Pullman Bangkok Hotel G – Silom Road: In vogue, contemporary and sassy

In continuation of my review of the deluxe room which was my home for 4 days 3 nights, this post will showcase the rest of this contemporary, modish lifestyle hotel.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-052

From your first step into the lobby, your eyes would be riveted to the art pieces on the wall, the long bar top on one side and the high ceilings. For the gadget conscious, the Mac Airs on the long bar top makes you itch to run your fingers over the keys.

1 rebecca saw - pullman bangkok hotel g

pullman bangkok hotel g - silom road-001


Even the wallpaper on the Macs are bold, sassy and confident.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-012

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-016

On the opposite end the fat naked sumo character and the welcoming lounge chairs might make you crook an eyebrow.

pullman bangkok hotel g - silom road

But it’s all part and parcel of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, quirky and eccentric at times but always with a touch of chic. The lobby lounge is cosy, with lounge chairs to relax while waiting for to be checked in, for your cab, your room mates or just for an hour with the papers.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-005

Check-in is always efficient, as there are never long queues at the reception, from what I observed during the duration of my stay.


Pullman Bangkok Hotel G embraces edgy, chic decor, personalized service as well as unique dining concept and in-vogue bars. You can seat at the long bar top and enjoy a cocktail or 2 while you dwindle away the afternoon with a game, a magazine or just surf the web.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-021

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-023

Else head a floor up to Playground, a speakeasy concept bar and lounge with decor that suggest a quasi-clandestine hideway. The furniture and walls would certainly caught its guests interest as they make their way around the area.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-024

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-025

Clever corners and use of curtains create intimate spaces.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-049

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-048

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-046

The bar boasts a wide selections of cocktails professionally shaken, stirred or made in whichever way you desire by experienced mixologists.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-051

Adding to the unorthodox atmosphere of this discrete venue are a selection of retro pieces and games such as backgammon, chess and foosball.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-050

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-044

1 rebecca saw - pullman bangkok hotel g

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-053

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-054

On the way to the lifts on the lobby floor; swing chairs, mirrors, and mushrooms-like structures adds a touch of whimsicality to the overall decor.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-002

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-029

I have shown you the display panel of the lift that kept me amused during the ascent to the rooms above, but here’s another picture should you missed my first post.


My deluxe room was covered in detail HERE so during the hotel tour I was taken to the G Suite; the most upper class of the accommodation available here at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G.

The G Suite.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebecca saw 055

There are 4 levels of accommodation here namely the Deluxe (the one I was hosted in), Executive Room, Executive Suites and finally the G Suite. The G Suites makes up only 10 units of the entire hotel and is understandably the most luxurious category of accommodation here.

Key differences are a fully stocked bar, access to the Executive Lounge with a host of benefits, personalised private check-in, Bose home theatre system, espresso coffee machine and the “G Box”.

G suite Pullman Bangkok 1

This cute chest of treasures is loaded with fun and cheeky items such as candies, condoms (I kid you not) and make-up for the ladies. I really wished I could take one home!

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-057

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-058

Even the vanity area is larger.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-059

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-060

Speaking of Executive Lounge access, I took the lift to the wrong floor on my first morning here and stumbled upon it by accident.

BKK Pullman Hotel G - Silom Bangkok, rebeccasaw

The Executive Lounge gave me strong vibes of a private gentlemen club feel. Benefits include breakfast, afternoon tea, evening cocktails, canapes and all day refreshments.

BKK Pullman Hotel G - Silom Bangkok, rebeccasaw-001

BKK Pullman Hotel G - Silom Bangkok, rebeccasaw-002

There’s more. Fancy personalised butler service? It can be arranged!

BKK Pullman Hotel G - Silom Bangkok, rebeccasaw-003

Complimentary access of WIFI, boardroom and a host of other benefits makes this a haven for business travellers who appreciates impeccable service.

BKK Pullman Hotel G - Silom Bangkok, rebeccasaw-008

The tour continued with the MICE facilities, where I got awestruck with the ballroom.

The ballroom is simply impressive. On one whole side the whole expansive view of the Chao Phraya River stretches as far as the eye can see while the opposite end boast the majestic view of the Bangkok city especially during the night. I was told the ballroom is very popular for corporate functions and weddings, both during the day and in the evenings.

ballroom - pullman bangkok silom road

ballroom - pullman bangkok silom road-003

Can you imagine what’s the view like at night with the sparking lights? It must have been gorgeous!

ballroom - pullman bangkok silom road-002

Even the lift area on the ballroom floor stood out from the other floors. Glinted gold and shining with class.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Silom, rebeccasaw-073

The meeting rooms are on separate floors. The Gallery on the 36th floor has 4 exclusive meeting rooms while The Library on the 24th floor.

Both floors has different look & feel for their rooms and I must say I’m impressed with the colour scheme and furnishing chosen. Fresh, spirited and yet bordered on the serious mode enough to be accepted as a business venue.

The Gallery. *picture by hotel


Even the lift area is “checkered”.

the gallery - Pullman Bangkok Hotel G - Silom Road

The Library.

Foyer area.


Meeting room.

the library - Pullman Bangkok Hotel G - Silom Road-002

You can see the differences between The Gallery and The Library yes? 🙂

Since I make good use of the gym and swimming pool in most hotels that I visit, it was no exception for the Pullman Bangkok. The pool was frankly more of a bathtub with a view, but the gym was equipped enough for a decent workout.

Below: The wellness floor. I love the play of shades of colours and lighting.

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-033

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bankok, rebeccasaw 035

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bankok, rebeccasaw 034

Everyone looked so serious that I didn’t dare to interrupt them to request for pictures!

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-036

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-037

So what do you think of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G – Silom Road? I hope you enjoyed this post as it took me a long time to finish it! I took so many pictures! Anyhow, I’ll end it here as it is getting a bit long. I might be posting up on breakfast and about the restaurants here – Mistral and Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant next!

Thanks to DIAsiaTourism and Pullman Bangkok Hotel G for the comfortable stay. Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is located on Silom Road and conveniently located the DIA conference venue as well as to the central shopping district since the BTS station (Chong Nongsi) is a mere 5 mins walk away.

Pullman Bangkok Hotel G - rebecca saw

Rates differs but expect to pay from USD122 per night for the deluxe room. Naturally, higher rates expected for the executive and suites, as shown with the G Suites.


From Suvarnabhumi International Airport: 35km (45 mins drive)
Don Muang Airport: 37 km (45 mins drive)

188 Silom Road, Bangkok Thailand 10500
t. +66 (0) 2238 1991 e. [email protected] www.pullmanbangkokhotelG.com

Nearest BTS: Chong Nongsi (5 mins walk)

BKK Pullman Hotel G Bangkok - rebeccasaw-032

Map Pullman Bangkok Hotel G ENG-page-001

More on Pullman Bangkok Hotel G – Silom Road:

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2nd post: Pullman Bangkok Hotel G – Playground, MICE, Executive Lounge and the Wellness Centre
3rd post: Food – 25 Degrees, Mistral for breakfast and Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant – next post!

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  1. Wow, it’s a really lovely hotel and not as expensive as I thought it would be. Love the retro pieces at the bar and the swing chairs — also, that sumo statue! That guy sitting there looks like he’s having a thoughtful look at the sumo’s behind. LOL.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi hi Adam/Wendy!
      Yea, these lovely, full of character hotels nowadays offers so much more than a square room doesn’t it! 🙂
      I love these little quirky details too. It just makes the corners of your mouth lift and brings happy thoughts to your mind!

  2. really unique-looking cocktail bar! it almost looks like a beauty salon counter 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea! I like that salon/barber/dentist chair too, one of the many cool items here! Hehhee!

  3. Amber

    Damn.. you do show your hotel stays in vivid detail! Which is why I love reading your blog, detailed info and plenty of pictures 🙂

  4. Grace

    That’s such a cute picture of you on the bed becks!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahahah it was a very natural impromptu shot! Guess that’s what makes the shot nice huh 😛

  5. Samantha

    I love the pictures of you especially with the funky spectacles. And this hotel does look interesting. I love hotels with a bit of personality.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Same here, same here Sam!
      By the way, if you do come across any such hotels/hostels/resorts let me know. I would love to book myself a stay there if I happen to be in the country!

  6. Cassandra

    Browsing through your Ramadan postings and saw “Bangkok”. Does hotels in Bangkok offers buka puasa buffets as well?

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