

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-52

Next worthy- of- note items on the buffet is the fresh seafood. Buffet -goers are after all, seekers for value- for- money deals.
Well, you will get your monies worth here; as there are freshly snucked oysters, mussels & bright red prawns plus a WHOLE lamb on the spread!

Ramadan Dorsett KL2

 Delicious marinated lamb with briyani rice. 

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-18

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-19

Tender, firm meat & perfect when paired with the fragrant rice; (which was pretty plain on its own) so do eat it with the tasty marinated lamb; doused in some mint sauce if you wish!

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-72

Picked up some tender, well marinated satay while I was at it too!

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-17

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-73

After some lamb & grilled chicken & beef satay, it’s time to hit the live stations. The grill station offers pretty decent seafood selections.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-16

All grilled wrapped in banana leaves for that lovely lingering after- grill smoky taste.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-13

Grilled & good to go….

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-14

I had some to sample of course, and personally found them to be a bit plain. Perhaps that’s cos I missed out on the chilli?? Duh! My bad.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-74

Talking about chillies, this is fabulous news for chilli fans.
Variety of sauces, sambals and pickles were available –  Sambal belacan, sambal tempoyak, sambal nenas, cincaluk, kicap pedas, budu, sambal mangga muda, sambal cili kelapa, sambal bawang garam berlada, sambal hijau.
AWESOME! Douse your food with these traditional sauces for that added zing!

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-45

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-46

You can choose to start your buffet with some punch too, and steer away from the conventional salads & opt instead for the selection of Malaysian appetizers and salads – Gado-gado, acar rampai, ulam-ulam melayu, ketam goreng berempah, pecal, tahu sumbat, serunding daging, hati ayam goreng berempah, kerabu pucuk paku kerang, kerabu ayam, kerabu perut, kerabu jantung pisang, kerabu paru air asam, som tam mangga dan betik, telur masin, ikan masin goreng.

Ramadan Dorsett KL3

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-42

Ok, this post is getting a bit too wordy. I’ll leave you to the pics! :P  

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-11

Bubur Lambuk! It’s really nice to see old time traditionals like this at a buffet.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-12

Not missing out on the smoked items like salmon, etc of course.

Ramadan Dorsett KL1

Noodl-ing time! Mee rebus with condiments.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-21

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-22


Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-23

Beef Rendang. A perennial favourite.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-25

The perfect match with some “lemang” – steamed glutinous rice in bamboos.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-26

Lamb Vindaloo.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-27

Ayam Goreng Rempah Basah. This was really good, the marination permeated through to the bone & the meat remained moist & tender.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-28


Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-29

Ikan Keli Goreng Cili Padi. Sweet flesh & it was nicely spiced with the bird eye chillis.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-30

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-36

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-31

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-38

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-32

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-33

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-34

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-35

Braised Chicken with Sea Cucumber and Beancurd.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-37

Apam balik – pancake with corn and ground peanuts. Pisang goreng & cempedak goreng – Fried banana and cempedak fritters.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-51

Drinks : Malaysian beverage counter – Sirap bandung, sirap selasih, sugar cane, soya bean

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-15

My favourite! Ice Kacang!

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-53

Topped with 2 scoops of ice cream for me alone! :P

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-82

My other favourites: Creamy & rich Serawa Pisang, Bubur Chacha, Bubur Pulut Hitam & Red Bean.

Ramadan Dorsett KL

Not forgetting the desserts like cakes & traditional snacks.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-54

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-55

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-56

Ramadan Dorsett KL4

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-59

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-62

And our Malaysian fruit salad – Rojak.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-67


Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-75

Healthier options – Plenty of local & international FRUITS.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-68

Plain fruits too healthy for you? Dip them in this chocolate fondue then!

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-76

Just a thought, how does chocolate coated dates taste like??? Never mind, I’ll try it next time! :P

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-69

Chicken rice counter – Roasted chicken with flavored rice and condiments.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-20

Here’s your chance to catch Chef Jaafar Oon in action too!

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet - Chef Jaafar Onn

Ok, here’s the FULL LIST of items, possibly more during the Ramadan month itself.


Malaysian beverage counterSirap bandung, sirap selasih, sugar cane, soya bean.

Selection of Malaysian appetizers and saladsGado-gado, acar rampai, ulam-ulam melayu, ketam goreng berempah, pecal, tahu sumbat, serunding daging, hati ayam goreng berempah, kerabu pucuk paku kerang, kerabu ayam, kerabu perut, kerabu jantung pisang, kerabu paru air asam, som tam mangga dan betik, telur masin, ikan masin goreng.

Variety of sauces, sambals and picklesSambal belacan, sambal tempoyak, sambal nenas, cincaluk, kicap pedas, budu, sambal mangga muda, sambal cili kelapa, sambal bawang garam berlada, sambal hijau.

Assorted crackers and condimentskeropok ikan, keropok udang, keropok sayur, keropok ubi, keropok malinja, kacang kuda rebus, papadoms, kacang pedas, tapai pulut, buah kurma, jeruk mangga, jeruk cermai, jeruk betik, jeruk mangga muda.

Cold cuts and salad barAssorted cold cuts with mustard, relishes and pickles; assorted salad with dressing and condiments.

Selection of sushiWith soya sauce and wasabi.

Noodle counterMee rebus with condiments.

Chicken rice counterRoasted chicken with flavored rice and condiments.

Roti canai and murtabakIndian pancake with lentils curry and sambal.

Apam balikcorn and ground peanuts.

Grilled itemsMarinated grilled meats, seafood and satay with condiments.

Pisang goreng and cempedak gorengFried bananas & cempedak.

Ice kacang and cendolShaved ice with variety of condiments and syrups.

Hot beverage counterTeh tarik and kopi tarik.

Ice cream counterVariety of ice creams and toppings.

Dessert counterSerawa pisang, chilled peach with sago and coconut, dates crumble, selection of Malay kuih and Nyonya kuih, international cakes and pastries, homemade cookies, assorted mousse and jelly, selection of Malay cookies, bubur pulut hitam, bubur cha cha, fresh fruit platter.

Soup counter Sup ekor berempah and cream of mushroom soup with condiments.

Carving counterWhole roasted lamb with sauces, pita bread and Lebanese bread.

Hot dishes counterGulai ikan kering, sambal petai dengan udang, sambal tempoyak pucuk ubi, ikan asam pedas, kari kepala ikan, pais ikan bakar, ikan bakar air asam, ayam goreng rempah basah, ikan keli goreng cili padi, rebung masak cili padi, pucuk paku masak lemak cili padi, sotong tumis jintan, lamb vindaloo, braised chicken with sea cucumber and beancurd, stir fried choy tam with garlic, mini steak with rosemary cream sauce, bubur lambok, nasi seri tanjung, steamed white rice.

Jaafar Onn signature dishesNasi lebaran, nasi pusa, nasi seri tanjung, ayam masak dara, daging masak muara, daging patang pinang.

 Checkers Cafe is located on the 1st floor of Dorsett Regency KL.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-70

Conclusion: If you are looking for an affordable Ramadan buffet in the vicinity of KL, Checkers Cafe is an ideal choice; good buffet spread, delicious traditional favourites prepared by a famous seasoned chef & is a comfortable classy venue for both corporate gatherings/ family/among friends.

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-03

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-04

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-05

RESERVATIONS: Please contact: (It’s only RM60 nett/pax NOW). 

Ms. Chen Sea Kin
dl  – 60 3 2716 1174   gl – 60 3 2715  1000    df – 60 3 2716 1163
e – chen.seakin@dorsettregency.com.my
Site: http://www.dorsettregency.com.my/kl/

Need ideas for corporate gifts, etc? Check out some of these cakes! 

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-78

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-79

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-80

Dorsett Regency KL - Ramadan buffet-81

All pictures are:
Samsung NX11

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  1. Sean

    oooh, i brought my family for a chinese new year buffet dinner here once! it was reasonably priced, and they were pleased with the food. i bet the ramadan buffet will be equally good! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha..it’s not known for its culinary offerings for sure – this hotel, but im pleased to discover that it does hve its gems

  2. Ahmad Badri

    wow delicious!!
    can’t wait for Ramadhan to come, so I can breakfast here! hihi 😀

    1. Rebecca

      Yea! Better if you’re in KL area & waiting out on the jam!

  3. JoinMe

    Hi rebeccasaw,
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on JoinMe.com.my, thanks.
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

    1. Rebecca

      Could you stop doing that? How do I unsubcribe?

  4. Isaac Tan

    I see so many sticks of Satays, they’re my favourite! I can wallop like 30-40 sticks if left alone with unlimited satays. Lol!

    1. rebeccasaw

      U jz gv me an idea! Satay eating competition! Oh ya!

  5. ciki

    And lil rebecca ate ALL that.. whoa!! Nice spread man.. must bring my clients!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Perfect for bringin clients – esp so whn the Chef is a local celebrity too!

  6. Etie

    Hi Rebecca,
    Nice review you have here. How about parking space provided there? Is it hard to find parking? Planning to break fast there…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh do! Food is very good. You can park in the hotel, no problem!

    2. rebeccasaw

      Oh, call Ms. Chen Sea Kin – she will be able to help you~
      dl – 60 3 2716 1174

  7. noejya

    do u know how much dorsett charge for parking?t

  8. SeaKin

    Dear Etie,
    You can park in hotel, otherwise, besides that, there’s one parking lot opposite of our hotel and one more just right beside the hotel building only.

    Dear Noejya,
    parking charge is RM6 flat rate with chop.

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