Protrim Plus REVIEW: HIGH FIBRE Chia Apple Cinnamon Bar

As you might have realized by now, I’m quite an expert in protein, snack and energy bars.
I had literally spent RM1K buying granolas, protein bars, energy bars from the countries that I’ve travelled to and I’ve been diligently eating one to two bars a day.

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I have ate more than those reviewed above and these pictures of those bars are still in draft as I haven’t blogged about the recent ones as yet.
However I’m fast forwarding to write about this one as it is by far the worst I’ve tasted.

Protrim bar review - apple chia seed

I kid you not.
It has impressive credentials with protein blends and clocking in at such low sugars and calories at 28g per bar.
Still the taste was really off; even leaving a slightly bitter-ish aftertaste in the mouth.
I checked and it is no where near the expiry date so that can’t be the cause.

Protrim bar review - apple chia seed-001

As you can see from above, the texture is alike rice crisp bars and thus are not as dense or chewy as most bars. For those who prefer their protein/snack/energy bars really low on sugar, this is it for you!

ProTrim 3

Satiety factor: Not at all for me.
Cost: AUD (TBA)

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