Purple Glory / Taste Better durian snowskin mooncakes – 4 kings combo (Maoshanking, D101, D24, D13)

I just got this box last Friday and after a whirlwind trip to Hong Kong and back, I’m so glad to come back to these babies!

 photo TasteBetterSunwayPyramid-durianpuffdurianmooncake5_zps849eeef7.jpg

You can buy this individually or in a box.
A set of 4 premium combo (like mine which comes with a poly-form box, 2 cold packs and a handle tote) is RM98.
Individually is RM32 for maoshanking and RM22 for each of D101, D13, D24. Else you can opt for any combination of D101, D13, D24 for RM88.
Online order is via email – [email protected] and last call is 18th Sept 2013 so be quick! 😀

 photo tastebetterduriansnowskinmooncakes_zpsa4934c8c.jpg

The durian snowskin by Taste Better is pure durian pulp encased in thick snow skin. The skin itself isn’t flavoured but as you chew, you’ll realize that the taste of the durian would have somewhat permeated into the skin and thus imparting some of the durian flavour .
The mooncakes are made fresh daily to ensure consistency and freshness. Each and every one of them are HANDMADE and thus the skin may be considered thicker in comparison to other brands but rest assured that the durian core is standardized weight so you get what you pay for. 🙂

 photo TasteBetterSunwayPyramid-durianpuffdurianmooncake2_zps5220d577.jpg

Taste Better durian snowskin mooncakes are all sold frozen.
REAL durian flesh are used and as you may be aware, durian flesh turns sour swiftly if not preserved well. Since no additives are used, the best way to keep these mooncakes fresh is to freeze them as soon as they are made.
The mooncakes are stored under -20. Production are in small batches to ensure quality and taste. Therefore advance order is encouraged.

 photo TasteBetterSunwayPyramid-durianpuffdurianmooncake1_zpsca55fb08.jpg

The mooncakes are packed in polyform box and 2 cold packs to retain the temperature for short distance travel. If the mooncakes are not consumed immediately, you can always keep them in the freezer (like I did til I got back from HK) and thaw it for 5 – 10mins when you want to savour them.
Once it has soften enough, just cut and enjoy! 😀

 photo tastebetterduriansnowskinmooncakes-001_zps7cec28d6.jpg

I’m a durian lover so I enjoy both fresh durians as well as durian related products as long as it’s made well and are made from the better grade of durians.

 photo tastebetterduriansnowskinmooncakes-002_zps2c8cceab.jpg

For Taste Better durian snowskins, my top pick goes to the D101. It has good complexity; strong bitter taste with sweet nuances. Exactly how I prefer my durians. Funnily enough the MSK is milder but creamiest of all four.
The D13 is too mild in taste and thus I didn’t like it as much.
The D24 came second to the D101 – bitter as well with a nice, strong pungency.

 photo tastebetterduriansnowskinmooncakes-003_zps20c25835.jpg

My first experience with the brand Taste Better was when I was in Melaka. I bought a box of their pineapple tarts for my “Best Pineapple Tarts in Melaka” research because it was recommended by friend. You can read about their pineapple tarts HERE.

 photo TasteBetterMelakadurianpuffs1_zps1a717b6a.jpg

But their signature products are the durian soft serve and durian puffs. I was too full for the soft serve but I figured that I can manage one durian puff. 🙂

 photo TasteBetterMelakadurianpuffs2_zps3035efd8.jpg

Daniel was with me so he decided to try one too!

 photo TasteBetterMelakadurianpuffs4_zps274ac65f.jpg

Men being men, he popped his into his mouth at ONE go. I had to take a picture of the cavity of the puff so I ate mine in 2 bites!

 photo TasteBetterMelakadurianpuffs5_zps2e3eec2f.jpg

The durian puffs are seriously good. And I just discovered that Taste Better durian puffs are available in KL! Right in a shopping mall too. In fact, a few shopping malls.

KL: Sunway Pyramid, Setia City Mall, Cheras Leisure Mall, and The Mines Resort.
Penang: Gurney Paragon and QueensBay Mall
KK, Sabah: Wisma Merdeka, KK City Mall.
Melaka: Jonker Street (as pictured above)
Johor Bahru: Bukit Indah Jusco

For those who are too busy to hop into a mall anytime soon, delivery services are available. For single address the charges are RM15 for 1 box RM15, 2 boxes Rm20.
FOC delivery applies to 3 boxes and above.
For orders from 20 boxes and above you will enjoy 20% discount.
Order via email : [email protected]

 photo TasteBetterSunwayPyramid-durianpuffdurianmooncake3_zps38b36602.jpg

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    ooo, interesting to have different varieties of the durians, for comparison’s sake. it’ll be fun to munch through each one and try to decide which one you like! 😀

  2. Suki

    I love love durians! I’ll try to visit one of their outlets soon.

  3. Cal

    This durian mooncakes set is the perfect gift for your foes, if they absolutely hate durians.

  4. Victoria

    It’s good that they offer delivery. Might consider 3 boxes for FOC delivery. But the skin is way too thick. Even for handmade

  5. daniel

    The skin is way too thick. Lucky I bought only one – the D101 as you suggested. But the durian puffs are good.

  6. Angie

    The durian mooncakes are extremely good. I love the thick skin, very chewy. For once, I don’t have to worry about calories as they are not sweet, the natural sweetness comes from the fruit.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hey Angie! So happy you liked it! 😀
      Yups, some friends complained that it was too thick but I guess as long as the durian fillings are generous then it’s ok.
      I did like chewing on the skin too!

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