Quest Bar Review: Day 2 – Apple Pie flavour

After the Boundless Nutrition Perfect Cookie (Chocolate Chip) I started on my 12 bars of Quest Bar.

I’m not sure why, but I decided to pick the Apple Pie as my flavour of the day. Maybe it was because I’m craving for an actual Apple Pie.

Quest Bar review - Apple Pie-001

Name: Quest Bar –  Apple Pie flavour
Price: SGD3.50
Taste & texture:
This is a soft but densely chewy kind of bar with the consistency of a chewy caramel candy. 

It was my first time eating a Quest Bar though I followed quite a number of Instagram accounts that feature Quest Bars in their recipes. I didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t a good start to my Quest Bar experience as I hated it at first bite.
It tasted really weird to me; a very strong artificial apple pie kind of flavour which was a turn off.
Thankfully after some research online I discovered that many who are fond of this flavour recommended heating it up in the microwave for a few seconds.
I tried that and eventually liked it better. Whew! 🙂

Ingredients & nutrition numbers:

Packed with protein (20g in ONE bar) and with each bar clocking in at only between 160-200 calories (which is a healthy range), this totally beat a lot of other “snack/protein/healthy” bars out there.
Additionally, there is only between 5-10 g of fat per bar, which also is conservatively acceptable. It should be noted also that each bar has between 17-18 g of FIBER too!
Lastly it is gluten free and there are no sugar added but it uses 2 sweeteners; Lo Han Guo (seriously? Our Buddha fruit?) and Sucralose.

Quest Bar review - Apple Pie

Quest Bar review - Apple Pie-003

Quest Bar review - Apple Pie-004

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  1. Sean EDKL

    from your description, the texture of this one sounds like my sort of candy. but i hope after microwaving, it tastes more like a nice, warm apple pie 😀

  2. Huai Bin

    That looks really good! 🙂

    I love muesli bars, granola bars, protein bars, energy bars, meal replacement bars. I don’t eat them as intended but rather as a supplement e.g. if I’m still hungry after dinner, I’ll grab a bar and eat it for a snack.

    I’ve never seen Quest around though, is it available in Malaysia too? I would love eating a dense protein and fiber filled APPLE PIE bar! 😀

    1. Sem

      It is! 🙂

      You can order it from Biovea or BeFit Malaysia respectively, both only have selected flavours, and the latter is cheaper compared to Biovea. Although you need to be aware that either of them only sell 12 bars instead of a single one.

      1. Rebecca Saw

        Hahah! I don’t think I wan to be stuck with 12 bars of the same flavour! I love variety 😛
        Yes I know befit sells them cos I been to their outlets. Sean is such a cool guy!

  3. Veron

    OMG arent’ all these expensive!!

  4. Siti

    Apple pie in a bar – sounds yummy to me!

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