Purple hair by Kevin Woo of Centro Hair Salon: Prices and post-care for colored hair

So you think you could do with a hair makeover as well? Is your current hairstyle boring you?

We all have those moments don’t we? Those occasions when life feels mundane and needed a bit of jazzing up.

Well, one of the most liberating action we can take which delivers an immediate effect is a new hair-do. After all, we can’t quite lose 10kg instantly can we?
Besides the reds and blondes, colors like blue, purple and ash or even green is outstanding.
If you to stand out from the pack, if you want to be the rare jewel, an uncommon hair colour or cut would do it.

Even in a room full of color, no one can miss my purple hair!

Cafe memoire TTDI review

You can’t miss that purple!

centro hair salon - kevin woo-007

Nope, you definitely can’t miss the purple!

centro hair salon - kevin woo-008

So the next question would be where, who, how much as well as how to maintain it.

Since this is my first time trying out a color that I MYSELF had thought I would never be able to carry it off; to being shocked by the “ooohhh” and “ahhhh” of envy and praises from EVERYONE I met, my purple hair journey had been a pleasant one indeed.

centro hair

I must credit Kevin Woo again for making me step out of my comfort zone.

From my first cut and color in August 2013 where I suddenly went from long to short with a sassy side fringe to now, 2 years later, he had proven time and time again to be able to provide spot-on recommendations to his clients.


And I always like how he is confident, decisive and concise.
No long winded “uh huh.. ohh… err...” from him.
He took a look at some of the photos I showed him and with a glance he would either nod for yes, or a firm shake of his head for no.
Yup, an experienced stylist like himself knows exactly what would work and what wouldn’t.

Now this is not meant to say that he is unyielding and would only cut or color your hair to his liking.
I tried to insist on an orange and blue highlighted bob, which he duly considered, and then proceeded to explain patiently the pro and cons of the style to me.
Then he allowed me to decide if I wish to go ahead, which then my level-headed self could see how it wouldn’t be suitable for my skin tone and face shape.

And thus we proceeded with purple, though at that point of time I was still shaky as to how it would turn out.

centro hair salon - kevin woo

Good lord, I had to admit that throughout the 5 hours of cut and colour I must have prayed to the God, the Devil and whatever spiritual being there is that I won’t turn out like an “Ah Lian (see explanation for this term at bottom of post)“.

I mean take a look at this image! Am I suited to be a blonde? If I had ever entertained that thought, it sure as hell went out the window now!
Now I’m shaking in my skirt wondering how I would look in PURPLE.

I conveyed my panic to Kevin; at which he laughed assuredly that no, I won’t like an “ah lian”.
Still, it was 5 hours of anxiety.



In the hair salon Han and Celine praised the color. So did Jessica.
The other staff looked on with approval.

I came home to this; and took some photos under natural light.

centro hair salon - review - purple

The next day I had a videoshoot for Clique Clinic, my sponsor for Coolsculpting and facial treatments.
My make up artist fawned over my hair and immediately asked for my salon contact. The video team gushed over the cut and color and said they loved it.

centro hair salon - kevin woo-006

centro hair salon - kevin woo-003

Then I left for Melaka and visited 16 cafes as part of my “Melaka best cafes article homework.

In each cafe I noticed how diners did double takes and eyed me with admiration.
No one cringed, and some even came up to me and said “Nice hair!“.

Centro Hair Salon - Rebecca Saw purple hair

Fuh… Kevin was right. As usual.


So yes I’m a happy girl again.

2 years making waves with my one sided fringe red hair which was beginning to be a “Rebecca Saw signature” and now I’m rocking it again with this edgy, unique cut and color.
The brand Rebecca Saw grows stronger each year, and with the backing of solid hairstylists like Kevin, Celine and Han, my hair is the least of my worries now.

2013 – 2015:

Rebecca saw - fashion, beauty, lifestyle


Rebecca Saw - Malaysia influencer

So back to the question; who, how, where, how much.

How much: Depends on stylist.
For colour it would be an average of RM 800 for MY style and color.
It varies on individuals as since it depends on the hair – how rounds of bleaching required to the lift the color of the hair in order to achieve the purple tone.

Where: Centro Hair Salon is the best hair salon for me so far. It has been 2 years and a total of 9 cuts and 4 color jobs.
You can check out my blogposts HERE (Kevin Woo), HERE, HERE (by Han), HERE (by Celine) and the last one was by Kevin which we didn’t have much change so I haven’t updated on that.

**My history with Centro:

1. 8th September 2013 -1st cut and colour (Kevin Woo).
2. 13th Oct 2013 – 1st trim (RM200) after the initial cut. No need for colour.
3. 23rd December 2013 – 2nd trim (RM200). No need for colour.
4. 10th March 2014 – 3rd trim and re-colour. 3.5 hours. Cut, 2 tone colour, treatment – RM800 +.
5. 15th May 2014 by Han – only trim and style.
6. 25th August 2014 – cut and colour by Kevin Woo.
7. Nov 2014 : cut and color by Celine Yap.
8. Somewhere March/April 2015 – cut by Kevin Woo.
9. August 2015 – latest cut and purple color by Kevin Woo.

Now, if the results were not up to my expectations each time, I wouldn’t be returning again and again would I?


Who: Look for Kevin Woo for the best advise on change of style. If you are seeking a total transformation, he is your man.
For layering and edgy cut, whether long or short, Celine Yap would be an excellent choice.
Sr Stylist Han is trendy and fun. Besides, his fees are easier on the pocket too, yet he doesn’t lack the skills to make your mane look fabulous.

How to maintain: I’ve so far gone under the scissors by Kevin, Celine and Han.
For my previous red short hair, a trim every 1.5 – 2 months was sufficient to keep my hair in shape.
For color, I only require a re-color every 5 -6 months. I find it extremely manageable on both my wallet and time.

With this current purple and front fringe, I reckon I would need a trim every month.
As you can see, this is a shot taken this week (end of Sept 2015) and my cut was on 24th August. So yes, a monthly trim would be ideal.

CENTRO Hair Salon - PURPLE hair review

How long would the color last: As I’ve mentioned above, every 5 – 6 months for my red color.
I suspect this purple would need a recolor every 3 months. As it is, after 1.5 months, some parts did look a bit faded.


So in conclusion, if you select a color like red or dark brown, a recolor job is only required after 3 – 5 months.
A good color shampoo and conditioner helps. Centro recommends Kerastase Bain Chroma Riche or Chroma Captive.

I don’t do treatment often, but I think should from now on.
A treatment at Centro for color lasting and purposes would start from RM250. The recommended treatment is Kerastase Oleo Fusion.
The ideal treatment procedure would be Kerastase Oleo Fusion on the day the hair color was done for repair and to enhance the color followed by another treatment Kerastase Renewal Care to repair the hair.
For home maintenance one should use Kerastase Reflection Range Color Care, especially to maintain the shine of the color.

Rebecca SAw - purple hair-002

So my ideal hair maintenance schedule looks like this:
1.5 months – trim  – RM110 by Sr Stylist Han.
Every 6 weeks – TREATMENT – RM250 onwards
3 months – color and trim – RM 800 ++, depending on the condition of the hair then.

**My trim by Han on 3rd Oct 2015, 5 weeks after my cut.


So you reckon that you are game for a new look soon?
Look for Kevin/Celine/Han at the Gardens, Mid Valley outlet. You’ll definitely need an appointment!

1. CENTRO W Hair Salon
FF227 4th Floor The Gardens Mall. T: 03-22877330
2. CENTRO Hair Salon and CENTRO Privé
Lot 401M Level 4 Suria KLCC. T: 03-21616330

**Ah Lian : A distasteful term used to describe a female with bad fashion sense, who speaks bad english, is lowly educated, crude, loud, foul mouthed. Often times seen in unsavoury places like nightclubs or karaoke joints. A hokkien term, commonly used in Singapore / Malaysia.

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