Ramadan Bazaar 2011 – Shah Alam, Selangor – Pics & Video!

The Shah Alam Ramadan Bazaar is famed to be the biggest in KL/Selangor & since I only have time to visit one this year, it’s my obvious choice for my one & only blogpost /vlog on Ramadan Bazaars for 2011.

Yup, a video of this outing with some bloggers & friends are being edited as we speak so that will be shared much later! This is pretty much a picture heavy post (don’t worry, they are resized for optimum viewing/loading) so I’ll keep description short. :P

UPDATE: VIDEO!! Watch it if you miss Ramadan Bazaars!

This post aims to give my readers (especially so for those not in Malaysia) of how’s a typical Ramadan Bazaar’s like, and the insanely huge assortment of food sold.

The typical Malay rice stall.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-68

Delicous lamb chops,curry squids, stir-fried cockles & asam fish.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam9 %282%29

Essentially a Ramadan Bazaar is like Malaysia’s nation-wide, 1 month  food carnival. The bazaar typically runs for a full month (also known as the Ramadan month) prior to the Muslim’s “New Year” Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, which falls on the 1st of the Shawal Month (the 10th month of the Islamic lunar calendar).

A family making kuih on the spot.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-05

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-06

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-07

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-09

 Ready to be packed for sale.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-08

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims must fast (“puasa” in Malay) from sunrise till sunset, refraining from both food & water as well as all bad practices and thoughts.
It’s a ritual of cleansing of the mind & actions which encompasses but not limited to  unhealthy thoughts, bad words, gossips and malicious deeds.

A traditional favourite – Curries & ketupat palas & ketupat.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-51

Beef Rendang & Lemang. A must for every Raya.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam7 %282%29

Ramadan Bazaars are found almost everywhere, in every state in Malaysia. There’s usually one wherever there are substantial residents in an area, and they are located in available spaces in the middle of towns and housing estates.

Ikan Bakar – grilled fish on banana leaf, some over open charcoal grill. Another perennial favourite. Every stall has their own secret blend of spices & chilli paste.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam8

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-47



2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-28

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-14

The bazaar traders, who are given temporary license at allotted spaces by the local authority, will hawk their wares under canopies/huge umbrellas. Businesses are set up by 3.00 – 4.00pm & the buying crowd starts streaming in by 430 – 5pm. By 630pm the bazaar would have cleared of people the Muslims prepare to break their fast which is around 7.15-730pm.

CHICKEN – it’s everywhere!!

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-31

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-32

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-52

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-37

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-38

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-39

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-40

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-41

shah alam ramadan bazaar-6

shah alam ramadan bazaar-3


2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-43

shah alam ramadan bazaar-4

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-42

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam1

shah alam ramadan bazaar-1

However, the buying crowd is not limited to only Muslims as we Malaysians (all races) being typical foodies would also pack the bazaars & take the opportunity to savour the delicious food available at very reasonable prices throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

Breads – in the form of kebabs, roti john & steamed paus.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam5

Roti John =  long bread coated with scrambled eggs with minced meat (beef or chicken).

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam4

Steamed ‘paus’ (buns) with coconut jam (kaya), peanut, potatoes with meat (chicken or beef).

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-71

For the stall traders, some of them part-timers, it is a time when they can earn extra income for the family to be used for buying essentials & luxuries to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

Putu Piring – Fluffy rice “cakes” that is packed into a metal container and stuffed with gula melaka/ palm sugar (not liquid but chopped form)  which will melt within the cakes.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-10

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-13

Putu piring are steamed with conical inserts on top of a white cloth. A sprinkle of fresh coconut on top and it’s ready.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-12

Another variation: Putu bambu which is made in cyclinder bamboo containers. “Piring” in malay means plate – describing the shape of the rice cakes. “Bambu” = bamboo – refering to the containers which it is made in.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-13

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-66

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-67

Food at  is typically traditional Malay, with some creative exceptions but it’s pretty safe to say mostly local ingredients are used.

Our national skewers – satay.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-29

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-30

Our national rotis – roti canai, roti murtabak, roti jala.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-53

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam %282%29

Roti Murtabak – mixture of eggs & minced meat, layered with roti canai.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam11

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam

Roti Jala. Jala in Malay means “net”; describing the form of the pancake.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam2

Best eaten with Chicken curry.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam3

Roti Bom – another version of the plain roti canai but with added ghee, margarine  & sugar.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-23

Our national pasta (just joking!) . NOODLES.


Step by step frying the noodles.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam10 %282%29

Our national rice dish. Nasi Lemak!

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-56

This is Nasi Kukus – steamed rice in individual bowls, normally served with aromatic tumeric fried chicken & sambal (chilli paste).

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-57

Most food are pretty tasty & reasonably priced. One can be stuffed to the brim within the budget of RM20.00 (approx USD7).

 Below: Packets of one dish – Noodles – RM2/USD0.70)/USD,  Briyani Rice with Chicken/Mutton (RM7/USD2.30), chicken porridge (RM3/USD1), Oxtail Herb Soup (RM7/USD2.30), etc.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-34

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-35

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-36

shah alam ramadan bazaar-10

Chicken Porridge.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-33

Oxtail Soup.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam6 %282%29

Another reason I thronged Ramadan Bazaars are for seeking out other state’s delicacies, without having to leave the state!
At the Shah Alam one I managed to sample Nasi Briyani Gam from Johor, Ikan Patin curry from Pahang (Patin is a fresh water fish found in abundance in the rivers of Pahang), Nasi Ambeng (a Javanese dish in origin), Satar – a Terengganu delicacy (grilled fish paste) , and lip-smacking traditional curries & dishes from Negeri Sembilan.

Nasi Ambeng rice with portions of a meat dish like beef or chicken rendang, sambal goreng tempe (a mix of vegetables and soybean cake), serunding kelapa (fried grated coconut), salted fish and sambal belacan (pounded chilli and prawn paste) served on a piece of banana leaf. The one sold at the bazaar had a small portion of mee goreng or fried noodles.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-72

Briyani Gam Johor – Basmati rice that are served with meat, chicken and vegetables. Although there are many variants at different geographical locations, the main ingredients used usually include ghee, peas, beans, cumin, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander, mint leaves, ginger, onions and garlic. The dish is also accompanied with beef, chicken, goat, lamb or shrimp and also served with curry, korma, dhal or hard boiled egg.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-73

Ikan Patin in curry, Pahang.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam8 %282%29

Satar – grilled fish paste. The filling is a mixture of mince fish (usually tenggiri), spices, mince onions, garlic, bird’s eye/red chillies, ginger and grated coconut. Cooked till the filling is dry and firm, the slightly burnt banana leaves gives a lingering aroma to the satar.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-21

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-11

Lip-smacking curries & dishes from Negeri Sembilan.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam1 %282%29

Ikan Pekasam Tasik Raban. Tasik Raban is a mecca for IKAN PEKASAM ( fish fermented with grilled rice) and it’s in Lenggong Perak.

shah alam ramadan bazaar-9

Each Ramadan Bazaar offers some funky creation of food, some more than others, but usually you will find at least a few unique ones per bazaar.

This totally rock my socks! Maggi (instant noodles) pancakes!

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-26

Amazing no??

Watch the making of these pancakes:

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-15

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-16

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-17

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-27

Tadaaaaa!!!! Done!

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-26

RM2.20 per piece.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-22

Stir fried cockles anyone?

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-24

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-25

Potato wedges with mayonnaise, black pepper sauce & chilli.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-50

Deep-fried oyster mushrooms – Black Pepper, Tom Yam & Original flavoured.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam %283%29

Kebabs – skewers of beef or chicken chunks with capsicums.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-4

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-5

Tapai. Not funky to us locals, but for foreigners they might find this to be an acquired taste. Tapai is a popular delicacy from Pahang. Made of glutinous rice mixed with yeast (ragi) and sugar, the mixture is soaked and allowed to fermented for three days. The fermented delicacy is then wrapped in special rubber tree leaves and chilled before it is served.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-59

It is sweet and sour in taste. Locals says one can get intoxicated if they consume too much of it. (The ones below are wrapped in banana leaf).

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam4 %282%29

Deep-fried quails. Another common delicacy for Malays but perhaps not so for foreigners.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-2

shah alam ramadan bazaar-8

Pecal Jawa -mixture of blanched vegetables as below, added with steamed rice cakes & eaten with sweet spicy peanut sauce.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam10

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-14

Grilled giant squid. Grilled dry with a very smoky flavour. Moreish as snack.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam9

A Ramadan Bazaar is colourful & fun, as in both people, food & atmosphere.

Cheeky uncle. :P

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam7

Colourful rice.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam6

Local sweets!

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-0


2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-03

Radioactive drinks!

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam5 %282%29

Colourful jellies.



 Colourful local kuih (sweet desserts).

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-20


Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-6


Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-1

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-01

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-18

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-19

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam2 %282%29

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam3 %282%29

Wajik –  Glutinous rice with durians. The dark colour came from the palm sugar used in the recipe.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-45

Tepung Pelita – It has two layers. The first layer is coconut milk and the second layer is made from flour and sugar, flavoured with pandan leaves. The mixture is put into banana leaf which has been made as its cup.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-60

All sorts of banana leaf wrapped & grilled/steamed local kuih.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-62

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-64

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-63

Akok – Pancakes made from eggs, flour and palm sugar ( gula melaka ).

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-65

Left – coconut jelly. Right: Lompat Tikam – Kelantanese dessert.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam15

Can someone remind me what’s the name for this again?

shah alam ramadan bazaar

Fried items are popular in Ramadan Bazaars.

Lekor – an East Malaysia specialty. This “fish sausage” is made from a mixture that is  hand-rolled into its long form. Ingredients are fish (Ikan Parang or Ikan Kembong), sago flour, salt, water.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam11 %282%29

Pasembur – a popular Malay Indian ‘salad’ cucumber (julliened) potatoes, beancurd, turnip, bean sprouts, prawn fritters and served with a sweet and spicy nut sauce.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-48

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-49

This rojak/pasembur stall has a mind-bloggling array of fried items which includes crab, prawns, fish balls, liver, crab sticks to name a few.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-70

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam14

shah alam ramadan bazaar-7

The Penang rojak – fresh & pickled fruits eaten with pungent black shrimp paste.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-61

Too heaty/oily for you? Yong Tau Foo -assortment of fish balls, fish cakes, sausages etc are cooked in boiling water & best eaten dipped in some sweet & spicy sauce.

shah alam ramadan bazaar-5


2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-04

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-02

Kedondong – English name is “Hog Plum” or Ambarella. Juiced for it’s sour but sharply refreshing taste.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-55

 Fresh sea coconut.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-58

Chendol. A coconut milk based desserts with cream corn, jellies & palm sugar (gula melaka).

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-69

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam13

Soya beancurd & soya bean juice.

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam12

Last but not least, let’s not forget the dates. A must for breaking fast.

2011 ramadan bazaar shah alam-54

Our haul for the evening!

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-7

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-10

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-9

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-8

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam-12

Yes, a Ramadan Bazaar tour is a lovely experience!! :P

 Shah Alam Ramadan Bazaar
– right in front of Shah Alam stadium & close by Giant Shah Alam.

It took me 5 days to sort out & edit the 120+ pics here; plus another 5 hours of writing plus information research for the food that you see in this post.
So, did you think this post is informative? Any comments? :P

All pictures are:
Samsung NX11

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  1. Sean

    My last pasar Ramadan was the convenient choice, in Bangsar, but even that was maybe 3 or 4 years ago. And the variety was not as wide as shah alam’s! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Actually the stuffs almost the same, but yeah, each stall has their “own recipes” for the chicken, kuih etc!

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  4. minchow

    Nicely done! 🙂 I’ve actually given up on pasar ramadhans, having pretty much personally confirmed that they’ve gone crazy commercial after lacklustre visits to Kerinchi’s, Bangsar’s and TTDI’s. Obviously I was hitting the wrong spots!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes Min!
      The usual “urban” areas are commercialized, just like everything else 🙂
      “Kampung” ones are the best! Hehehe

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    1. rebeccasaw

      It’s so creative right? Amazing! I luv Ramadan bazaars for such quirky food, and at the same time knowing that I will have the local traditional favs

  6. Miza

    wow..tqx3….nice photo n feels want to fly home right now…missed bazar ramadan..

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    love the post becks! :good:

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      Wheee! Thks babes! Glad u liked it!!
      Oh oh, yes – denderam ! I can nvr remember the name! Wil add that into the post now

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    This bazaar is great lah! I went to a super boring bazaar last Sunday, limited choices & boring food >.< :negative:

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      LOL! I want to cover all the food avail at one ramadan bazaar! That’s why i chose the BIGGEST! 😛

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