Prince Hotel Perfect 10 Anniversary – RM10++ for dishes at Enju Japanese Restaurant & Tai Zi Heen!

** Guest post by Kevin.

Not too long ago I was asked by Rebecca to attend the review for Prince Hotel & Residence’s Perfect 10 Menu. The Perfect 10 Menu is a promotion by the hotel at their Enju and Tai Zi Heen restaurants in conjunction with their 10th Anniversary, featuring gourmet dishes priced at RM10++.  Besides the dishes offered by both restaurants, there couple of alcoholic offerings by the glass priced at RM10++, which are Tiger beer and Prosecco Di Conegliano from Veneto, Italy.

Perfect 10 @ Enju.


Prince Hotel perfect 10-084

Prince Hotel perfect 10

Below:  Kani Kyu

Prince Hotel perfect 10-037

Nice crunchy texture, thanks to the thinly sliced cucumber used as the casing and fresh tasting crab meat. This dish has a pleasantly fresh taste, if not subtle. With or without the touch of lime, this makes a nice starter dish for a meal.

Worth RM10++? Yes.

Prince Hotel perfect 10-038

Below: Phoenix maki

Prince Hotel perfect 10-039

Prince Hotel perfect 10-042

Subtle yet balanced flavours working together, and the freshness of the raw fish used. If there’s any drawbacks it would be the lack of crunch when biting into one of these, but that doesn’t matter much for sushi.
Note: Actual serving is 5 pieces, not 3 as this is for the review.

Worth RM10++? Yes.

Prince Hotel perfect 10-043

Prince Hotel perfect 10-045

Below: Ebi no Cheese Yaki

Prince Hotel perfect 10-057

Prince Hotel perfect 10-048

Looks like a miniature lobster “thermidor”, the grilled cheese and fresh shrimp going well together. Picking it clean using chopsticks may be a bit tricky though, and the piece that I got was slightly undercooked. Just for your information, the white mounds are salt piles; found that out the hard way. Overall, this is a nice full-flavoured dish (anything goes well with some cheese).

Worth RM10++? If you are a big fan of grilled prawn, then this is definitely something for you!

Below:  Gyuniku Hasamaki

Prince Hotel perfect 10-060

Harmonious balance of flavour, with light seasoning creating a pleasant sensation on your mouth. With the tender slice of beef, there is nothing bad to say other than the size. The nicely grilled eggplant lends some additional textures to this dish.

Worth RM10++? Yes (and I want a bigger slice of meat!). 🙂

Below: Tofu Cheesecake

Prince Hotel perfect 10-055

This variation of the no-bake cheesecake uses soy milk for a lighter mouthfeel without compromising the flavour. Imagine a melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake which doesn’t leave a fatty aftertaste, then this won’t be far off. The diced fruits seemed just right as a supplement to the dish as a dessert.

Worth RM10++? Maybe, if you want a break from normal cheesecakes.

Perfect 10 @ Tai Zi Heen


Prince Hotel perfect 10-001

Prince Hotel perfect 10-005

Below: Crispy prawn, chicken ham and coriander roulade, with sesame seed dressing.

Prince Hotel perfect 10-009

Prince Hotel perfect 10-010

Below: Pan-fried crispy bean curd skin roll.

Prince Hotel perfect 10-013

Prince Hotel perfect 10-015

Below: Chilled poached prawns.

Prince Hotel perfect 10-019

This dish does taste like how it looks like, fresh tasting poached prawns and sweet mango with some mayonnaise. If anything, this is a well prepared dish which is light enough to be a starter. Boring? Not after the first mouthful.

Worth RM10++? Yes.

Below: Crispy spring rolls,  Filled with chicken floss and spring rolls.

Prince Hotel perfect 10-020

Below: Braised Morel Mushroom.

Prince Hotel perfect 10-023

Prince Hotel perfect 10-024

For this dish, the creativity and the work behind the tofu does deserve some credit. Pairing something so eastern with morel mushroom and a bit of truffle oil does seem like a nice fusion concept, which works somehow. If I am to sum up this dish: nicely cooked tofu with a piece of braised morel mushroom served with some oyster sauce and a drop of truffle oil.

Worth RM10++? Not really. Only yes if you want to experience the scent of truffle oil.

Below: Kwai Fei Chicken.

Prince Hotel perfect 10-027

Before anyone goes and say “Isn’t that just another Pak Cham Kai (steamed chicken)”, it is similar in the method. What makes the difference is that this dish is braised in a rich herbal broth with dried scallops (which some are fried and used as garnish), hence the richness of flavour in this dish.

Worth RM10++? Yes, 1 serving should be alright.

Below: Stuffed Duck Galantine.

Prince Hotel perfect 10-031

This dish is a maki / roulade inspired dish where the duck is wrapped around a glutinous rice and egg yolk centre. Good variation of a stuffed duck dish, although the rice was a bit bland. The duck was good, with the sauce being perfect for this dish.

Worth RM10++? Yes (there are worse duck dishes outside for the same price).

Below: Steamed Shanghai Dumpling.

Prince Hotel perfect 10-036

Prince Hotel perfect 10-077

Tai Zi Heen’s version of the Xiao Long Bao, made with premium crab meat and superior broth. The dip is red vinegar and ginger, a twist from the usual black vinegar. The good part is the nice texture and flavour of the filling, thanks to the generous chunk of crab meat. If there is any concern on the portion size as it is 1 piece for RM10++, it is way bigger than the usual xiao long bao I get at other chinese restaurants. As with all xiao long bao, do take caution with the first bite else you’ll end up with a scalded tongue (worth it though).

Below: Prosecco di Conegliano.

Prince Hotel perfect 10-063]

Tasting notes: Carbonated white wine with a light body, a fruity profile and slight acidity.

This wine seems to go well with the dishes from Enju, though it could be a good pairing with the chilled poached prawns dish from Tai Zi Heen. Good thing about this wine is that the lightness of it does not interfere much with the flavour for most of the Perfect 10 dishes, which makes this a nice accompaniment to the Perfect 10 menu.

As a whole, the Perfect 10 Menu is created with the concept based on tapas, with smaller portions for customers to try out different dishes and to share as well. While not all dishes featured in the Perfect 10 menu was served during the review, I have high expectations from the remaining dishes based on what was experienced from the dishes sampled.

The Prince Hotel Perfect 10 Anniversary Promotion is valid from 18th July – 18th August so hurry and book yourself a slot! I think the portions are great for couple dates 🙂

Lobby floor of Prince Hotel & Residence KL on Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur.
For reservations and enquiries, contact: +603 – 2170 8888.

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  1. June Tan

    Hey, how much is price of RM10++? this available through out the whole day??

    1. Kevin

      Hi June, RM10++ would be 11.60, based on 10% service charge and 6% govt tax. Yes, the menu is available the whole day: 12:00pm – 2:30pm (lunch) | 6:30pm – 10:30pm (dinner)

  2. ulric

    I wanted to try tis…but still have not…wonder if its too late?…sighhh 🙁

    D Pheonix Maki, Gyuniku Hasamaki and Tofu Cheesecake looks fab lar 🙂

    A glass of the Prosecco for me too…hehe =)

  3. Sean

    oooo, one more week remaining for this promo. i don’t think i’ll get the chance to try it, but i’ll cross my fingers that next year, they’ll consider doing a RM11 promo for their 11th anniversary! 😀

  4. ALAN

    Damn! Finishes 6 days too soon.

    1. rebeccasaw

      No worries, when you’re here, tell me what you want to eat and we’ll go!


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