Ramadan 2015: Westin Hotel KL – great Ramadan Feast experience here!

Westin KL welcomed a new Executive Chef about a year ago and I just got to meet him last month.

In 2014, I sampled the Ramadan spread and came away impressed. You can see the pictures here –> https://www.rebeccasaw.com/jom-buka-puasa-at-the-westin-kuala-lumpur/.
At that time, Chef Michael Andreas Gremer wasn’t on board yet.
This month, I stepped in again; already familiar with Living Room’s buffet concept but eager to witness any potential changes.
While I’m assured that the selection is vast, for Living Room at Westin KL is renowned for its mind-boggling spread, a new chef would bring about new ideas right?

Rebecca Saw - westin ramadan buffet

As I make my way around the buffet, which today being a preview session is merely 40% of the actual spread, everything looked promising.
I admired the whole lamb, but what caught me breathless was the gorgeously pink roasted rib eye.


Buka puasa - westin ramadan buffet-002

The carvery section did a fine job. The Roasted Whole Lamb with Westin Biryani Rice and the Chicken Percik were both tasty, with marinated flavours piercing through to the bone.
After I had my fill, I moved on to check out the live stations.

Buka puasa - westin ramadan buffet-005

I spied freshly rolled popiah at one, and immediately requested for a roll. With added ingredients of course. More prawns, more egg, more ..well, everything! 🙂

Ramadan - Westin

Marcus grabbed a kebab and pronounced it “darn good“. He got me a piping hot bowl of Mee Rebus as well, and we like the gravy.

Buka puasa - westin ramadan buffet-001

We attacked the soups next; both savoury and sweet.
Make room for the mushroom soup, for it was one of the better ones I’ve tasted, pungent with earthy mushroom flavours and creamy enough without being overly rich.
The Sup Tulang and the Bubur Lambuk are a must too, both tasty and obviously lovingly simmered for long, long hours for its robust flavours.

Ramadan - Westin2

The exotic Indian beckons next.
Thick murtabak and crispy roti canai and Roti Bom went really well with the pink onion pickles. The pink pickles are my favourite and it is not commonly found even in mamak restaurants.
So if you haven’t tried it, do heaps spoonfuls of it on your roti, just like we did.
Soft glutinous rice (lemang) and compact Ketupat are paired with the rich, thick rendang and other curries. The seafood was grilled in pandan leaves, which imparts a fragrant and smoky aroma to ingredients.

Ramadan - Westin3

Buka puasa - westin ramadan buffet-006

Traditional Malaysian hot dishes will still be the centre of this Iftar buffet spread.
Like I’ve said before, this is merely a preview. Expect double or triple the selection once the real deal begins this 18th of June.
It will be well worth your early bird price of RM118 nett or book now! 🙂

Buka puasa - westin ramadan buffet-010

Ketam Masak Lemak Belimbing Buluh, Daging Gulai Kawah, Gulai Ayam Kampung, Sotong Sambal Petai, Fish Head Curry and Spicy and Sour Oxtail are just some of the 200 + items offered.









Buka puasa - westin ramadan buffet

Though I always favour the meat and seafood over the appetisers and desserts, I do help myself to the ulam-ulam and sambals if I have additional stomach space.
I particularly favour the kacang botol ones, as well as seafood based salads. I love Nasi Ulam and Kerabu Tang Hoon too.

Ramadan - Westin4

Ramadan - Westin5

Buka puasa - westin ramadan buffet-008

Hmm.. I always skip it.


The ice cream here are made in-house. If you have space for only one dessert, this rich and creamy indulgence should be your choice.

Ramadan - Westin1

But of course, if you are a chocolate fan, then the Chocolate Fondue should excite you.


Hats off to the pastry team here really. Year after year I’ve dined at The Living Room and the dessert spread has always been more than satisfactory.
From western pastries to puddings and delicate local kuih -muih, there isn’t any that make you regret taking that piece from the buffet.














Go for the early bird price and enjoy your buka puasa dinner! 🙂

PS: Prego, the Italian restaurant has a new chef too. I just enjoyed a grass-fed T-Bone Angus steak last week. The portion is priced at RM230++, sharable by 3 pax.
But if you are meat lover like I am, then its good for 2.
Note: Prego is pork-free but alcohol is served.

grass fed angus T - bone  - prego westin KL

Juadah Iftar at the Westin Kuala Lumpur
RM118 nett/adult (early bird – now til 17th June 2015).
RM148 nett/adult, RM74 nett/child from 18th June to 17th July 2015.

For more info:
Call Westin Dining +603-2773 8338 or email [email protected]

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  1. wellithink

    Breaking of fast is religious duty combo with dinner. Did you try fasting then? The experience would be be 100% better than just coming in for free meal courtesy of the management..

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