Pretty Bundt tea cakes and rose cakes for sale : Thai Tea, Thai Green Tea, Yuzu

Recently I’ve been obsessed with Thai Tea and Thai Green Tea.

Now, if you haven’t tried both Thai teas, you’re missing out!
Both possess such unique aroma and taste that the flavour will linger on the palate and your mind.


I foresee great potential for it to be incorporated into more edible items other than just being milk-based beverages.
Ever since I tried the drinks and gelato, I have had the idea of baking with them.

We started with the milk spreads and once we perfected the recipe we began the experiment for cupcakes.
That done, I bought some gorgeous bundt moulds and tadaaa!

We now have our sweet roses cakes at 100 g each, fairly priced at RM45 for 6 pieces.


Our Nordic Bundt collection cakes comes in 4 different shapes and are about 300 gram each.
These goes for RM28 per cake.

Both our Thai Tea and Thai Green Tea cakes are pretty, low sugar and deliciously moist. The heady aroma of Thai tea and Thai Green Tea would assuredly uplift your mood besides stimulating your senses.

We keep the toppings simple with a dusting of fine sugar and some fresh fruits.
Customisations are possible of course, just drop us a note and we will gladly provide suggestions.


ORDERSWhatsapp +6011 – 3938 5350 OR PM

1. Thai Tea and Thai Green Tea Bundt cakes – 300g each.
Price: RM28/cake.



2. Sweet rose mini cakes – 60g each.
Price: RM45 for 6 pcs (half dozen).



3. Thai Tea spread – 200ml each bottle.
Price: RM18

4. Thai Green Tea spread – 200ml each bottle.
Price: RM20


5. Thai Tea and Thai Green Tea drink: 250 ml each bottle.
Milk based, low sugar.
Price: RM10 each


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  1. Sean EDKL

    these look gorgeous … so nicely crafted! 🙂

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